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21 Games Like Dead by Daylight That You Have to Play

Games Like Dead By Daylight

Well, well, well, if it isn’t time to get trolled by the killer for 10 minutes straight instead of being hooked like the game intended in the first place! Seriously, some killers can be so annoying, and I know you’ve felt the same frustration. So, that probably means you’re in the same boat with me when I say, “Why not try something similar but different?”

Dead by Daylight is amazing, unique, and definitely hard to beat, but trust me when I tell you, these twenty-one games will make you reconsider. If you’re ready to go on a brand-new survival horror adventure, continue reading and find your next obsession! We’ll start off the list with:

1. Deceit


Right away, I’m gonna need you to get ready for an adrenaline-pumping experience with Deceit – a game that blends social deduction and survival horror! You’ll work together with other players to stay alive while also trying to suss out who the liars are among you. It’s like playing a game of Among Us but with more zombies and even more sus.

But wait, there’s more! Compared to Dead by Daylight, Deceit adds an extra layer of intrigue with its social deduction element while still keeping the evasive and elusive gameplay when running from the killer. The feeling of utter fear and realization I got every time I heard the guy next to me gulp down some blood like a Capri Sun, the thrill was insane. To play Deceit, you better be ready with your looping skills and, most importantly, be a good liar.

Deceit is available as free to play on Steam, which means only the PC gang gets to play it for now. However, since it’s pretty easy to run, you can probably play it on your laptop, too!

2. Friday The 13th: The Game

Friday The 13th: The Game

I never thought I’d say this to someone, but prepare to put yourself in the shoes of a serial killer! Friday the 13th: The Game offers you a thrilling multiplayer experience that puts you in control of the iconic killer, Jason Voorhees. Your task? To stalk and terrorize counselors as they desperately try to escape and survive, of course!

Comparing to Dead by Daylight, Friday the 13th will make you come up with the same (or similar) strategies and teamwork to survive. If your fellow counselors aren’t working with you to outsmart and evade Jason, good luck with completing objectives to escape! In many ways, you’re greeted by the same frustration that Dead by Daylight’s teamwork experience brings, but at this point, we’ve grown to love it, haven’t we?

That aside, the feeling of pure joy and laughter I felt when one of my friends set up a bear trap for Jason and stepped in it himself, it takes you straight back to playing the Trapper in Dead by Daylight! If this game sounds like something you’d wanna try, you can get it today on PlayStation, Switch, Xbox, and Windows, so your options are plentiful.

3. Outlast


Okay, you think you know fear when you play Dead by Daylight, but trust me when I tell you, you’ve seen nothing yet. Unless, of course, you’ve played Outlast, too! One thing you’ll quickly notice about Outlast is that it’s not your typical horror game – oh no, it’s much, much scarier than that. Instead of blasting monsters with a shotgun, you’re armed with only a camcorder that’s as useful as a flashlight made of paper. And did I mention that you can’t fight back? That’s right, you’re as defenseless as a kitten facing a bulldozer!

What you’ll find is very similar to Dead by Daylight, though, is that your objective is to escape, not fight back. This means that your looping skills, which you perfected over the years in DBD, are going to come in very handy here! Just kidding, evasion isn’t really an option here, so you’re going to need a lot of stealth and simply avoid detection in order to escape.

If you’re looking to switch from the multiplayer survival horror experience of DBD, Outlast will give you an experience of a lifetime! The game is available to play on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, Mac OS, and even Linux.

4. White Noise 2

White Noise 2

White Noise 2 is a horror game that can be played solo or in multiplayer mode with up to four other players and gives you the option of two modes: investigation and chase. In investigation mode, you’re gonna be exploring a dark and eerie environment to collect clues and find out what in the frick-frack is causing all the paranormal events! In chase, one player gets to play as a creature while the other players now have to work together (ugh, teamwork) to activate generators and escape before being caught.

I think you’ve found the similarity with DBD for yourself, it’s the generator-activation-escape formula here! Oh, and you also revive your downed teammates like in DBD, but here it’s going to require you to complete a mini-game, adding even more strategy (yay!) and cooperation (yay?) to the game. Okay, so it’s pretty similar to Dead by Daylight, but for some reason, it didn’t feel that way to me. Maybe it’s the stronger sense of supernatural things happening around you that are not as strong in DBD, which also changes the whole environment of the game.

