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13 Games Like Club Penguin Worth Playing in 2024

Games Like Club Penguin

There was no feeling like the feeling of playing Club Penguin on a cozy Sunday morning as a kid when our only worries were getting homework done on time and feeding the pet some food. Now, Club Penguin may have been shut down, but that’s no reason for the magic to go away too – today, we’re looking at thirteen games that are just like Club Penguin, maybe even better! Starting off with the first one, and my personal favorite, we have:

1. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

It’s the Switch sensation that’s captured the hearts of so many, now in a compact little mobile game! Just like Club Penguin, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is all about creating your own little slice of paradise. You’re the master of your own campsite, where you can deck out everything from your furniture to your camper van. We all loved designing our igloos, but here you’re going to do that with a sunshine-soaked twist!

The charming animal villagers in Pocket Camp are a lot like the sense of community you felt in Club Penguin. You’ll engage in tasks to help them out, make new buddies, and go to the most fun events together to keep that excitement alive – just like the good old days of snowball fights and scavenger hunts!

In Animal Crossing, you can do everything from fishing by the serene rivers to catching bugs in the sun-covered meadows, and even participate in all of this with your friends! With a lot of the same vibes from Club Penguin, this game has you take part in a virtual community like nothing else. To climb on board the Animal Crossing hype train, you can get Pocket Camp on your Phone today!

This game is like the cool cousin of Club Penguin because it’s all about fashion and looking as dapper as you can! If you’ve always wanted to mix and match outfits and show off your style like a runway superstar – that’s what this game is all about.

You get to create your own super cool lady character – pretty much your own virtual dress-up doll. You can pick her hairstyle, clothes, and make her look awesome in just the way that you like. And what about when you’re done doing that? You’ll be showing your style off in front of your buddies and even having style battles with other players! Think dance-off but, you know, with fashion. A fashion-off!

As a Club Penguin fan, do you remember hanging out with your penguin pals? Well, Lady Popular lets you do the same – you can join clubs and chat with your new virtual buddies. Plus, there are tons of events and challenges to keep you hooked, just like the parties in Club Penguin, so there’s never a dull moment! To play Lady Popular, you can play it on your PC’s web browser or get it on Mobile.

3. Poptropica

I love a game where the name just rolls off the tongue. And that’s not the only cool thing about this game; I also love that it’s like hopping into a bunch of different islands, each with its own unique theme and mystery to solve! Just like how we used to explore different rooms and areas in Club Penguin, you’ll be diving into these colorful islands, meeting quirky characters, and unraveling exciting stories at every corner.

Puzzles and exploration are fun and all, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love the customization of Club Penguin. If you’re wondering about the same thing, I’m pleased to report that you’ll absolutely love Poptropica’s customization options! You can deck out your character in all sorts of outfits and accessories, just like your stylish, somewhat weird-looking (in a good way!) penguin from your childhood.

There are lots of things to love about this game as a Club Penguin fan – mini-games, challenges, teasers, and a virtual world that’s designed to be as user-friendly as possible. If you’re intrigued, you can try out Poptropica on a PC, Mobile, or Nintendo 3DS/DS.

4. Animal Jam

Do you miss Club Penguin so much that you want to literally become a penguin? Well, this is your ticket to just that! Animal Jam lets you be whatever you want to be and is one of the best games like Club Penguin out there.

Taking place in a location called Jamaa, there’s you and a ton of other animals here that are just living out their lives in peace and fun! Just like Club Penguin, you get your own home that you can decorate to be just the way you love it and throw parties in it. It doesn’t get better than that!

You can also buy clothes, get pets, and go to parties that other people in the game are throwing, so the socializing never stops unless you want it to. Oh, and before you think this is all there is to do here, you also get to partake in tons of adventure quests and mini-games all around the map!

The game is free to play, just the way it’s supposed to be, but if you’re someone that likes the premium stuff, you can get the special membership for those extra special perks and bragging rights! To play Animal Jam, you can get it on your Phone or on PC.

5. Moshi Monsters Rewritten

After the original Moshi Monsters went dark (thanks to Adobe Flash throwing a fit), guess what? The fans swooped in and kept the party going – full glory mode! You love to see a community come together like this and save something special, no matter what it is.

