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Games Like Destiny 2 You’ll Sink Hundreds of Hours Into

Games Like Destiny 2

Alright, Guardians, it’s time to take a break from your intergalactic adventures and prepare for a brand-new journey. We all know that Destiny 2 has captured our hearts and pretty much made us question our social lives at some point, but it’s time to expand our gaming horizons! If you’re ready to explore the universe beyond the Tower, I’m about to introduce you to ten games that are like Destiny 2 but with a unique twist to them all.

So, buckle up, grab your favorite snacks, and let’s get into our rundown with the very first, kind of obvious choice:

1. Destiny 1

Destiny 1

Destiny 1, the underdog of the Destiny franchise. While it may not have skyrocketed to the same hype levels as its sequel, it still managed to bring a healthy dose of fun to the table! Plus, as a Destiny fan, why not try out the original that started it all? Imagine yourself in epic battles against alien baddies, embarking on raids with your motley crew of Guardians, and exploring a vast universe that’s as visually stunning as it is detailed.

Now, how similar is Destiny 1 to its sequel? For me, this felt a lot like comparing a rookie Guardian to a seasoned veteran. Destiny 1 laid the groundwork for all the addictive gameplay mechanics we love in Destiny 2: the heart-pounding gunfights, the thrill of looting better gear, and the joy of unleashing your supers on unsuspecting enemies!

Now, I’ll admit that Destiny 1 had its quirks. The Tower, their fancy hangout spot, was a bit more like a crowded college dorm party than the sprawling social spaces of Destiny 2 we’ve become accustomed to. And the story? Well, let’s just say it could’ve used some work! But hey, the original Destiny still had a certain charm and a sense of discovery, and it made me feel more of the Destiny magic I’ve always adored. You can play Destiny 1 on PlayStation, Xbox, and, thanks to community efforts, PC as well!

2. Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic

I’m gonna need you to hold on to your space helmets now because Deep Rock Galactic is about to blast your socks off with a cosmic concoction of awesomeness! The space setting is one of the best I’ve ever seen and could alone be enough reason to play this game, but that’s not even the best part. No, sir, the best part of this bedazzling adventure, at least for me, is that it throws a bunch of bearded, beer-loving dwarves into that space! You’re lying if you say you wouldn’t want to witness the comedic glory of those pint-sized warriors conquering the final frontier.

Imagine it: stout dwarves with more facial hair than an entire cabal regiment (so like, a lot), strapping on their mining gear and diving headfirst into treacherous caves teeming with extraterrestrial critters. And when I say critters, I’m kind of understating the comical mayhem that you’re going to see unfold in front of your eyes because this game takes things to a whole new level with the creatures.

Deep Rock Galactic not only delivers the cooperative gameplay you crave, but it also adds a generous helping of hilarious dwarf banter, epic battles, and enough ale-fueled shenanigans to last you lightyears (it’s not a measure of time, I know). It’s a wild ride that combines your love for space with the sheer delight of watching bearded badasses go toe-to-toe with alien foes – playable on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

3. Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2

Imagine a universe where pilots defy gravity, effortlessly running along walls and performing the sickest acrobatics you’ve ever seen. Kind of like a Skynet version of Prince of Persia! Add to that the awe-inspiring presence of hulking Titans, giant mechanical beasts ready to unleash chaos upon their foes, and you’ve got an absolutely unforgettable experience at your hands. Titanfall 2 combines the nimbleness of pilots with the sheer power of these mighty mechs, creating a game that plays like no other, in the best of ways.

First, to address the elephant in the room: Does Titanfall 2 stand the test of time? Absolutely! Despite being released a few years ago, it still managed to captivate me with its lightning-fast gameplay, silky-smooth controls, and dynamic movement mechanics. Even the graphics still hold up! It’s a breath of fresh air that should make modern game developers pause and take notes.

Now, I won’t sugarcoat it, Titanfall 2 definitely offers a different flavor of game compared to the familiar comforts of Destiny 2, but that’s precisely the beauty of it! Trying out new games is like embarking on an exhilarating journey of exploration, and who knows, you might just stumble upon a whole new dimension of games that you love. To play Titanfall 2, you’ll need a PlayStation, Xbox, or a PC.

4. Splitgate


Splitgate? Split which gate? Just the one or many gates? Forget about a single gate being split—this game is all about tearing reality a new one! It’s like Portal on steroids, with a side of good old-fashioned FPS goodness, and we all know that never gets old. Before you play this game, I’m gonna need you to get ready to question everything you thought you knew about physics.

Just like in Portal, Splitgate throws portals into the mix, allowing you to navigate the battlefield like Rick from Rick and Morty on a sugar rush! Imagine bamboozling your enemies as you pop out of portals, flank them from behind, and leave them wondering what the hell even hit them! It’s a feeling like no other, and the satisfaction is absolutely unparalleled.

When it comes to the similarities it has as an alternative to Destiny 2, it’s mainly the sci-fi shooter gameplay that we love from Destiny 2 but with Splitgate’s own unique spin on it. While Destiny 2 has its epic space battles and co-op gameplay that we all love, Splitgate offers a different flavor, and it’s honestly becoming one of my favorite ones lately. To play Splitgate, you can try it on PlayStation, Xbox, or PC.

5. Alienation


Alienation throws you into a wild, top-down shooter where aliens come at you like they’re auditioning for a dance-off! I found this game to be a lot like Destiny 2 on caffeine, with a side of fun intergalactic chaos. In terms of similarities, though, while Alienation and Destiny 2 may not be long-lost gaming twins, they do share a few cosmic similarities that earn this game a spot on this list.

