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Top Games Like 2048 You Should Be Playing

Games Like 2048

Puzzle games just have something addictive about them; how can you ever put it down when the next hit of dopamine is just around the corner with you solving your next one? Well, if you’ve completely exhausted the dopamine hits you can get from 2048 and want your next fix to come from a similar game, you’re in the right place! These ten games like 2048 have everything you love from your favorite puzzle game but with their own elements and twists in the mix – let’s get into those:

1. Hexic 2048

Hey, no, it’s not cheating if it’s another 2048 game; it still counts! Hexic 2048 is a lot like your standard 2048 gameplay, of course, but it’s with one of those aforementioned ‘twists’ added to it, with the name being a big hint. Yup, it’s the same creative, patience-requiring, and strategic gameplay of 2048 but in a hexic format.

The hexic format means you have to put the hexagon that has the same number right next to one that has, well, the identical number! That makes them multiply, and as you’re already familiar, you’re going to repeat this process as many times as you need in order to get 2048 tiles.

Coming from 2048, you’ll love this game because it takes the somewhat stale (for us avid players, anyway) gameplay of the original game and transforms it into a pretty unique format that no other game really does. It’s a fun way to enjoy your favorite game again, and it also offers a fair bit of customization in terms of the hexagon size so you can control the way you want to play.

Platforms: PC and Mobile

2. Threes

Now we’re venturing further from the world of 2048, into the one of Threes! This is another brain-teaser kind of game that combines your usual favorites – math, creativity, and tactics – in a way that makes it a ton of fun to play. One of the things you’ll love the most here is that not only is it a brain-teaser, but it’s also a pretty challenging one which makes it that much more rewarding to play.

The gameplay is based on tiles here, too, just like 2048. You move them around to either add or multiply them, and your goal is basically to get the highest possible score! That sounds simple enough; just make stuff multiply instead of adding, right? Well, with the way the tiles are generated, it’s actually a lot harder to avoid addition combinations and aim for multiplications.

That’s where your tactician brain comes into play! Threes can be a really challenging puzzle to solve, but what makes it fun is that you can also play against family or friends in a competitive mode. This way, even if you suck, it’s possible that your friend sucks even more, so you still win. Whether you’re getting high scores or struggling to learn the mechanics for now, you’ll be having lots of fun in this game, a lot like you did with 2048.

Platforms: PC and Mobile

3. 1024

Now wait a minute, isn’t this just half of 2048? Is it half the game too? I want my money back! Okay, jokes aside, this game really is a fun alternative to 2048, mainly because it’s the same game but with a different number. Sort of.

To play this game, you start off with the same grid of numbers you’re used to, where you can multiply identical adjacent numbers and get closer to the elusive ‘1024’ tiles. Just like 2048, it starts pretty simple and innocently, but of course, it gets unbelievably complex as you progress further and all the permutations spread out.

If you’re looking for a slightly different version of 2048 and want the core gameplay to be maintained in its true form, I don’t think it gets any better than 1024. Despite having ‘half’ the name, it’s certainly not half the game and can actually make for a ton of fun if you’re feeling a bit burnt out from 2048. However, it could also be a bit too similar to the real thing for you, so if you want something a little more unique, keep reading.

Platforms: PC and Mobile

4. 243

This game really doesn’t waste time with niceties or any fancy graphics or UI or really anything – it’s just a puzzle game in its purest form where you get a grid of numbers and a bunch of possible moves. The gameplay here is a bit confusing, though, and I’ll try my best to explain it:

You start off with a bunch of tiles that you can move in four possible directions, of course, depending on where the tile is positioned and whether it actually has adjacent tiles that it can move to. Now, the game revolves around addition instead of multiplication, so if there are three tiles with the number ‘1’ on them and they’re all next to each other, they add up.

The game keeps progressing like this until you’re able to solve the puzzle, and coming from 2048, it makes for a bit of an easier game, depending on how quickly you pick the mechanics up. It’s a short, small, but just as fun game and can make for a pretty nice way to pass the time while you’re waiting for a meeting or appointment.

Platforms: PC and Mobile

5. Dotsup

Dotsup is a game that takes the numbers from 2048 and says “no,” and then substitutes them with dots instead. These dots aren’t any old regular dots; they’re dots on a dice, so now you’ve got dice instead of tiles, and you need to combine them to solve the puzzle.

The puzzle itself here is very similar to 2048 in that you have to match the dots and merge them in order to get a specific variation. The variation that you need to achieve depends on the level that you’re on, and the dice you get vary with each level, so there’s always a new combination to crack. This makes for a game that always keeps you on your toes mentally and makes sure you never feel like it’s getting too easy.

Speaking of easy, this game is definitely not easy – it definitely gets more manageable as you progress and start learning a bunch of tactics, but the levels keep throwing you curveballs to make sure you have to actually think in each one. As a 2048 player, you’ll have a pretty significant edge in this game thanks to all the tactics you’ve learned there, and you’ll get to apply them in a whole new game which gets you the new experience you’re looking for, too.