I think most Dead by Daylight fans were convinced (or turned away; it depends on how you’re feeling, you know?) when they heard about the generator part in this game, so you’re probably looking for the place you can get the game from. Well, as of now, you can play it on just about anything: PS4, Xbox One, Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

5. Hide Or Die

Hide Or Die

Hide or Die is a wild and wacky multiplayer horror game (a bit of theme in this list, I wonder why that is. Hmmm…) that’ll have you running, scavenging, and fighting for your life! It takes place in an abandoned town where players must gather supplies, repair generators, and ultimately escape before the clock runs out. And let’s not forget about the Gatherers, the creepy enemies this game’s devs came up with that will give an attempt to make you reach for your brown pants.

In comparison to Dead by Daylight, Hide or Die is all about exploration, scavenging, and good old-fashioned combat! Unlike DBD, you won’t just be running and hiding from the Gatherers, you’ll be engaging in epic battles with them, giving you a chance to flex your survival skills. The maps are also much larger, which means more places to explore and more opportunities to discover hidden treasures.

Alright, it’s certainly a unique take on the survival horror genre and differs quite a bit from Dead by Daylight. There’s only one thing the devs have left to do: make it available on all platforms. And they didn’t. Sadly, as of now, it’s only available on PC, so if you’re a warrior on the master race, you can get started right away (sorry, literally everyone else).

6. Dead Island

Dead Island

Dead Island is a zombie apocalypse-themed game, and it’s a bloody good time (I’m sorry, I can’t help it)! I can go on and on about its amazing open-world design, killer crafting system, and first-person combat that’ll have you slicing and dicing your way through hordes of the undead. And if that wasn’t enough, the game also offers a cooperative multiplayer mode that’ll have you and your friends screaming, laughing, and cursing your way through the game’s challenges, a lot like Left 4 Dead (more on that later).

So, how does it compare to DBD? Well, while both games have cooperative multiplayer and crafting systems, Dead Island is more about surviving in an open-world setting, while Dead by Daylight is a structured multiplayer game that requires teamwork and strategy. You’ll find bits of both in each game, but Dead Island puts a unique spin on things that completely separates it from Dead by Daylight for me.

To play Dead Island, your platform of choice should do just fine, as long as that platform is Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, PlayStation, or Xbox.

7. Daylight


Alrighty, let’s talk about Daylight, the spooky-as-heck game that’ll have you questioning every dark corner (and your sanity, at some point). In this first-person horror game, you play as Sarah Gwynn, a woman who wakes up in an abandoned asylum with no memories and only a smartphone as a light source. Your mission? To escape the asylum while avoiding the supernatural forces that haunt its hallways and most certainly don’t want you to leave!

As you navigate the asylum, you’ll discover clues and artifacts that help unravel the mystery of Sarah’s past and the evil that lurks within the walls. But beware! The supernatural evilbois lurking in the shadows are not to be trifled with, and one misstep could mean your demise, as it did an embarrassingly large number of times for me.

Now, how does Daylight compare to Dead by Daylight, you ask? While both games share a spooky vibe and the survival horror category, the gameplay is quite different. Daylight, as you can probably tell, is a single-player game with an emphasis on exploration and puzzle-solving. Meanwhile, Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer game that pits survivors against a killer, with a focus on strategy and teamwork.

To play the game, you’ll need either a Windows PC or a PlayStation, which is an odd choice of platforms from the devs, but hey, who knows what’s really going on inside those creative, overworked brains?

8. Depth


Ahoy there, matey! (Too much?) Let’s dive into the depths of the ocean and talk about Depth, a thrilling offering from Digital Confectioners that puts you in the fins of either a diver or a shark. In this heart-pounding multiplayer game, you’ll team up with other divers to collect treasure while fending off deadly sharks. Or, if you’re a killer-main like me, you can play as a shark and try to take down the divers before they escape with the loot!

As a diver, you’ll use your massive brainpower and some dreaded teamwork to navigate the dark depths of the ocean, using your guns and gadgets to ward off the razor-toothed predators lurking in the shadows. Playing a shark, on the other hand, you’ll be using your agility and stealth to take down the divers one by one, leaving nothing but bloody chum in your wake!

Surprisingly so, Depth is actually quite similar to Dead by Daylight in its killer-survivor-themed gameplay, but then again, that is the formula most games on this list are using. What you’ll find uniquely different from DBD here is the underwater setting, which adds a unique twist to the gameplay as divers manage their oxygen levels and deal with the darkness and claustrophobia of the deep sea. You can start playing Depth today on PC only, though, as there is no news of any other ports coming out any time soon.

9. Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown

Howdy partner! (Okay, last one) Welcome to Hunt: Showdown, a game that is definitely not as upbeat and friendly as my intro just made it sound. Oh no, this gritty game is going to you back to the wild, wild west! In its intense multiplayer gameplay, you’ll team up with a partner to track down and take out supernatural monsters that are terrorizing the land. Careful, though, you’re not the only person after the bounty, and the others are definitely not going to hesitate shooting you in the head for it!

The duo gameplay format lets you and your partner navigate the dark and dangerous world of Hunt: Showdown. You’ll be using your skills and weapons to hunt down and kill the monsters while also trying to avoid other players who are hunting you!

Comparing to Dead by Daylight, Hunt replaces the singular killer chasing after you with multiple hunters. Also, similar to DBD, the hunters are all other, actual players instead of AI-controlled bots that are no fun to play against. Apart from that, you’re gonna find the same familiar teamwork that you either love or hate in DBD, and you’re going to be fighting together to survive, just like old times.

If all of that sounds like a fun time to you, you can play Hunt: Showdown on more or less anything! It’s available on PlayStation, Xbox, and Windows.

10. Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation

Calling all space cadets, it’s time for an out-of-this-world adventure! An adventure of the sad, grim, and violent variety, that is. In Alien: Isolation, you’re given the role of Amanda Ripley, daughter of the famous Ellen Ripley from the Alien movie franchise. What have you set out to do? Why, investigate the disappearance of your mother, and uncover the terrifying truth behind the alien threat, of course! It’s simple, really; let me explain:

There are deadly Xenomorphs all over the creepy space station you’re in, and they’re hunting you down as you navigate dark and creepy hallways and rooms. You’ll have to sneak around, hide in lockers, and use distractions to avoid detection, all while trying to find a way to escape the station and uncover the truth. Not scary at all, right? I definitely wasn’t scared for even a second, I swear.

Coming from Dead by Daylight, you’ll find yourself all alone here, with only your wits and gadgets to help you survive and no teammates (which can be a good thing, too, let’s be honest.) Also, who doesn’t love being stranded in space? It’s such a fresh change from the usual Earth-based apocalyptic scenarios in DBD.

So, if this heart-pounding game sounds like your kind of thing, you can play right away on your PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and even your phone.

11. Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2

Oh, boy, are you in for a zombie-filled ride with Left 4 Dead 2! This fast-paced, co-op shooter game has you teaming up with up to three other survivors to blast your way through hordes of infected zombies while trying to reach safety and avoid getting your brains chomped.

As you make your way through the levels in Left 4 Dead 2, you’ll encounter different types of zombies, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. You’ll also have access to a variety of weapons and items, such as shotguns, Molotov cocktails, and medkits, to help you take on the undead hordes. Sounds simple enough; just gun them down, right? Wrong, as my friends and I found out when special limited edition ultra pro max zombies came out of nowhere to flank and ambush us until we ran out of ammo!

Comparing to DBD, the similarities are that you’re working with a team, and you’re working to survive, and that’s about it! Left 4 Dead 2 focuses on a capture objective kinda gameplay style where you progress further until you reach the extraction point. Also, there aren’t any objectives, just hordes of zombies that you have to mow down to survive and keep moving.

This game is one of the best alternatives to DBD, so if it intrigues you, you can get it today on Xbox, Windows, Mac OS, and even Linux!

12. Last Year: The Nightmare

Last Year: The Nightmare

I don’t know about you, but last year was definitely a nightmare for me. Jokes aside, this game is anything but a nightmare unless you’re talking about the scariness of it, of course! a group of high school students must work together to survive against a powerful killer. What I found to be the most unique thing about it, and my friends agree with me on this, is the combination of a unique setting (high school in the 80s, classic), multiple playable roles, and super intense gameplay.

Now wait, that sounds a lot like DBD, right? Correct! That’s why it’s on our list. Last Year involves the same high-stakes survival scenarios that Dead by Daylight has, but in Last Year, you’re just trying to survive high school too, which made it even scarier for me. As if escaping the killer wasn’t enough, this game even adds having to dodge hall monitors, angry teachers, and obnoxious classmates!

The game is available only on PC for now, but if you have one next to you, give it a shot, and I’m all but certain you’re going to love it as a DBD fan. Right, onto the next:

13. Dead Realm

Dead Realm

This game is amazingly unique, and that’s mostly because of the sound stage the devs made. Dead Realm sounds like a place that should be silent right? Except, sound is the most important part of its gameplay! I found that using the game sound to locate clues, avoid ghost, and communicate with other players took me back to DBD while still maintaining the uniqueness of its own gameplay and world.

