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27 Games Like Fire Emblem to Play Next

Games Like Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem fans are the real OGs. I mean, how many other game series out there have been pumping out games since the 90s and are still going strong? If you’ve grown up playing this game series, you’ve almost had all the fun there is to be had. So, what next? Is Fire Emblem where it ends? Absolutely not!

You might be surprised to know that there are actually a lot of games out there that provide the same experience and thrill we’ve all come to know and love with Fire Emblem. Don’t believe me? Here are twenty-seven games that will prove otherwise:

1. Dofus


Dofus, not to be confused with doofus or Doofenshmirtz, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by the French company Ankama. It’s set in a vibrant, colorful world filled with fantasy creatures like dragons, trolls, and goblins. It’s also got turn-based combat that we all love, with an element of strategy and planning that will keep you on the edge of your seat. And the best part yet, at least for me, is that you get to create your own character and explore the vast world of Dofus on your own terms!

When asked to compare this game to Fire Emblem, I think the one part you’re going to notice right away is the strategic combat system. In both games, you need to think carefully about each move you make, and you can’t just rely on brute strength to win battles. You need to be smart, use your characters’ strengths to your advantage, and anticipate your opponent’s moves. In many ways, it’s the best similarity between the two games!

Dofus is an inclusive game in more ways than one because you can play it on Android, Linux, Windows, and Mac OS, so there’s an option for everyone out there.

2. Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

Developed and published by Square Enix way back in 2007, this mouthful of a game is a tactical RPG that was originally released for the PSP but later made its way to other platforms. Diving into the world of Ivalice as Ramza Beoulve, you’ll be blown away by the deep and complex job system. With so many job classes to choose from, the possibilities for customization are practically endless! Oh, and did I tell you that each job class comes with its own unique abilities and skills? The variety and excitement this adds to the game is simply unmatched.

Speaking of battles, get ready for some truly epic showdowns! The War of the Lions doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to challenging gameplay. You’ll need to think carefully about each move you make, and you’ll need to be strategic about how you deploy your characters on the battlefield.

This is a perfect segue into the comparison with Fire Emblem because you’ll need to be planning your moves and mechanics out in advance, just like you did there. The War of The Lions is certainly still unique, though, mainly because of its incredibly deep and customizable job system. If this sounds like your kind of game, you can play Final Fantasy Tactics on your phone (iOS and Android) and a PSP if you still have it!

3. Shadowrun: Dragonfall

Shadowrun: Dragonfall

Have you ever wondered why we, the protagonist, often get the short end of the stick in the story? Well, it’s time to wonder that some more because you’ll be playing as a mercenary for hire, cleaning up the dirty laundry of your clients! Shadowrun: Dragonfall blends cyberpunk and fantasy elements together, which I personally think is one of the most unique parts of it.

Looking at the game’s gameplay and story, you’ll be taken back to Witcher 3 with its impressively immersive story that is impacted by the choices you make along the way. The gameplay itself is tactical and features lots of battles where, as the genre tends to require, a lot of planning and strategy will be helpful.

Coming from Fire Emblem, you’re either going to love or hate the fact that this game also has permadeath, which means if you’re dead, then… Well, you’re dead. There’s nothing more frustrating than losing all your progress, I know, but is there anything else that compares to the thrill, too? I think not! So, if this all excites you, try out Shadowrun today on PS5, Switch, Xbox, Mobile, Linux, and macOS, whichever you prefer.

4. Bravely Default

Bravely Default

Bravely Default is one of my absolute favorite RPGs, and for a good reason – it’s an incredibly well-crafted game that is sure to keep you hooked for hours on end!

One of the standout features of the game, for me, is its combat system. The ability to “bank” actions and execute multiple moves in a single turn adds a whole new level of strategy to battles. And with a wide variety of jobs to choose from, each with its own unique abilities and skills, I think there are pretty much endless possibilities for customization and experimentation.

Oh, and it’s not just the combat system that makes Bravely Default so special. The game’s art style is also absolutely gorgeous, with vibrant colors and beautifully designed characters and environments, coupled with a captivating story that has lots of twists and turns to keep you hooked!

