About Us

Gabe’s Game is your go-to resource for everything gaming by gamers.

We are a team of passionate gamers whose lives have been consumed by gaming. We have stood through the thick and thin of the gaming industry, experiencing it all. 

The gaming industry has truly come out of its shell and become a global entertainment medium for many. The rapid growth of the industry has meant that there are many games to play now, each offering a unique experience. 

We want to enrich people’s lives and take gaming further by adding resource-rich content so gamers don’t miss out on all the exciting quests, news, guides, and more.

Our Story

Our story begins a decade ago when an aspiring college student took a shine to gaming. For Gabe, gaming was a fun pastime and a way to get away from the stress of studies. However, as he continued to game, gaming meant more to his life than being just a pastime. 

Gabe continued to game even after his graduation and sank more and more hours playing his favorite games. As games started becoming more dynamic, with multiple side quests and dialogue decisions that can alter the course of a game’s storyline, Gabe felt the need to educate gamers about all his fascinating discoveries so they don’t miss out. 

Eventually, it happened; Gabe saw a post in the forums about his Witcher 3 – his favorite game. It struck him how he had missed a fun and exciting quest in the game. Hellbent with renewed vigor, he not only attained 100% completion of Witcher 3: Wild Hunt but also signed up for a long journey ahead in the form of Gabe’s Game. 

Our Goal

At Gabe’s Game, our goal is to educate gamers about all the happenings in the gaming industry and tell them about all the fun and interesting discoveries that the team at Gabe’s Game makes regarding games or the gaming industry in general. 

Gabe’s Game is a swan song to the journey that began in a college dorm. It is a love letter to gaming that will help uplift the experience of everyone involved in the gaming scene. Moreover, we all at Gabe’s Game hope to create cherishable memories together and with our community. 

What Can You Expect From Us? 

From Gabe’s Game, you can expect impartial information about games and the gaming industry in general for folks who are gamers themselves. At Gabe’s Gabe, we keep things fun and simple. 

Meet The Team

Gabe Wilde

Editor in Chief

Gabe was hooked on gaming during his college days and mainly created gaming as a means to discharge the stress from his studies. Gabe completed his major in Computer Science, and little did we know that gaming would play a major role in his life going forward.

Gabe began his gaming journey with counter strike source but was quickly hooked onto Counter-Strike: Global Offensive when it came out. However, as Gabe sunk more hours into the game, his passion for clicking heads began to deteriorate, and what was in store for him he couldn’t have fathomed.

Gabe was consumed by the vast world of Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, and there and then, his passion shifted to RPG games. Gabe quickly realized the depth and complexity these games had to offer.

Gabe is now the editor-in-chief of Gabe’s Game, and through his new position, he wished to ignite the same spark in fellow gamers that once flew when Gabe came across Witcher 3.

M. Yousuf Silat

Senior Writer

Yousuf is the expert at finding quests and easter eggs in games. Yousuf relationship with gaming is like a rollercoaster, and it began very early in his childhood.

He was introduced to gaming by his friend, who took him to an arcade to play Street Fighter. Yousuf still fondly remembers the day he first walked into the arcade and was enamored by the atmosphere and the energy of the place. 

Yousuf’s relationship with the gaming arcade would end shortly as he pursued his studies full-time and had to take a break from gaming. However, after graduation, he returned. Since then, nothing has stopped him from doing the thing he loves the most. 

Yousuf is our go-to guy for gaming playthroughs and guides. He loves sharing his expertise with gamers in a simple manner. Trust me when I say this – he has made it his mission to dig up every little detail in the game he plays. 

Danish Javed

Senior Writer

Danish started his writing journey as a freelance editor at an academic writing firm. Having transitioned to the gaming industry with Gabe’s Game, he now writes about games that he loves and hopes others around the world would appreciate just as much. If you ever want to find him, just check your nearest Discord server!

Allison Windler

Staff Writer

Allision did not take much interest in gaming and was more of an outdoorsy person. However, that all was to change when she fell from the skateboard and broke her leg. Since she was on bed rest, Allison discovered League of Legends and has become obsessed with the game. 

Allison loves keeping track of all the latest games, so she is the key person for anything related to industry news. Since she loves to dip her toes in every new game, she also loves comparing different games and stacking them against one another. 



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