Speaking of Dead by Daylight, how do the two games compare? Well, for starters, you no longer have to worry about being sacrificed to some creepy entity by a cult of killers like in Dead by Daylight! You just have to worry about being haunted by your own pals, like any other normal gamer. Who needs strangers to scare the pants off you when you can do it to each other, am I right? If you’re ready for a hauntingly good time, you can get Dead Realm on your Windows PC and macOS machines (odd, but hooray for Mac users!).

14. Identity V

Identity V

Identity V is a cool game; it takes place in a creepy mansion with a gothic vibe and lets you choose from a variety of characters with unique abilities, like a Gardener who can plant traps or a Doctor who can heal herself. You hear that, teammates? I don’t need to rely on you for heals anymore! I found that Identity is a lot like playing Clue in a haunted mansion, which makes me feel conflicting things about my childhood, but your mileage will most certainly vary.

Now, Dead by Daylight also has unique characters, but they’re more like horror movie stereotypes, like a hillbilly with a chainsaw or a nurse with a creepy mask. That’s cool, but you’re still going to be crying out to your ‘mates when you run out of self-heals, which won’t be the case when you play Doctor in Identity V. Also, the generators from Dead by Daylight are replaced in Identity V with ciphers that you have to decode to open the exit gate.

Now, you don’t have to worry about platforms for this game because it’s available on mobile and Windows! So, whether you have an Android or an iPhone, you won’t be stopped from playing Identity V.

15. Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2

It’s time for a first-person shooter again; enter: Killing Floor 2! This is an FPS game that’s all about surviving a horde of mutated monsters. Think of it like a monster movie on steroids – with you as the star!

The game takes place in Europe, where a bunch of super creepy experiments have gone wrong and created these disgusting, mutated monsters. It’s up to you and your team of badass survivors to take them out and save the day. But beware, these monsters aren’t your average zombies – they come in all shapes and sizes and are hell-bent on ripping you apart limb from limb! What sets this game apart from other shooter games for me is the variety of weapons and perks available to you: you can literally choose a flamethrower and burn the zombies down.

Comparing it to DBD, you’ll find that the most you can connect between the two games is the co-op and survival aspect. Realistically, this game compares much better with Left 4 Dead 2, which has very similar gameplay and mechanics. If you love the teamwork and objective-based gameplay in Dead by Daylight, you’re going to love this game too! But if you hate those things, well, you’re probably still going to love Killing Floor 2 because it offers a lot more than just those two aspects.

To play the game, you can download it on PS4, Xbox One, Windows, and even Linux, so your options are plenty.

16. The Evil Within

The Evil Within

Going back to our classic survival horror category, The Evil Within is a game where you play as a detective named Sebastian Castellanos who finds himself trapped in a nightmarish world filled with twisted monsters and other unspeakable horrors. If you’ve always dreamed about being the star of a horror movie (so you can make all the smarter decisions, of course), this is your chance to make it happen! … Virtually, for now.

Switching from Dead by Daylight to this, I found the most unique part to be the fact that you’re all alone here, and you’re put into a twisted, otherworldly version of your own reality. DBD does creepy settings well, sure, but this game puts a different spin on it, which I loved. Choosing between the two games is like choosing between being stuck in a nightmare version of reality or being lost in a spooky, haunted house (or field, or school, you get it)!

Flaunting stellar reviews on all platforms, you can play this game on your Windows PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, or Xbox One.

17. Dead Space

Dead Space

Ah, Dead Space, it’s about time this showed up on the list, right? Dead Space has to be one of the best survival horror games of our time, and there’s a good reason why. You’re going to be playing as Isaac Clarke, stranded on a spaceship that has been overrun by a virus that turned everyone into a deadly Necromorph; certainly not ideal. Now, what’re you supposed to do? Use your guns, special abilities, and your strategy to kill them all and escape, of course!

I haven’t had as much fun with any other survival horror shooter game as I have with Dead Space, especially the Stasis mechanics, which have to be the most unique and fun part of it. Compared to Dead by Daylight, this is a very different game, with the only similarity being the genre. While in Dead by Daylight, you’re playing multiplayer with teammates to activate gens and escape, in Dead Space, you’re playing as a lone engineer-turned-gunman who’s fighting Necromorphs to escape the space station.

If you’ve never tried the Dead Space series, I highly recommend you play the entire trilogy right this second. It’s available for checkout on Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox, so any of your gaming rigs will do just fine.