Of course, as a fan of Fire Emblem, you’ll be happy to know that Bravely Default does indeed share some similarities with your beloved franchise. From the customizable characters to the challenging battles that require careful planning and strategy, there’s plenty here to scratch that tactical RPG itch. Coming from Fire Emblem on Nintendo, you’ll also be right at home with Bravely Default since it was made for the Nintendo 3DS! … And only the Nintendo 3DS, so you’re gonna need exactly that to be able to play it.

5. The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga is a fantastic game that brings a fresh and unique approach to the turn-based strategy RPG genre! People go on and on about its we-go combat system, which is great, don’t get me wrong, but I personally love the unique morale system it has more. It’s a key component of gameplay, and your units’ motivation and engagement will determine the outcome of battles, so they better be happy!

Speaking of the we-go combat system from earlier, you’ll find that this is where it differs from Fire Emblem, which opted for very traditional turn-based combat instead. Here, you get to play the game more like chess than a standard RPG, which is awesome if you love chess! And if you don’t, well, I think there’s still plenty to love here on its own, too, like the ability to reuse fallen characters later on (with penalties, of course).

The Banner Saga also keeps it fresh with the story, going for unexpected twists and events, and the devs really hit it out of the park with the lovable characters; they made it an instant hit for me! If this sounds like your kind of adventure, you’re all set to play it today on your Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, or even Mobile. God bless multi-platform game developers.

6. The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky has one of the most detailed world-building I’ve ever seen in a game, especially one that came out waaay back in 2004! It’s like you’re stepping into a whole new universe – and not just because it’s a JRPG.

Seriously, though, the amount of effort that went into creating the kingdom of Liberl is truly impressive. From the characters to the lore, everything feels like it belongs in a living, breathing world. And don’t even get me started on the story – it’s so good you’ll be hooked faster than a trout in a mountain stream!

Now, as for the similarities with Fire Emblem, there are a few key ones. For starters, both games feature turn-based combat, which is pretty much a staple of the genre but still worth mentioning.

Apart from that, especially if you’re a fan of Fire Emblem’s emphasis on character relationships, you’ll be happy to know that The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky has plenty of that, too! You’ll get to know your party members on a deeper level as you journey through the game’s world, building bonds that are stronger than a giant’s biceps.

The game originally came out for PSP, PS3, and the PS Vita, but today you can even try it on a Windows PC and your Android phone. So, pick it up and give it a shot for a fantasy adventure like nothing else.

7. Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness is a wacky ride of a game for sure. In many ways, it’s a lot like a fever dream, but in a good way! You play as a demon prince named Laharl, who’s on a mission to reclaim his throne from his scheming vassals, and he’s the type who’s never afraid to throw down with anyone who gets in his way – even if they’re twice his size.

What sets Disgaea apart from other tactical RPGs, for me, is its insane amount of customization and the top-notch humor. You can level up your characters to ridiculous heights, create your own party members, and even reincarnate your units to make them stronger.

As for humor, this game is chock full of it! From the quirky characters to the silly dialogue, you’ll be chuckling to yourself more than a hyena on laughing gas. I mean, where else can you find a Prinny – a penguin-like creature that explodes when thrown – as a playable character?

Now, you won’t find too many similarities between this and Fire Emblem apart from the fact that they’re both tactical RPGs, made in Japan, and feature turn-based gameplay. But that’s not a bad thing because it’s important for every game to put a unique spin on the fundamentals of a genre, and Disgaea does that perfectly! You can play the game today on Switch, PS4, PS2, PC, Mobile, and of course, a Nintendo DS.

8. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars

Alright, time to get ready for some alien-butt-kicking action in Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars! You’re gonna be leading a team of special ops badasses in a battle to save Earth from extraterrestrial invaders. With a variety of classes to choose from, you can customize your team to fit your play style and take on the aliens like a boss.

No shooter game is complete without a proper system to strategize using cover, and Shadow Wars has a really good one to boot. If you’ve always been a fan of hide-and-seek, now’s your chance to play with guns!

Compared to Fire Emblem, you’ll find the good old love for tactical combat and strategic planning in both games, but they each have their own unique twists. For me, Fire Emblem is all about building relationships between characters and mourning your fallen comrades, but Ghost Recon Shadow Wars is more about kicking alien butt and taking names.