So, in this game, you become the proud parent of a virtual pet monster, and together you explore the awesomeness of Monstro City. Think of it like adopting a fuzzy sidekick for virtual adventures! These cute critters aren’t just for show – they’re game for some mini-game shenanigans and solving daily puzzles to score virtual moolah.

As Club Penguin fans, we often felt like interior decorators. Well, in this game, you can spruce up not just one but five rooms for your pets! And there are some stakes involved, too: when folks come over to check out your rooms, they’ll rate your style. You can also team up with your friends if you slap their names on your Friends Tree, and they can waltz right into your rooms!

Oh, and did I mention the secret codes? You punch those in, and voilà – you unlock cool stuff like snazzy accessories, room bling, and a ton of virtual cash. For someone that’s missing Club Penguin, this new universe is about as fun as it gets with the same core idea as our favorite childhood game – playable on PC and Phone.

6. Woozworld

Woozworld is more than just a virtual gaming platform – it’s a whole social network where you, a Club Penguin enthusiast, can dive into a world of custom avatars and endless interactions! Who needs to touch grass in real life when you get that and so much more here?

Jokes aside, this game’s universe lets you do anything you want – you get to construct your very own hangout spot and rendezvous with your buddies. And that’s not all; they’ve also got cool social contests, just like Lady Popular, where you can throw down with others in friendly competitions to see who’s the wooziest of them all!

A little friendly competition is always fun, but there’s even more! You can be a fashion maestro by crafting your own chic outfits, adopting a virtual pet, and if you’re feeling artsy, unleash your inner designer and create furniture that’ll make your space pop. And if that’s not enough, there’s an adventure on the horizon, too, with various quests at your fingertips that have you embark on a new, exciting journey every time. Got hundreds of hours to sink into a game? Woozworld is about as good as it gets! Playable on Mobile and PC.

7. Fishao

It doesn’t matter the game or platform or anything; if it’s about fishing, it’s always fun! With Fishao (the name goes Fish Always Online – Fishao), you get a game that’s all about fish and endless fun as you dive into a world of fishing frenzy while turning your character into a fishing superstar!

Imagine mixing one of the coolest MMOs: Club Penguin, with the joy of fishing – that’s Fishao for you! There’s a sea of possibilities waiting to be caught, along with 10 awesome areas in this virtual playground, each with its own quirks, where fellow anglers gather to reel in some fun together. And fish, because that’s kind of the game’s purpose.

As fun as fishing is, it can be tiring too, so you’re going to be taking fishing breaks for outfit upgrades and home décor showdowns! You can make your character the snazziest fisherman out there and decorate your home to be the fanciest seaside haven anyone ever made. Oh, and I haven’t even gotten to the star of the show yet – fishing! Fishao serves up over 400 fishy friends to bait and hook, which means you’re always going to be chasing that next big game, and when you finally get it, the satisfaction is like nothing else. To play Fishao, you can try it on your web browser on a PC.

8. Habbo

Habbo is a game that takes the best parts of Club Penguin and makes them its own in the most unique ways possible! In this game, you create your own unique avatar and head straight into a vibrant world filled with endless social adventures. Just like Club Penguin, you’ll have the chance to connect with friends, make new ones, and hang out in themed rooms that you and others like you are always designing.

Did I hear customization? Oh, you bet! You can deck out your avatar with trendy outfits and then transform your virtual space into your personal haven of aesthetics and cool visuals. If you never got the career in interior design you wanted, this is your chance to make it happen virtually.

But what sets Habbo apart for me is its focus on creativity and letting you show the world who you are. Not only can you create and furnish your own rooms, but you can also design and host events, games, and parties for your friends and other players. Whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert, this game lets you have the socialite experience however you want it – playable today on Phone and PC.

9. Movie Star Planet

Movie Star Planet is your typical avatar-making game, just like Club Penguin, but with a moviemaking twist on things! Imagine yourself as a famous actor in a world that’s full of other people who are also famous actors doing their own thing.

As with Club Penguin, we absolutely need character customization, and you get tons of that here! You can make your character look really cool in lots of different ways and show off to your friends and everyone else who’s playing. There’s also a bunch of stuff you can do with your character, like making your own movies, putting together cool art books, and designing fancy clothes. When you’re done, you can show all of this off to other players and also see what they’ve been up to!