18. Manhunt


If you’re ready to feel like a real badass, you’re ready to hear about the old-school classic by the name of Manhunt. This game is a stealth-based, third-person shooter where you play as a death row inmate named James Earl Cash, who’s forced to participate in a series of snuff films. What’s the hook, you ask? Well, you kinda sorta definitely have to kill your way through hordes of gang members to survive.

One of the coolest things in my experience about Manhunt is the variety of ways you can take your enemies out. You can sneak up on them and use a variety of weapons, like crowbars, knives, and even plastic bags, to take them out silently, Hitman-style.

Compared to Dead by Daylight, Manhunt is a grittier game. While Dead by Daylight is all about escaping from a killer, Manhunt isn’t about running; it’s about killing the bad guys yourself. It’s also more of an open-world setting, so you’re free to go where you feel like going as long as you’re following the general objectives.

Did someone say objectives? Yes, sir, those are some weird-looking generators for sure, but they’ll get you out of the hellhole you’re stuck in. Manhunt is available on PS2, PC, Xbox, and PSP; wow, those are some old consoles, huh.

19. Emily Wants To Play

Emily Wants To Play

Emily Wants to Play is a game that will make you jump out of your seat! Unless you’re used to horror games, in that case, it’ll probably make you GASP every now and then. You’re greeted by another horror game where you play as a pizza delivery guy who finds himself trapped in a creepy house with a series of dolls who want to play games with you. That seems innocent enough, right? Just some games like you already play! Except if you lose, you’re not gonna make it out alive, so good luck.

In my opinion, one of the coolest things about Emily Wants to Play is the unpredictability. The dolls you’re playing with have their own unique personalities and ways of moving around the house, which makes each playthrough feel different. It’s like being in a real-life horror movie because you will never know what’s going to happen next unless you’re predicting certain death. In that case, you’ll probably know what’s going to happen next very often.

Compared to Dead by Daylight, you’ll find that this game has similar mechanics: the games are like the generators in DBD, and the dolls are the killers. Solve the puzzle-games, and you get to escape with your life, yay! Fail, and, well, you know what happens.

Emily Wants to Play can be played on almost anything, including PS4, Xbox One, Android, Windows, iOS, macOS, and even the HTC Vive for some VR horror goodness.

20. Evolve


Evolve puts a really cool spin on the survival horror genre. When I played this game, I absolutely loved what others refer to as asymmetrical gameplay. You can either be a monster or a hunter. As a monster, you have a variety of abilities and strategies to choose from, like breathing fire or charging at your opponents. As a hunter, you have to use teamwork and strategy to take down the monster before it’s too late. There’s nothing like playing the killer to burn your victims down after a frustrating game of bad-hunter teammates!

In terms of similarities to Dead by Daylight, both games share a multiplayer survival theme, but the gameplay is quite similar. In Evolve, you have to work together with your team to take down the monster, while in Dead by Daylight, you have to work together with other survivors to escape the killer. Both games definitely share the same level of intensity and coordination, though, so you’ll have to count on teamwork and strategy to win.

If this sounds like the destination of your next adventure, you can play Evolve today on Windows, PS4, and Xbox One.

21. Devour


Oh God, this game. I swear, this game will introduce you to some of the most hilarious and intense horror multiplayer experiences of your entire life! In Devour, you and your friends play as a group of cultists trying to stop a demonic goat from summoning its master, who is of the angry ‘I-want-to-kill-you’ variety.

The gameplay here is fairly similar to Dead by Daylight, but you can’t really tell that as you play it, it’s hard to describe. One of the similarities, for instance, is the sound of the goat’s hooves which gets louder and louder as it approaches, which is the same as the terror-radius of the killer in Dead by Daylight. Another similarity is in the characters (cultists) you get to play as, with each having their own abilities and traits, just like Dead by Daylight.

Still, Devour puts a spin on almost all of these aspects to the extent that you won’t notice any similarities coming from Dead by Daylight. Instead, you’ll be nicely occupied by the deadly goat trying to kill you and your friends! If this sounds like a fun night of gaming to you, Devour can be played on Windows and Mac, and it’s pretty light on hardware, so you can probably run it on your nearest PC.

That was a long read, huh. twenty-one games like Dead by Daylight, and I’m all but certain we still missed one or two out there. Is there anything that comes to your mind? Let us know what you think about our round-up of these games and if there’s one that you would’ve liked to see on this list. Until next time, may your games be blessed with good teammates and lots of good RNG.

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