So, if you’re looking for a game with a little more alien-fighting and a little less heartbreak, Ghost Recon Shadow Wars might just be the game for you. So, gear up and get ready to show those aliens who’s boss! It’s available for purchase on the Nintendo 3DS, and it’s your cue to go out and get one if you don’t have one already!

9. Xenonauts


Now, if you’re familiar with this game, you might think this is more X-COM than it is Fire Emblem, but hear me out. Both Fire Emblem and Xenonauts have turn-based combat, permadeath, classes and a level-up system, terrain effects, and they’re both pretty difficult! So, when you really think about it, they’re more alike than may seem on the surface, which is why Xenonauts earns a place on this list.

Xenonauts also has a bunch of unique features that set it apart from everything else (yes, even X-COM), which makes it a really refreshing change from Fire Emblem! First of all, you’re gonna need to be on top of managing your team, which means giving them the most useful skills and abilities fit for your playstyle and the battles ahead. The best part? These teammates aren’t real players, so they’ll always do as you say and never make a solo play to die alone, proceeding to yell at the rest of the team!

Phew, that aside, you’ll also love the dogfights happening between UFOs flying (floating?) in the skies above Earth, which are super high stakes, by the way, so it’s extra thrilling. If Xenonauts sounds like something you’d wanna try, the game is available on a couple of different platforms, including PC, Mac, and Linux, whichever is convenient for you.

10. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Okay, the similarities are getting harder to find, but that’s a good thing! Between X-COM and Fire Emblem, you’ll find familiarity in the permadeath feature, so you can maintain the healthy love-hate relationship you’ve always had before. However, permadeath in X-COM isn’t as taxing as it is in Fire Emblem, where I sat and sulked for a solid half hour, having lost a high-level character. X-COM lets you train up a replacement a lot easier, so a few sacrifices are no problemo!

The gameplay in XCOM: Enemy Unknown is turn-based, tactical, and will have you taking on alien invaders in epic space battles! But it’s not just about the fighting – you’ll also get to manage your base, research new technologies, and make decisions that affect literally the entire world. Plus, as I said earlier, if one of your soldiers dies in battle, they’re gone for good!

The blend of the combat system with the strategic base-building elements in XCOM is second to none and gives it an element of uniqueness I’ve rarely found elsewhere. If you haven’t tried it yet and are looking to broaden your horizons, it’s the perfect game to put on your Mobile, PC, PlayStation, or Xbox. The devs really did check every box, huh.

11. King’s Bounty: The Legend

King’s Bounty: The Legend

Alright, back we go to the land of fantasy and medieval times! With King’s Bounty, you’ll find a turn-based strategy game where you take on the role of a hero exploring a vast fantasy world.

As you’re probably quite familiar with this genre, your goal is to build an army, recruit new troops, and battle enemy forces to claim victory upon their land as you t-bag them to heck! You’ll also navigate the world, explore dungeons, complete quests, and engage in combat using a variety of spells, abilities, and tactics, which means creativity is certainly rewarded.

One similarity I noted between King’s Bounty: The Legend and Fire Emblem is the emphasis on building and managing your army. In both games, you kinda have to be careful about choosing which troops to recruit and level up, strategizing about their placement on the battlefield, and making decisions that will get you that glorious chicken dinner. In King’s Bounty, you’ll also need to keep an eye on your hero’s abilities and equipment and make sure they’re strong enough to lead your troops to victory in proper hero style.

The game is playable on PC and only PC, so Nintendo gamers are gonna have to sit this one out (or get a PC, perhaps). On PC, though, you’re all set whether you’re on Windows or macOS, which we always love to see!

12. Advance Wars: Days of Ruin

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin

Get ready for some more turn-based strategy fun in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, this time in a post-apocalyptic setting! This game is a departure from the series’ more colorful and lighthearted entries, with a dark and gritty tone that will make you feel like a true survivor. You’ll be commanding a variety of units, including infantry, tanks, and aircraft, as you battle through a series of missions to reclaim what’s left of the world.

