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Top 10 Games Like “A Little to the Left” Everyone Should Play

Games Like A Little To The Left

Honestly, no matter how many AAA games I play, there’s just something so satisfying about games like A Little To The Left; how do they do it? If you’re in the same boat and are finding out that you haven’t quite had your fill just yet, then this game doesn’t have to be the end of it for you – I’ve got ten others just like it right here! Enough fluff, let’s get into our first game:

1. Unpacking

Unpacking is as close to A Little To The Left as you can get without, you know, just plagiarizing the game. As you can tell from the name, Unpacking is all about moving into a new house and unpacking all the stuff you’ve got with you. In many ways, it’s actually a lot like unpacking your emotions, one piece of furniture at a time.

As a fan of having everything organized, this game hits you where you’ll love it most. Everything can be taken out and placed exactly where you want, how you want, and with the creative vision you have for it! There’s no pressure to achieve any objectives; there’s no time scramble, it’s just you and your thoughts and your cozy house that you decorate with the stuff you’re unpacking – it doesn’t get any better than this.

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Android, PlayStation 4, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, Mac OS.

2. Sticky Business

Have you ever seen those ads for the cutest sticker packs you’ve ever seen in your life? Well, now it’s time for you to make those yourself! Sticky Business is a cute play on words that tells you what the game is about – making your own e-commerce shop that’s all about stickers.

The gameplay is simple; you have to be as creative as you can while making all the stickers you can think of. Then, you get sales, you pack up the orders, and pair them with a bunch of complementary gifts to send to your customers – it’s almost too good to be true. Eventually, you get to the point where you’re the largest sticker dispenser in the world and have customers from every corner of it, all while playing the coziest game you can think of!

Platforms: Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.

3. Shy Cats Hidden Orchestra

Honestly, this game just had me at shy cats. They could’ve just made it hidden cats, but they made it shy cats that are all in a hidden orchestra! The gameplay here is simple – each level is a puzzle where you try to find the hidden musician in the audience. But is it simple to find the cat? Well that depends, I suppose.

The best part of this game is just how lovable it is. Like A Little To The Left, it’s definitely a puzzle game but with a delightful surprise to every puzzle you solve – the musician cat you find plays you its tunes when you finally click on it! Speaking of clicking, you also get the standard point-and-click gameplay in this game which draws your close attention to the absolutely adorable little cats, each designed to be unique. Coupled with its art style, there’s just so much to love here, and it creates for an experience that you definitely need to try after A Little To The Left.

Platforms: Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows.

4. Quilts and Cats of Calico

When I think of the word ‘cozy,’ I think of blankets, sweaters, and of course, quilts. With Quilts and Cats of Calico, you get the perfect combination of things to make the ultimate cozy game – quilts and cats! Of Calico. In a unique twist to this list, this one is actually a board game turned digital, one that might actually be more fun (and less destructive) than Monopoly.

As the name implies, all you have to do in this game is make quilts with the most adorable cats ever. As a board game, you also have the option to play it in multiplayer with up to 3 other players and go on the quilting journey together. Or, if you’re more of a solo dolo, the game has a single-player campaign, too which is surprisingly detailed and a ton of fun!

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Mac operating systems.

5. PowerWash Simulator

I think the name pretty much says it all with this game. There’s nothing to do but wash a car, and no, it’s not the boring kind of car washing with a sponge and a bucket; it’s power washing. I’m talking about a car that’s completely covered in dirt and grime to the point that it’s ten shades darker than its original color, and then, you enter the scene.

With your hose, you’ll wash the entirety of whichever car, building, or household item you’ve been assigned and watch its original color shine through with each splash of the water. As you go from having a completely filthy object to having one that’s actually super clean, knowing the amount of effort you went through to make it that way is just satisfying beyond belief! While there isn’t anything to organize here, it’s still got that cozy, relaxing vibe that you expect from a game like A Little To The Left and lets you just get lost in your thoughts.

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows.

6. Dorfromantik

If you’re someone who enjoys the laid-back charm of A Little to the Left, then the tranquil world of Dorfromantik might just be your next haven! In this game, you’ll go on a similar journey of creativity and strategy, building your very own serene landscape piece by piece.

