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Top 11 Games Like Hades Everyone Needs to Play

Games Like Hades

Are you tired of constantly getting the same boons when you really just want that one blessing that is never there when you need it? Well, if that sounds like you, you’re in luck because this article has a bunch of games like Hades that’ll let you avoid just that…and replace it with their own RNG. But you know, that’s kind of the fun of it! Besides, the real fun is in the roguelike gameplay that these games offer. That being said, let’s get started with our first game:

1. Dead Cells

Dead Cells

Dead Cells, developed by Motion Twin, is a highly acclaimed roguelike action platformer that shares similarities with Hades—just without the Greek gods complaining about their family drama. In Dead Cells, you’ll dive into a challenging world where each playthrough offers a fresh, procedurally generated experience, ensuring you’ll never get bored…or overly confident! The game’s intense combat will also keep you on your toes, requiring nimble dodges and killer combos—which adds a ton of depth, fun, and of course, rizz to your gameplay.

As a roguelike, this game is going to have a very similar feel to Hades; with a plethora of weapons and abilities to choose from, Dead Cells lets you customize your playstyle like the character creation screen in Divinity. And fear not; even in death, you’ll progress, unlocking permanent upgrades that will make your very first boss wish they could get permadeath added just for them. If you’re ready to slice and dice some more, you can play Dead Cells on PC, PS, Xbox, Switch, and Phone. This really is the best part of roguelike games; you can play them on any platform you want.

2. Dreamscaper


Dreamscaper is an indie action RPG that takes you on a wild ride through dreamlike worlds—perfect for those who want a break from the Greek mythology of Hades to instead battle nightmarish creatures! There are also a ton of weapons to try, which you can use to unleash epic combos that are unique to each one and will prove useful against some bosses…and not so much against others.

While not a direct clone of Hades, Dreamscaper spices things up with its own twist by incorporating roguelike elements and a social simulation aspect. Hey, just because he’s a warrior in a dream doesn’t mean he can’t have friends, okay? As soon as you start, you go straight to exploring the depths of the subconscious mind, forge relationships, and slay some otherworldly beasts—it’s like a dream vacation! If you like nightmares, that is. Right! To try out Dreamscaper, you once again have lots of options – PC, Xbox, and Switch.

3. Pyre


Pyre, developed by Supergiant Games, provides a unique alternative to Hades that’s hotter than Miami on a summer afternoon. In this game, you’ll take on the role of the Reader, guiding a band of exiles through the mystical purgatory known as the Downside. Think of it as a road trip but with a lot more supernatural beings and not as many sing-alongs to Taylor Swift (boo).

I found Pyre’s narrative-driven gameplay to be super engaging, just like Hades. Instead of family drama, you get the Rites, where you’ll compete in mystical sports-like matches. It’s just sports, right? All fun and games until someone’s corpse gets ceremonially burned! Things escalate quickly, indeed.

With stunning visuals, hand-painted environments, and a captivating soundtrack, Pyre offers an immersive experience that’s as visually pleasing as, well, Hades and it’s art-style. To try out this otherworldly adventure, you can play Pyre on PC and PlayStation.

4. Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire is a strategic card-based game where you won’t be slaying any actual creatures, so you can put away your sword! It makes sense when you think about it because spires aren’t creatures…they’re just shapes. Instead, you’ll embark on a mystical journey filled with battles, challenges, and a deck of cards that’s more powerful than Hades himself.

Speaking of, as a Hades fan, you’ll definitely appreciate the strategic decision-making involved in building your deck and outsmarting your opponents, which is kinda the crux of this whole game. With its replayability and sense of progression, Slay the Spire will keep you hooked like a fish on a, well, hook! It’s definitely one of the more unique alternatives to Hades since it’s a card game, but it’s got all the sweet similarities that make our favorite game what it is. To try it out, you’ll need a PC, Xbox, Switch, or Phone.

5. Bastion


Supergiant Games is at it again! Can they ever make a bad game? Bastion may sound like a name straight out of a generic RPG generator, but don’t let that fool you! This game is a hidden gem that shines brighter than that one guy’s watch on a sunny day. With its storytelling and dynamic narration, sometimes it’s literally like having Morgan Freeman as your personal quest guide! I don’t know about you, but this was definitely one of the funniest and most enjoyable parts of the game for me.

Coming to the gameplay, there’s lots to love here, too. The combat is full of action and has you wielding a whole bunch of weapons, so you can find just the right one for you. In terms of backdrop, you drop the Greek mythology of Hades in favor of vibrant and hand-painted environments that make you feel like you’re exploring Picasso’s art room (is that what it’s called?)! As far as RPG roguelikes go, this game is kind of unmatched – playable on PS, PC, Xbox, Switch, and Phone.

6. Crypt of the NecroDancer

Crypt of the NecroDancer

Is it just me, or did anyone else picture an evil wizard version of Doofenshmirtz when they read this name? Hilarious title aside, though, this game has a lot to love – it’s a rhythm-based dungeon crawler that guarantees a hilarious dance-off with skeletons! As a Hades fan, you’ll find the game’s unique blend of rhythm mechanics and dungeon exploration to be the best part since it’ll make you feel just at home.