The game’s multiplayer mode and level editor set it apart for me and added so much to its replayability, making it not just mine but a general fan favorite among strategy game enthusiasts! Who doesn’t love community-made custom maps with some of the weirdest mechanics and designs you’ve ever seen?

When comparing to Fire Emblem, they do, of course, share the turn-based strategy and tactical decision-making, but each has their own different twists added to them. While Fire Emblem focuses on character relationships and the heartbreak of permadeath, Advance Wars: Days of Ruin is more about unit placement and strategic positioning. The game also has a much darker tone and setting, which Fire Emblem definitely contrasts with.

If you’re sold on Advance Wars, it’s time to grab your units, your battle plan and get ready to dominate the battlefield! The game is available for download on Nintendo 3DS and DS, so fans of the platform are going to love it.

13. Shining Force

Shining Force

The Shining series has quite a bit that it shares with Fire Emblem, which I’m certain is high up on the list of your all-time favorite games! With Shining Force, it’s to be expected that both games require strategic thinking and share a love for turn-based gameplay, but for me, it’s the character development that makes them an instant hit. That’s all for the similarities because Shining Force stands out on its own, too! With its larger party size and use of magic spells and mythical creatures, who doesn’t love the fact that they can summon a dragon to do their bidding?

Now, if you’re a fan of classic strategy games, you’ve got to try Shining Force. You get to control up to 30 different characters at once and build your army with a diverse range of warriors, mages, and creatures, and then battle your way through a variety of levels!

Of course, you’re gonna need to put your tactical skills from Fire Emblem to the test here since the enemies are pretty challenging. But they’re still no match for a Fire Emblem veteran, which will make you feel right at home with this game, its combat, and its story. To play Shining Force, you’ll need a PC, a Mobile, or an old-school SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis (yes, some of the games in the series are that old).

14. Shadowrun: Hong Kong

Shadowrun: Hong Kong

We told you about Dragonfall, and now it’s time for you to hear about the Hong Kong edition of Shadowrun! This game will let you live out your Cyberpunk fantasies in a way Cyberpunk 2077 never could (I’m still not over it). In Shadowrun: Hong Kong, you’ll sneak your way to victory as a shadowrunner in the heart of Hong Kong, taking on some seriously shady characters and engaging in all sorts of high-tech shenanigans! Seriously, it really does tickle the same kinda bug that Cyberpunk 2077 would’ve for a lot of people, which makes this a must-try for fans.

Of course, this is a comparison between Shadowrun and Fire Emblem, and don’t worry; this game will scratch that itch for you just fine, too! The similarities it has with Fire Emblem are found in the core gameplay because both games require you to put your strategic thinking cap on and plan your moves carefully. Plus, in Shadowrun, you get to customize your character’s abilities and gear to make them a true badass in combat.

Inclusivity is also a big thing with Shadowrun, at least in terms of the platforms it’s on because you can play it on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PC! So whichever camp you’re on, there’s no reason not to play this game today.

15. Great Big War Game

Great Big War Game

Ah, yes, Great Big War Game – the (you guessed it) turn-based strategy game that’ll have you giggling while you bomb your enemies into oblivion. It’s got a playful art style and varied maps, kinda like a cartoonish version of a military simulator – perfect for those who, like myself, want to feel like a tactical genius without actually having to enlist.

If I had to compare it to Fire Emblem, I think I’d say that Fire Emblem is like the grown-up version of Great Big War Game with all its character development and dramatic storytelling, you know? With Great Big War Game, you’ll be reminded more of the wild and crazy cousin who shows up at family reunions with a new tattoo and a six-pack of beer.

If you’re looking for a fresh perspective on the turn-based masterpiece that Fire Emblem is, I think you’ll love what Great Big War Game has to offer. You can try it out today on your Phone (even BlackBerry, that was a throwback and a half) or PC, and it’s lowkey enough to be run on either of them just fine, so you won’t need any fancy hardware for it.