Speaking of the similarities, Destiny players will love that Alienation also has cooperative multiplayer shenanigans, where you team up with other players to take on extraterrestrial enemies. There’s also a similar theme between the two games – one featuring aliens that need a good old-fashioned butt-kicking and the other featuring, well, aliens that need a good old-fashioned butt-kicking too!

With all that in mind, this game is a perfect alternative for those of us that want a pretty similar feeling shooter but not the exact same game copy-pasted under a different name. To try it out, you can get Alienation on PlayStation.

6. Warframe


Us Destiny players are nothing, if not grinders, and Warframe takes the grind to a whole new level. At the same time, though, while both games embrace the grind, they still have their unique flavors that make them stand out!

Now, let’s talk about the grind, shall we? Warframe is known for its grind-tastic nature, where you’ll find yourself farming resources, mods, and blueprints to build your arsenal of space ninja goodness. With RNG as your sometimes benevolent, sometimes mischievous companion, the quest for loot really can be never-ending, which is part of the fun in both of these games!

So, what’s the difference? Well, while the grind may be a shared attribute, the gameplay itself dances to its own beat. Warframe’s fast-paced, acrobatic combat feels more like a ballet of destruction, with intricate movement mechanics and unique abilities at your disposal. Picture yourself twirling through the cosmos, slicing enemies like Fruit Ninja just came back in style! It’s a unique experience while being in the same genre as Destiny. To play Warframe, you’ll need a PlayStation, Xbox, PC, or Switch.

7. Anthem


Anthem continues to baffle and bewilder us all – like that one friend who stumbled during the entrance of a raid and just can’t seem to find their footing. Except in Anthem’s case, it didn’t just stumble; it straight up fell on its face and broke like 10 bones and has been in the ER ever since… But it’s still alive!

Now, some might call me a daring soul for suggesting that you give Anthem a go after you’ve grown tired of Destiny 2 – like trading your favorite Exotic weapon for some random experimental prototype that no one knows is even any good! But hear me out:

Anthem, with its infamous start, has had more ups and downs than a rollercoaster at this point, but hey, let’s give credit where credit is due. The developers have been working tirelessly to patch up the game and give it a second chance, and it has paid off. The gameplay allows you to customize your very own exosuit (Javelin), explore a massive open world sprawling with life, and even get the much-loved co-op gameplay we’ve become so accustomed to in Destiny.

Ultimately though, the game is still a work in progress, so if you’re up for a bumpy ride, a dash of uncertainty, and the potential for both triumph and facepalming moments, Anthem might just be the curious detour you’re seeking! Playable on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

8. Apex Legends

Apex Legends

Battle royale players know that Apex Legends is all about dropping onto the battlefield, scrounging for weapons, and outlasting other players in a chaotic frenzy! In contrast to Destiny 2’s more sophisticated approach of whisking you away on epic quests, unraveling space opera storylines, and teaming up for thrilling cooperative activities, it’s certainly a step in a different direction.

So, what’s the cosmic connection between these two games that makes them a compelling alternative to each other? For me, it has to be the fact that both games have this uncanny ability to ignite that competitive spark and keep you shouting at your screen like a crazed Guardian! They both have that addictive quality that keeps you coming back for more, like Hunter in Destiny chasing elusive loot drops or a Predator ranked player thirsting for that sweet, sweet victory in Apex.

Another thing I really loved in Apex Legends is that you can choose from a whole crew of Legends, each with their own unique abilities and personalities fit for a different playstyle, so you can pick whatever suits you best. To play Apex Legends, you’ve got a lot of options – PlayStation, PC, Xbox, Switch, and even Mobile!

9. Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3

Why am I recommending not the first, not the second, but the third installment of the Borderlands series? Well, because it’s (arguably) the best one! But how can you still have a blast in Borderlands 3 without playing the previous games? Thanks to the fact that this game welcomes newcomers like a friendly Claptrap, you’ll never feel like you’re overwhelmed with new things that don’t make sense.

The game comes at you fast, ready to shower you with outrageous characters, over-the-top guns, and a story that’s like a rollercoaster ride from a Mission Impossible movie! Sure, the gameplay is different from Destiny, with its open-world exploration and frenzied shootouts, but that’s what makes it special for me and also makes it a pretty unique alternative from the others on this list.

If you’re ready for a journey filled with legendary loot, explosive gags, and enough laughter to make even Cayde-6 crack a smile, you can try out Borderlands 3 on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

10. Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite

So, you’ve heard the whispers that Halo Infinite didn’t quite meet expectations like a Grunt trying to throw a plasma grenade but accidentally sticking it to themselves. Now, I’ll admit that Halo Infinite didn’t have the best launch of any game out there, but it’s still far from a total grunt.

As a Destiny fan, there are lots of little nuggets of joy waiting for you in the intergalactic playground of Halo Infinite. Imagine stepping into a multiplayer experience that’s like a lively dance party on the rings of Saturn! Except it’s not a dance party, it’s actually war, and the dance is the movement between opposing forces trying to kill each other, but hey, you get the metaphor.

In my opinion, the best cosmic treat of Halo Infinite lies in storytelling and lore. Just like Destiny, it’s a universe brimming with rich history, captivating characters, and epic battles. The game features a ton of secrets to be uncovered, alliances to be forged, and conversations to be had with aliens that make you question your own sanity! If this sounds like the destination of your next adventure, you can try Halo Infinite on Xbox and PC.

And so, we’ve finally reached the comical conclusion of our quest for games like Destiny 2! From the hilarious dwarf antics of Deep Rock Galactic to the lightning-speed acrobatics of Titanfall 2, you can get a piece of every single (gaming) pie that you can dream of. So, prepare for tons of cosmic chaos and unforgettable moments, and let us know what you think of this roundup. Until next time, good luck and have fun!

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