In terms of gameplay, in this game, you’re pretty much slaying monsters and collecting loot most of the time. It combines rhythm mechanics with classic dungeon crawling, requiring you to navigate levels, defeat enemies, and collect treasure while moving and attacking to the beat of its catchy soundtrack. Like Hades, Crypt of the NecroDancer also offers a challenging experience with diverse enemies and bosses, ensuring each run feels fresh and different from the last! To try it out, you can get the game on Switch, PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Phone.

7. Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon, the game that proves that darkness isn’t just for goth girls and vampires! In this gothic-themed RPG, you’ll explore treacherous dungeons filled with horrors that’ll make you re-read the genre of the game you’re playing. Straight away, coming from Hades, Darkest Dungeon will test your strategic prowess and decision-making skills, but with a side of psychological stress coming from the super eerie atmosphere it puts you in!

It offers deep and challenging gameplay, where you assemble a team of heroes to navigate eerie dungeons filled with Lovecraftian horrors. Now that you have your neat little team, managing their stress levels, health, and skills is crucial for you all to survive! This game is really a lot like a rollercoaster ride at times, but fear not, because behind the darkness, there’s a glimmer of hope waiting to be discovered… or is there? I’m gonna leave that for you to find out – Darkest Dungeon is available on PC, PS, Xbox, Switch, and Mobile.

8. Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy

We’re all big fans of the mythical challenges offered in Hades, and coming from that, Rogue Legacy is a perfect transition! Not to be confused with the tactical shooter called Rogue Company, this game has you step into a pixelated world of roguelike platforming where each run is a fresh adventure. Just like Hades, Rogue Legacy embraces the thrill of permanent character progression and procedurally generated levels, ensuring endless surprises (some good, some… interesting).

You also earn gold in this game, which becomes your ticket to unlocking upgrades and exploring various character classes, so you can personalize the game exactly according to your playstyle. Oh, and don’t forget the charm! Rogue Legacy adds a humorous touch to its gameplay and character designs, so it’ll keep you just that little bit away from breaking your controller after the fifth death to the same boss.

Humor is always a super fun part of gaming, and coming from Hades, it’s another similarity to make it feel like you never left home. To try out Rogue Legacy, you can get it on PS, Xbox, PC, Switch, or Mobile.

9. Transistor


Yet another entry from Supergiant Games; it’s like they don’t even want the other devs to have a chance! This game is an immersive experience that goes beyond its electrical component-inspired name. Sometimes we really do forget about the simple things in life, like transistors; what a fascinating invention. Anyways! While this game differs from Hades in terms of setting and gameplay, there are similarities that you’re definitely still going to enjoy. The first of these is the captivating storytelling as you embark on a journey with Red and the powerful Transistor.

The combat here is as strategic as it gets, featuring a pause-and-plan system which, while being mildly reminiscent of Hades’ combat mechanics, also adds a ton of depth to the game. Visually, this game is just as stunning as Hades, with hand-painted environments and stylish character designs that showcase just why Supergiant Games is one of the very best!

Add to that the game’s soundtrack, composed by Darren Korb, and you’ve got a unique, thoughtfully crafted adventure that pretty much everyone would love especially us Hades fans. To play Transistor, you’ll need a PC, PlayStation, iPhone, or Switch.

10. UnderMine


Leave it to Roguelike game devs to come up with the most unique and fun game titles! In the enchanting world of UnderMine, you get a roguelike gem that sets itself apart from Hades with its unique setting and gameplay focus. As a thrilling roguelike that focuses on exploration, UnderMine immerses you in a fantasy realm rather than Greek mythology. This means that you get all of the similarities from Hades but with a completely new game!

With a thirst for riches and a pickaxe in your hands, you delve deep into the depths, gather valuable resources, and battle some of the hardest enemies in a quest for glory and fortune. The most unique part of UnderMine is its persistent progression system that adds an addictive layer, allowing you to upgrade your character, unlock powerful abilities, and unearth ancient relics!

While Hades shines with its fast-paced combat and captivating narrative, I loved that this game invites you on a distinct journey through a world teeming with fantasy and mining wonders. If that sounds like it floats your boat, you can play UnderMine on Xbox, PC, PS, and Switch.

11. Wizard of Legend

Wizard of Legend

Wizard of Legend is another action-packed roguelike game that Hades fans are absolutely going to love! As a powerful wizard on a quest for legendary status, you’ll engage in fast-paced combat, unleashing a variety of spells to defeat your foes. Think of the spells as the weapon combos from Hades, and things start to add up!

Plus, the game is roguelike at its core, so you’re not venturing into uncharted territory when you start this. Oh, and with over 100 spells to choose from, you can be sure that the first 12 hours are going to be spent customizing your loadout and experimenting with different combinations!

I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet – Wizard of Legend offers the option for local co-op! This means you can team up with a friend for cooperative spellcasting chaos unlike anything else out there right now. Seriously, this is a feature I never knew I needed until I got it, and I wish every game would add it because it’s ridiculously fun! To play Wizard of Legend, you’ll be needing a Switch, PC, Xbox, or PlayStation.

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