16. Jeanne d’Arc

Jeanne d’Arc

Oh boy, where do I even begin with Jeanne d’Arc? This game has everything that makes tactical RPGs like Fire Emblem so engaging, plus a few extra bells and whistles that set it apart. First of all, the story is an absolute masterpiece! It follows the legendary French heroine Joan of Arc on her quest to rid her homeland of English invaders, and the plot is packed with intrigue, betrayal, and epic battles. I also found myself growing more and more attached to the diverse cast of characters, who all have unique abilities and personalities that make them a joy to use in combat and interact with outside of it, too.

Speaking of combat, Jeanne d’Arc takes the traditional turn-based strategy formula from Fire Emblem and gives it a fresh coat of paint. Battles take place on a grid-based battlefield, with terrain and elevation playing a significant role in strategy. The game’s “Skill Stone” system lets you customize your units with unique abilities, giving you even more flexibility in how you approach battles. And like Fire Emblem, permadeath is a very real possibility, adding weight to your decisions and making each victory all the sweeter.

If you’re a fan of Fire Emblem and other tactical RPGs, there’s no way you can’t try this game, especially because it’s available on the PSP! Wait, I think that might make it a bit difficult… Time to buy a PSP, it seems! (I’m not the best influence).

17. Braveland Wizard

Braveland Wizard

When I think about comparing Braveland Wizard to Fire Emblem, it kinda makes me feel like if Fire Emblem had a baby with Harry Potter, and they raised it on a steady diet of turn-based combat and magical creatures. It’s got all the elements of a classic strategy game with the added bonus of spellcasting and a little bit of whimsy! In my experience, it’s perfect for anyone that wants a game that’s equal parts strategy and sorcery, the same charm that made all of us swoon for Fire Emblem.

The most unique part of Braveland Wizard, at least in my opinion, is the quirky, charming, and really good-looking art style it has! Couple that with the witty dialogue of the characters and a fantastical world that’s full of magic and adventure; it’s a combo that’s pretty hard to beat. Oh, and that’s not all; it’s got wizardry, too! Who doesn’t love a good wizard?

If you’ve found yourself feeling a bit unusually affective towards wizards, Braveland Wizard is only a hop, skip and a jump away on your Android phone or PC!

18. Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Days of Ruin done, now it’s time to talk about Dual Strike! Advance Wars is a major blast from the past and a classic for a reason. The gameplay involves turn-based battles where you control armies on a grid-based battlefield. The goal is pretty much to gather resources, build and deploy units, and engage in epic battles to the death against your enemies! I personally loved the balance of strategy and action here, and it can be pretty addictive, too. The game also lets you try different modes, including campaign and multiplayer, so you won’t feel yourself burning out any time soon.

Now, how does it compare to Fire Emblem, you ask? Well, it’s fairly obvious that both games share some similarities in their turn-based gameplay, but the focus is quite different, as you’ll see when you look a bit deeper. Advance Wars is all about military strategy and controlling large armies, while Fire Emblem is more focused on individual characters and their development.

We’ve all had the heartbreak of losing a super high-level character in Fire Emblem, and Advance Wars kinda lets you off the hook in that regard so you can sacrifice your units worry-free! The game can be tried out on the Wii U and Nintendo DS, just like a retro gamer’s best friend should be.

19. Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel

Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel

Think Final Fantasy Tactics but with Fallout! In many ways, I think it’s a lot like a post-apocalyptic game of chess, but instead of knights and bishops, you have super mutants and robots. In it, you get to command your very own squad of badass wasteland warriors and plan out your moves on a tactical grid. And just like in Fire Emblem, if one of your units dies, they’re gone for good! No phoenix downs here, folks.

One thing that Fallout Tactics has in common with Fire Emblem is that both games require you to think strategically and carefully consider each move. You can’t just blindly charge into battle like a madman – you need to analyze the terrain, anticipate enemy movements, and position your units for maximum effectiveness like a proper gamer! Plus, as I said earlier, both games have permadeath, so you’ll feel the sting of losing a beloved character in your bones.

For now, the game is only available on PC, but like most items on this list, you’ll be able to play it on pretty much any PC you have, as long as it’s Windows and it powers on.

20. Valkyria Chronicles

Valkyria Chronicles

Valkyria Chronicles has a really unique art style that blends anime (weebs represent!) and watercolor painting together. Slap on top of that another blend of real-time and turn-based combat, and you have yourselves a smoothie with a really cool twist on the classic tactical RPG formula!