The more stuff you make, the more famous you become, and being famous helps you become a super famous celebrity. This way, you can have fun with your friends, and that also leads me to the next best part – you can adopt pets! With your furry buddy by your side, you can decorate your own virtual room and play mini-games with others, all in a casually competitive way. To become the movie star you’ve always wanted to be, you can play this game on PC and Phone.

10. JumpStart

If you’ve got a soft spot for the waddling penguins and snow-covered shenanigans of Club Penguin, you’re in for a treat with Jumpstart. JumpStart has a whole bunch of games in its series, and each is fun to play, especially if you’re looking for games that your children can get into! It’s a whole buffet of fun that’s as delicious as your favorite pizza at the Club Penguin Pizzeria, and it’s also got the same magic.

With cute characters, exciting missions, and a chance to buddy up with fellow players, just like the good ol’ days of sled races and igloo parties, you’ve got the Club Penguin experience wrapped up in a different package here. The gameplay is all about exploring the game’s huge open world, doing all of the activities you could want to do, participating in games with other players, and so much more.

As always, you’re going to be creating and customizing your own character to be as cute, whacky, or snazzy as you want and take into the world where everyone expresses themselves in their own way. Combined with its super cute visuals and some solid gameplay, this game is going to hit the nostalgia of Club Penguin like nothing else – playable on PC, Mobile, and a bunch more (really old) platforms.

11. Toontown Rewritten

Rewritten games are the absolute gems of the gaming world – loved so much by the ones who played them, they literally rewrote them to keep their legacy alive after the original ones shut down! With Toontown Rewritten, you’ve got an amazing little game where you create your own characters called Toons (instead of Penguins) and choose the way they’re going to look.

With a ton of customization options, the real fun of this game starts after you’ve made your character and are ready to embark on the various adventures it offers! You can play mini-games in virtual playgrounds that include karting, fishing, and golfing, and all of these are playable with the friends you bring with you or make in its universe.

Just like Club Penguin, parties are absolutely a thing here, and you and your friends are going to be having hours of fun together doing just that. Just remember, though, the Cogs are ever present, and you’re going to have to fight them sooner or later, which gives us the sense of purpose we all really need. If you’re looking for a virtual adventure you’re not soon going to forget, you can play Toontown Rewritten today on PC.

12. Webkinz

Welcome to the adorable world of Webkinz, where your imagination comes to life with fluffy friends and endless fun! Here’s the scoop on how this magical playground works:

First things first – you get to be the mastermind behind your very own Pet Avatar. Just like we did in Club Penguin, you can create and customize your furry or feathery buddy just the way you like. Once your pet’s looking like a proper fashionista, it’s time to hop onto the Webkinz website and dive into the gameplay!

As a parent or guardian, you’re in on the action, too – Webkinz cares about safety, so you’ll need to give your email ID to make sure everything’s super cool. And then, ta-da! You’re all set to unleash the fun as a charming animal character.

The Webkinz world is brimming with a bunch of virtual critters just waiting for you to adopt them. Simply login, pick your favorite fluffball, and let the fun begin! Then, you’re going to show off your skills and watch your plushies come alive in this magical little virtual world – playable on Mobile and PC.

13. The Sims 3: Pets

Imagine having your very own mini penguin-like pets but with a twist. In The Sims 3 Pets, you’re not just adopting regular pets – you’re adopting pets with pizzazz! Pizzazz always makes things better. Your Club Penguin pals would be all over this!

You get to customize your furry (or not-so-furry) companions to the max, giving them epic personalities and quirks. Is your pup gonna be the life of the virtual party or a genius kitty with a flair for mischief? You decide! And the best part? You can also channel your inner Club Penguin decorator by building pet-friendly cribs, designing pet outfits, and maybe even recreating an igloo or two – pet style!

The customizability alone makes this such a good throwback to Club Penguin. Teach your pets tricks, go for walks, and maybe even ride a horse through a bustling virtual town. It’s Club Penguin’s fun and shenanigans, but with more paws and fluff and every kind of animal you can think of – playable on PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and the Nintendo 3DS, if you’ve still got one!

And that’s all for today, fellow penguins! Club Penguin may have ended, but there are plenty of games out there that continue its legacy in their own magical ways. With thirteen of those in this article, did you find your next web-based adventure? Let me know what you think of this list, and with that, I’ll see you in the next one!

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