Much like A Little to the Left, Dorfromantik offers a casual yet engrossing gaming experience. Set in a picturesque world, you’ll arrange hexagonal tiles to form a harmonious landscape featuring houses, forests, rivers, and more. The goal is to complete quests and objectives, challenging your spatial thinking and planning.

What sets Dorfromantik apart is its calming ambiance. With soothing music and minimalist graphics, it’s the perfect way to unwind. As you expand your landscape, you’ll unlock new tiles and abilities, making every game a unique adventure, the perfect foray from A Little To The Left to lands unknown!

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows.

7. Cats Organized Neatly

Sometimes, the best kind of games are ones that are calm and make you think a little, which describes Cats Organized Neatly perfectly. It’s a fun game where you get to organize cute cats into neat groups. In this game, you don’t have to be super fast or stressed – all you need to do is figure out how to put the cats in the right order!

Any game that has cats in it looks great, that’s not up to debate, but with its adorable cats and soothing music, this game takes the whole vibe to another level, honestly. As you go on, you’ll meet different kinds of cats and face new challenges, which keeps the game interesting. As a fan of games that are easygoing, like A Little to the Left, and if you also love cats, Cats Organized Neatly is a game you’re going to absolutely adore!

Platforms: Microsoft Windows.

8. Railbound

When coming from the peace and thoughtfulness of A Little to the Left, you’re going to have high expectations from the amount of relaxation you can get from any game. Well, I’m pleased to report that Railbound is a game which combines that relaxation with problem-solving in a way that’s both engaging and soothing! Talk about two birds with one stone.

In Railbound, your task is to construct train tracks and guide a charming little train on its journey. It’s a bit like solving a puzzle, but it doesn’t rush you or stress you out. The game provides a perfect opportunity to unwind and relish the process itself, giving you all the time you need to think about what’s been going on in life lately.

When you couple that with its delightful graphics and tranquil background music, Railbound creates an inviting atmosphere that’s perfect for a calming gaming experience. As you advance through the game, you’ll also explore new places and problems to solve, which keeps things fresh and engaging as they always should be.

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X and Series S, Mac operating systems.

9. A Building Full of Cats

Doubling down on the cat from A Little To The Left, we’ve got A Building Full of Cats, quite literally! This game is the epitome of cat games, with cats that are longing to be pet by you in every single corner of the game. Without spoiling too much, let’s just say you’ll want to think out of the box when it comes to finding all of them; they didn’t make it overly simple here.

Like any good cat game, A Building Full of Cats features some of the cutest artwork and style you’ll see anywhere in video games. Plus, as is common with the genre, you’re not pressured to do anything you don’t want to, and there’s no time limit on the tasks you do wanna do – the game goes the way you want it. When you’ve finally petted every single cat in the building, you’ll have finally reached your goal and the end of the game! Or will you have?

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Linux, Microsoft Windows.

10. Bear and Breakfast

Not to be confused with beer and breakfast, which would make for a pretty deadly combo, this game is about a bear that just really loves breakfast! How much? Well, he’s willing to go out to the wilderness, find abandoned houses, and convert them into bed and breakfasts; that’s how much. That’s not all he’s doing, though, because there’s a lot of stuff that comes with creating an inn:

As you’ve probably guessed, you’re playing as the bear in this game, where you go out into the peace of the woods and look to convert your inn to the coziest place to crash in the entire world. With resource management, organization, crafting, exploration, and more, Bear and Breakfast is a lovable game that’s filled to the brim with fun gameplay mechanics. If you’re looking for something a bit more adventurous after A Little To The Left, then this is the game for you!

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, macOS.

With that hearty and peaceful last addition, we’ve reached the end of this delightful little list of games like A Little To The Left. From cats to the wilderness to just simply organizing stuff, there’s something in here for everyone (though most of it is definitely biased towards cats, full disclosure). So, what have you got your eye on next? I’ll be waiting to hear from you! Until then, good luck and have fun with all of your games, and may the RNG gods be ever in your favor.

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