The combat system is basically one where you move your units around a battlefield in real time, but then you stop and take turns attacking and strategizing. Comparing this to Fire Emblem, the importance of unit placement and movement will be felt pretty strongly here, too. Like Fire Emblem (and a lot of other tactical RPGs), positioning your characters is key to success, and there’s a big emphasis on taking advantage of terrain and cover to gain an advantage.

Of course, Valkyria Chronicles does put a unique spin on things, and you’ll find that in the way you’re able to control tanks and other vehicles while in combat. Pretty neat! If that sounds like your kind of game, you can try it out today on any PlayStation that came out after 2007, PC, Phone, Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch.

21. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor

This is for the OG weebs, the true anime enjoyers looking for an old-school (is 2009 considered old school?) tactical RPG with the tried and tested art style we all love. Megami Tensei is known for its dark themes, mature storylines, and complex gameplay mechanics, so you’re going to really feel the challenge.

The gameplay keeps the fundamentals of the genre: it’s turn-based, and you’re going to be dealing with a ton of challenging mechanics throughout the game. You’re going to be in control of a protagonist who can recruit and fuse demons to fight alongside you in battles! Like any tactical RPG, strategizing and making the most of your enemy’s weaknesses will be the key to success here.

And as for Fire Emblem fans, Devil Survivor is kinda like your favorite game’s edgier, more rebellious cousin! (Lots of cousins in this list). It’s got all the tactical RPG gameplay you know and love but with added elements of demon-summoning and a more apocalyptic setting. So, if you’re a Fire Emblem fan who’s ready to take on a new challenge and explore a darker storyline, then Devil Survivor might just be the game for you! To play, you’ll need a Nintendo 3DS or a standard DS, whichever you prefer.

22. Heroes of Steel RPG

Heroes of Steel RPG

Heroes of Steel has long been a gem in the hearts of RPG players and for a good reason. The game puts you in control of a group of heroes who must navigate a post-apocalyptic world and battle against various enemies. The combat is strategic, the characters are customizable, and the storyline is rich! With plenty of choices, there’s going to be plenty of consequences, and you’d better be ready to face them.

Now, when it comes to comparing Heroes of Steel RPG to Fire Emblem, the two games do share some similarities. There’s turn-based combat with a focus on strategy and tactics, and as I said earlier, you’ll have plenty of options to customize your characters just the way you like them. That’s where the similarities end, though, and Heroes of Steel RPG shows its own unique flavor with a darker and more mature storyline, as well as a greater emphasis on exploration and survival in a hostile world.

So, if you’re in the mood for a unique spin on the tactical RPG genre while not straying too far from Fire Emblem’s greatness, Heroes of Steel will hit just the right spot for you! The game is playable on Android and PC for now.

23. Crowntakers


Fans of Fire Emblem absolutely need to know about Crowntakers because it’s a lot like FE but with a hilarious twist – instead of swords and sorcery, you’ll be dealing with chickens and cows! Jokes aside, Crowntakers is a turn-based RPG that shares only a few (important) similarities with Fire Emblem. You’ll be managing a group of heroes and leading them through various battles against enemies dealing with a couple of unique elements, like procedurally generated levels and the need to manage resources like food and gold. The stuff of life, am I right?

Now, I know what you’re thinking – “But where are the chickens and cows?” Well, in Crowntakers, you’ll encounter all sorts of wacky enemies, where you’re going to find said farm animals that have somehow become hostile.

So, if you’re looking for a game that combines strategic gameplay with a healthy dose of humor, this game really does take the crown (I’m sorry, I had to). The game is playable on PC, be it macOS, Windows, or even Linux!

24. Expeditions: Conquistador

Expeditions: Conquistador

Well, hot diggity dog, if it isn’t time for me to tell you about Expeditions Conquistador! This game is like taking a trip back in time to the 16th century, where you get to play as, you guessed it, a conquistador! You’ll explore the New World, but this isn’t just any old exploration – you’ll also be managing resources and dealing with all sorts of weird but fun situations that come your way as you do just that.