Platforms: PC and Mobile

6. Impossible Nine: 2048 Puzzle

Whoever said nothing is impossible clearly hasn’t played this game because this is about as close it gets for me! The makers of Impossible Nine decided that the original 2048 formula just wasn’t hard enough; they really wanted us to break our keyboards and screens while we were at it too.

The result is this: A game that’s actually pretty fun but, of course, a lot harder than what we’re used to. The gameplay in Impossible Nine involves the traditional 2048 formula, but here, you can also join more than two tiles. The way that works is a little nuanced because, for example, if you have three tiles of the same number, those get added and become just that number plus ‘1’. So, three tiles of ‘3’ would become just ‘4’.

As a fan of 2048, you’re definitely someone who loves a good challenge, and with this game, you just might get that bump in difficulty that you’ve really been craving from the original game. If that sounds like you, then Impossible Nine is the perfect game for you, and as a bonus, you can play it on any platform of your choice.

Platforms: PC and Mobile

7. Fives


Forget Threes from earlier; now we’re taking it up to Fives. Like the previous game we talked about, this game also thrives on making things just really, really difficult and, as a result, that much more rewarding as well. In Fives, you’re not targeting a specific number of tiles; you’re actually just trying to make everything combine with each other until there’s no combination left.

Starting out, you’re given tiles of two’s and three’s that can be merged together to make five’s. Sounds simple enough so far. From here, you combine all of the Fives tiles you can in order to make 10s, and then combine those with each other. To make things just slightly easier (or harder), the game doesn’t let you combine twos and threes with themselves, so you can only use those to make fives.

The process of making five’s, then ten’s, and twenty’s, and so on just keeps on going until you’ve solved the level – which you’ll know you’ve done when there’s simply nothing left to combine or shuffle. As a fan of 2048, this game is really like switching lanes on the highway. It’s fun, it’s similar, and it bumps the difficulty up, so you’ll feel like you’ve been thrown back to the time you first played 2048.

Platforms: PC and Mobile

8. White 2048

White 2048

On the topic of making things difficult, White 2048 takes the cake for being the absolute ultimate final boss of challenge on this list of games like 2048. On the surface, there’s not much different going on here because the core gameplay is the same as the original game. It’s when you look a little deeper that you start to see its layers unravel, though.

In this game, the devs took the core gameplay of 2048 and added a ton of new mechanics on top of it. This makes for a game where there are so many possible combinations and strategies that there’s just nothing you can consistently do to get good scores! This forces you to constantly experiment with new stuff while also thinking on your feet within each level in order to succeed.

If you really don’t want to abandon the 2048 formula but also want something new, I think this game is it for you. In fact, it might be so much more difficult that you might regret ever wishing for something new! Accounting for larger tiles, bomb tiles, and getting the highest possible score makes for a gameplay experience that’s really unlike anything else.

Platforms: PC and Mobile

9. Shoot n Merge

Shoot n Merge takes a pretty creative approach to the whole 2048 gameplay format. Instead of a basic, barebones grid where you swipe tiles left, right, up, and down, it gives you a solitaire-like pile of tiles in three different columns that you have to solve.

Okay, there are columns and piles instead of a grid here, but what’s really new? Well, I mentioned that there isn’t any swiping, and that’s because it’s replaced by shooting in this game! There’s a conveyor belt thing on the bottom of your screen where you’ll see tiles passing with unique numbers on them. When you click on the number, depending on where it was on the screen, it’ll shoot up to the pile and either combine (if it’s the same number) or just add to the pile like Tetris.

Coming from 2048, I think this is one of the most unique ways to play your favorite game that almost makes it seem like a completely new one. The shooting mechanic adds a layer of skill and timing to the game that just isn’t present in the standard one and forces you to adapt your strategy accordingly. How long can you go without letting the piles touch the bottom of the screen?

Platforms: PC and Mobile

10. Chain Cube 2048: 3D Merge Game

Chain Cube is a game that doesn’t compromise on anything at all. Not only do you get amazing 3D graphics here, but you also get gameplay that’s super fun and creative in the way it implements the 2048 formula. As you can probably tell from the name, it’s all about making chains of cubes, but let’s look at it in a bit more detail.

With Chain Cube, the numbers are in the form of cubes instead of tiles, and these cubes have to be merged together in order to create a chain. The merging part will come super easy to you as a veteran of 2048 because it’s basically just matching up identical numbers and creating the chain.

The best part of this game is that all of the numbers are randomly generated, so you really have to act on the spot and prevent a bad situation from getting worse. You would do that by matching the random cube with, ideally, the same number or saving it for later when the right opportunity presents itself. The RNG really makes it pretty difficult at times, but that’s really what puzzle games are all about in the end, am I right?

Platforms: PC and Mobile

And with that final link, this chain of games like 2048 is all done. Puzzle games are as full of variety as they are difficult, and finding games like 2048 isn’t really as simple of a task as it should be, especially when you find out the game you just launched is pretty much a clone. So, from Threes to Fives to Chain Cube, which game have you got your eye on? Let me know, and I’ll see you in the next one!

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