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10 Games Like Brave Frontier Worth Playing in 2024

Games Like Brave Frontier

If you’re looking for more games that let you collect and level up a team of heroes as you progress through an epic adventure, you’re in luck! This is a hugely popular genre of gaming, and that means there are tons of companies wanting to get in on the action – more games for us to choose from. That said, I’ve got ten games here that I feel have the same approach and gameplay as Brave Frontier, but of course, with their own twists and takes on it:

1. Shakes and Fidget

Right from the get-go, you can tell this is a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. In fact, it takes itself as humorously as it can! Satire themes are prevalent all throughout this game, which is definitely a departure from the theme of Brave Frontier, but what you’ll love here is the similarities in gameplay.

In Shakes and Fidget, you play as a singular character that you create and level up and train yourself, which is what creates the sense of progression we’ve come to love so much. Like Brave Frontier, there’s also no shortage of players or content in this game, so you’re set for hours and hours of playing without ever feeling like things are getting stale.

With the option of choosing five classes, each one excelling at a different skill, you’ve got the freedom in this game to make the character that really represents your gameplay style. With that set, you’re free to become the legendary fighter you were always born to be in Shakes and Fidget, and you’re going to do it with a ton of laughs and giggles along the way!

Platforms: Android, Browser, iOS, PC (including Mac)

2. RAID: Shadow Legends

Ah, RAID: Shadow Legends. I already know you read that name in the same way that we’ve all heard it – in every single gaming and tech YouTuber’s sponsored segment! They really know their audience, but that’s not all they know; this game is actually fun to play too.

The spammy ads might make it seem like one of those games that creates an elaborate CGI trailer that looks nothing like the actual game, but that isn’t the case here. Focusing on gacha gameplay, RAID: Shadow Legends takes the classic formula and overlays it with some of the best graphics, animations, and character customization you’re going to see anywhere.

As a fantasy game, Brave Frontier fans are pretty much the exact audience that this game is going for, so you’ve got lots to look forward to! The sense of progression with your own custom character is there in droves, and it’s matched with tons of content and puzzles to keep you engaged for hours on end. Whether you’re a casual or a hardcore player, you’ll definitely have fun with this one.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Mac, PC

3. Seven Knights

Why Seven Knights, you ask? Why not eight? Well, no one really knows, except for the fact that five is the number of heroes you can have in your roster. Wait, not even that adds up, strange. That’s not to say that there are only seven knights in the game either; far from it, there are actually over a hundred different knights to choose from!

With that kind of diversity in mind, you can expect to have a ton of variation in gameplay, and you’ll also love that no one roster is ever like the other one. As we’ve come to expect from the genre, the game has a stage-based campaign that you’re going to be completing not just once but multiple times depending on the difficulty levels you want to master. There are also 100 stages per campaign, so it’s definitely a long project to undertake.

Strategy and gameplay design is part of what I love the most about this game. You can be defensive, offensive, or good old balanced in terms of your approach, and each one defines how your knights will fight the enemy on the field. The gameplay is automated, but the chances of success are entirely dependent on how your strategy plays out, so you’ll want to spend a lot of time on that! As a fan of Brave Frontier, Seven Knights is a really good alternative to try next.

Platforms: Android and iOS

4. Summoners War

Summoners War is another really great option in the gacha strategy genre, and in this game, the focus is on summoning all of your fighters (monsters) instead of creating them and controlling them from the very start. The gameplay is as close as you can get to Brave Frontier without actually being the same game, so you’ll have plenty to look forward to.

In Summoners War, you start with a basic collection of scrolls that summon the monsters who fight for you. As you progress in the campaign, you get new scrolls, and those summon stronger, higher-rated monsters (1-6 Stars). The higher the rating, the better the monster, and the stronger your collection gets! That’s part of the sense of progression here, but wait till you hear about the PvP.

Yup, once you’re done with the pretty lengthy campaign, you get the choice of transitioning to PvP against players that love the genre almost as much as you (but not quite, of course). This is in tandem with all the content updates that the game receives, so things never get stale. Over time though, new players will find the huge amount of mechanics to be a bit overwhelming without YouTube tutorials (the in-game ones don’t suffice), but if you can look past that, this is an amazing game to try after Brave Frontier.

Platforms: Android and iOS

5. Puzzle Quest 2

Puzzle Quest 2 takes the classic formula where you become the hero and save the world from an evil force and mixes it with some match-three gameplay in a way that’s rarely seen. It works wonders, though; people absolutely love this game, as do I!

The puzzle game is fun on its own, but when you add role-playing and questing to that, things just go to a whole new level. You get an amazing sense of progression from its adventure that leads you to defeating the evil Demogorgon who’s spreading evil in Veloren, the game’s fantasy village. Putting the puzzle aside for a bit, you even get to choose the class for your character here! Each one affects your stats, and all of the actions are tied to how you perform in the puzzle as well as your character’s stats.

If you’re looking for a more laid-back experience in a game like Brave Frontier, Puzzle Quest 2 combines the fantasy RPG elements of some of the best games out there and pairs it meticulously with its puzzle gameplay. The whole game also feels like it’s meant to be the way it is, so things never feel jarring transitioning from the puzzle to the questing to the role-playing, and that’s what makes this a really engrossing game for fans of gacha.

Platforms: Nintendo DS, PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One

6. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

I don’t know how much of a crossover there is between Star Wars and Brave Frontiers fans, but if you’re someone who loves both, boy are you in for a treat! This game sets the premise by having you explore the galaxy and find every single Star Wars character you can to add them to your roster as a playable hero. Will you side with the Light or the Dark? You choose.