One of the coolest things I found in Expeditions Conquistador is the emphasis on diplomacy and decision-making. You’ll need to be smart and strategic if you want to maintain good relationships with the various factions and groups you encounter. “What if I’m a rebel,” you ask? Well, there are some seriously hilarious consequences in store for you! Without spoiling too much, let’s just say you might wake up one day to find your camp overrun with chickens that mysteriously made their way in; I wonder how…

Now, I know you’re wondering – how does the game compare to Fire Emblem? Well, the similarities I found were in terms of turn-based tactical combat, but that’s mostly it. On top of that, Expeditions Conquistador adds in a whole lot of exploration and resource management with a historical setting that’s way more realistic than anything you’ll find in Fire Emblem.

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re on the hunt for something that’s equal parts hilarious, challenging, and educational, then Expeditions Conquistador is perfect for you! As of now, it’s available on PC, Mac, and Linux.

25. Wakfu


Is it just me, or does the name sound kinda like someone sneezed? “Wak- fu!” No? Just me? Okay, jokes aside, I love Wakfu. At its core, Wakfu is a turn-based tactical RPG, which means you’ll be strategizing and battling your way through all sorts of challenges like you’re familiar with in the genre.

Where this game is unique, though, is the fact that it’s multiplayer! I’m not sure why more developers don’t take the risk of going the MMO route because it’s been amazing for Wakfu, and when combined with its character-building system and the ecosystem feature, it’s an instant hit.

Wakfu is, once again, pretty unique in what it does, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find much else out there that compares. Fire Emblem comes close because it’s also turn-based and has a lot of grind potential, but it’s not multiplayer, which is what people seem to love the most about Wakfu! Trust me when I tell you, as a long-time Fire Emblem enjoyer, you might be in store for a new favorite game, the likes of which are hard to find anywhere else in the world of gaming.

You can play Wakfu on more or less any PC (macOS, Windows, Linux), and an Android phone!

26. Skulls of the Shogun

Skulls of the Shogun

This is a controversial recommendation, but I’ll stick with it like a few fellow gamers have for the sheer sense of humor it brings with it! I’ll admit, the controls could be better, but the game more than makes up for it in core gameplay and overall experience. It’s honestly one of the best Fire Emblem alternatives out there if you’re looking to stray from the mainstream.

Like others in its genre, the game features a ton of strategizing, resource management, a thought-out leveling system, and of course, turn-based combat! The gameplay has you leading an army of undead samurai through fights as crazy as you can imagine, which really keeps it from getting stale. The game rewards being careful and smart with your tactics, which is really the most satisfying part of it for me.

As you can probably already tell, the similarities with Fire Emblem are in the way the game is structured: turn-based combat, a leveling system, you get the gist. But at the same time, the devs made sure to put a unique spin on all of these things and putting it on top of a unique concept you’ll be hard-pressed to find in other games, which is why it earns a spot on this list!

You can try Skulls of the Shogun on Switch, PC, Xbox, PS4, and even Mobile devices if you’re into that.

27. Agarest


Alright, we saved the best for last; it’s time to put on your knight armor and kick some major monster butt! Agarest is considered one of the best alternatives to Fire Emblem, and that’s thanks in no small part to the fact that it features Animu graphics. I read that, and I went, “Sold!”

The game is predictably a turn-based SRPG where you have to battle monsters and other enemies, pretty similar to what you’re familiar with in Fire Emblem. What Agarest does unique, though, is the Soul Breed system, which basically affects the relationship between your characters! It’s a lot like the chemistry system in FIFA, which is a far-out comparison, but it’s the first thing that comes to mind

With stellar reviews on Steam, especially from veterans of Fire Emblem, you’re in safe hands with Agarest as an amazing tactical RPG that’ll make you feel the same sort of way FE did the first time you played it. You can download the game on Switch, PS3, Xbox 360, PC, or an Android phone.

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Okay, with tweety-seven alternatives, there has to be something you love on here, regardless of what you prefer! Have you tried any of them out? What do you think? Let us know your thoughts, and feel free to submit your suggestions in case we missed anything. That’s about all for this list, see you in the next one!

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