What I loved about Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is the amount of immersion, and true-to-the-series approach it has to everything. Every character that should be here, is here, and they all feel the same way they did in the movies. Plus, the game pairs that with some of the best combat gameplay to make things just that much more strategic and thrilling for the player.

There are a lot of little mechanics to learn in this game, like the timing of each move or skill, which make or break your whole battle with the enemy. When you add PvP to the mix, this becomes a proper battle of skill and adds a whole new competitive layer to the game too. That’s not to say that the PvE isn’t good here, though admittedly, it could be a lot better than it currently is. Still, as a fan of Brave Frontiers, you’ll love this game whether you like PvE or prefer more PvP action.

Platforms: Android and iOS

7. Puzzle & Dragons

I’m a firm believer of the fact that adding dragons to anything makes it better, and I think the devs of Puzzles and Dragons are on the same wavelength as me. Why have just puzzles when you can also have some RPG elements mixed in there in the form of dragon lore and fantasy? It’s perfect! Plus, the fantasy theme brings a nice, familiar feeling for fans of Brave Frontier.

In this game, you’ll love the puzzles for sure, but what makes it so good is the fact that you have to capture monsters (dragons) and add them to your roster. This creates the sense of progression that just makes a game, a game, and it also makes things more interesting than just seeing the number or difficulty of levels progress on your screen.

Now, you might be expecting the number of dragons and collectibles to be small or moderate, maybe like 100? Even that’s a lot, but this game has over 2,000 unique monsters! Each brings their own abilities, skills, and stats, and not each of them will be the best addition to your roster, so you’ll need to mix and match in the ideal way. As a fan of Brave Frontier, you’ll absolutely adore how much variability and creative freedom this game lets you have.

Platforms: Android and iOS

8. Crusaders Quest

Do you ever feel like gaming peeked during the pixel-art style of games on the Atari from decades ago? Or maybe that was a bit behind your time, but you still love the look of the retro games – and that’s exactly what Crusaders Quest thrives on. It’s not just nostalgia that it uses to get you in, either; it also has the gameplay and a platform to back it up:

Like Puzzles and Dragons, this game also has an absolutely massive roster for you to choose from – over 1,000 heroes that you can use in multiple different game modes! What’ll also appeal to the more hardcore gamer is that this game has a pretty high skill ceiling, like a few others on this list. You’ll need to make sure your formation and skill-timing is on point in order to get the best shot at winning, and the better you are, the more you’re rewarded by the game.

This makes the sense of progression two-fold – you collect stuff and get a stronger and stronger roster of heroes, and you also learn more about the mechanics of the game to become better at using your roster. I’ll admit, it is a bit grindy, but hey, that’s what the hardcore gamer is here for! If you can look past a bit of the boredom that comes with a really grindy phase where you’re repeating a lot of things over and over, Crusaders Quest is an excellent alternative to go for after Brave Frontier.

Platforms: Android and iOS

9. Marvel Puzzle Quest

Marvel just can’t stop with the hits! With Puzzle Quest, we’ve got their take on a puzzle game with the Marvel lore applied to it in a way that feels immersive and inclusive rather than pasted on top, and boy, does it make for a ton of fun. This game will be especially enjoyable for you if you’re already a Marvel fan, but even as someone who’s only played Brave Frontier, you’ll find a lot of enjoyment here.

Marvel Puzzle Quest has a lot of variety in its heroes that we expect, but what really makes it fun is the artwork and the gameplay that goes with its theme. Each hero is meticulously crafted, and the card designs are just *chef’s kiss*. As we’ve come to know each hero from the comics, movies, and shows, each hero brings something unique and fun to the table, and making a roster of your favorite heroes is just every bit as satisfying as it sounds.

What makes the game really rewarding for me is that you’re not just handed all of your favorite characters or heroes to play with – you have to earn them. This makes it somewhat grindy, and the fact that it’s a freemium game can make it kind of spammy with microtransactions, but once you finally get that hero you’ve been working toward, it’s an amazing feeling. If you’re looking to try something new but familiar as a Brave Frontier fan, Marvel Puzzle Quest might be just what you need.

Platforms: Android, iOS, PC

10. Final Fantasy XVI

Okay, if you just googled this game, you’re probably thinking, “this is nothing like a puzzle game,” and you’d be right, but it’s a fantasy game and one of the best to ever be released. This alternative is definitely only for those players that are looking to try something completely new but with similar fantasy themes to Brave Fantasy.

In Final Fantasy XVI, you go through an adventure of a lifetime where fantastic beasts, dragons, and monsters fight Gods and humans alike! The story, graphics, and cinematics are just a sight to behold, and it’s flanked by the great combat gameplay we’ve come to know and love from the series. Unlike open-world games, which might feel like you can get lost in them, this game also has a linear progression to the story, which keeps you on track.

The sense of progression here comes from progression in the story and the narratives of the different characters you’ll meet and fall in love with in so many different ways. If you’ve got a PlayStation 5 and are open to trying a triple-A fantasy game, you’ll absolutely love this side of the fantasy game genre. Oh, and I have to warn you, it’ll be super difficult to ever go back from this experience, so venture with caution!

Platforms: PlayStation 5

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Finishing off with that fantastic entry, we’re all done with our list of games like Brave Frontier. Puzzle games have always been fun; from the days of the Nokia 3310 to our modern iPhones, things have definitely changed, but the core remains the same. So, with all of these different universes to choose from for your next puzzle adventure, which one have you got your eye on? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll see you there!

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