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8 Games Like Kaiju Paradise Worth Playing in 2024

Games Like Kaiju Paradise

Have you leveled your mech to the max and done everything there is to do in Kaiju Paradise? Well, sometimes even paradise isn’t enough, and that’s when you look at similar games and find yourself here! In this article, we’re going to look at eight games just like Kaiju Paradise but with their own magic. I went with some wild alternatives for this one, so buckle in and take everything with a grain of salt, especially the first one:

1. Baldur’s Gate 3

Okay, now hold on; what does a Dungeons and Dragons game have to do with Kaiju Paradise, you ask? Well, first of all, that’s a very good question. Secondly, hear me out: Kaiju Paradise is all about your sick mech that you play with, level up, and go on exploration adventures. In Baldur’s Gate 3, you get all of that and more, but without the mechs!

Now, if not having mechs is a deal breaker for you, then that’s a bummer because Baldur’s Gate is an amazing alternative for Kaiju Paradise fans. The main appeal of this game is that you start as a basic bewildering adventurer who’s been infected with a parasite and needs to get it out of their head at any cost. On your journey, you’re going to meet new characters that you can recruit into your adventuring party and go together.

The universe of Baldur’s Gate 3 is absolutely huge, and you will never run out of things to explore or do; it really is that expansive. Plus, every little bit of it is crafted with the utmost care and detail, so the closer you look, the better it gets, unlike most games out there. Oh, and you’re also going to be leveling your character up as you go and becoming stronger and stronger – something you’ll need as the enemies get harder too. If you’ve never been on an adventure like this, this is your sign to do just that right now.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S and X.

2. Winds of Fortune

If you’re a devoted follower of classic RPGs like The Legend of Zelda, then you’re about to embark on a truly enchanting journey in a world full of as much peril as opportunity, where you’ll confront a whole assortment of different foes.

What makes this game so unique are its sailing mechanics. Yup, that’s exactly what you think it is, and this game might as well be the definition of it. You’re the captain of a majestic vessel, slicing through the waves, with your friends as your loyal crewmates. Yup, there’s multiplayer here, too, just like you’d expect from any great Roblox game.

As a Kaiju Paradise player, you’re definitely going to want a way to level your character up, and that’s also one of the defining features of this game. With its intricate skill system, offering a myriad of character customization options, you’ll love that no two adventures are ever the same. Combine that with its mystical elements, casting spells, and unlocking arcane secrets, and this game will be absolute heaps of fun for you to play after Kaiju Paradise.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Android, iOS, Xbox Series X and Series S, Fire OS, Mac operating systems.

3. World // Zero

If you’re like me and enjoy all sorts of Roblox games, you need to check out World // Zero! It’s like a weird but awesome mix of different game types where you’ll go on awesome adventures, battling cool monsters and finding hidden treasures in a big, colorful world.

Now, if you loved leveling up from a basic mech to an absolute machine in Kaiju Paradise, I’ve got you covered, too, because this game lets make your character super strong by leveling up, too. You’ll be learning new stuff and getting cool gear, and you can do all of it alongside your friends! Apart from just having a blast together, your friends will also help when you’re taking on tricky dungeons and fighting really big bosses.

I also love the graphics here, which are actually pretty amazing for a Roblox game. Oh, and if you were ever stuck in long queue times in Kaiju Paradise, you can forget all about that because the player base here is a lot larger. To top it all off, they’re always adding new stuff to the game, so if you’re looking for a game to sink hundreds of hours into, World // Zero is the one for you.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Android, iOS, Xbox Series X and Series S, Fire OS, Mac operating systems.

4. Ani-Blox Legends

Have you ever wondered what a crossover would be like between Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, and more? Well, wonder no more because Ani-Blox Legends give you exactly that! This is the fighting game you didn’t know you needed but definitely deserved.

Coming from Kaiju Paradise, the thing you’ll love most about this game is that it’s also on Roblox, but that’s kind of where the similarities end. This game is going to be a new experience for you, but in the best of ways, you know? The gameplay here, as you can tell, is based on fighting games where there’s a roster of characters and stages where the fights take place.

Like most Roblox games, the game is constantly being updated with more characters and content so if you’re wishing for your favorite character to be added in, you might not have to wait long. For players that want something new to try on Roblox, Ani-Blox Legends is a high quality game that you absolutely have to try before going anywhere else.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Android, iOS, Xbox Series X and Series S, Fire OS, Mac operating systems.

5. Armored Core VI

When I tell you this game is a blast, I mean it is literally a blast. Sometimes you’re being blasted, sometimes you’re blasting others, and sometimes everyone is just collectively being blasted. It’s chaotic, but it’s so, so much fun!

Armored Core VI is a game from the creators of Elden Ring, which won Game of the Year not too long ago, so you know this game has to go hard. As a fan of Kaiju Paradise, you’ll love that this game is all about making your own mech in the most unique of ways and leveling it up to be stronger and stronger. Seriously, the mech building is the most fun part of this game because there are so many combinations to choose from!

Not all of those are going to be good, but they’re all going to be fun. Oh, and the ones that are good? They’re going to absolutely delete your enemies from the game. You can be so strong with the right combination that you can cheese through boss fights in 15 seconds without taking a single point of damage! If mechs were the best thing about Kaiju Paradise for you, this is a hi-fi game from a reputable studio that you need to try next.

Platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows.

6. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Even though The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild isn’t from the Roblox universe, it’s still an adventure you won’t want to miss. With people buying a Nintendo Switch just so they can play this one game (and Mario, of course), here’s why I think it could be your cup of virtual tea too:

First off, imagine an open world that’s like the playground of your wildest Roblox dreams. Hyrule in Breath of the Wild is massive and stunningly designed, just waiting for you to explore it. So, if you adore the thrill of discovery and the freedom to go wherever you want in Kaiju Paradise, this game will have you swooning over its picturesque landscapes and hidden surprises. Swooning, I tell you.

Oh, and the tasks from Kaiju Paradise get an absolute mega-ultra overhaul when you come to Zelda because this game is chock-full of epic quests, tricky puzzles, and difficult challenges that will keep you engaged for hours. It’s almost hard to put this game into words, and I really don’t want to spoil anything for you, so if you haven’t tried it out yet, this needs to be right at the top of your list. If you think buying a Switch is too much of an investment for just one game, you can also try going the emulator route to play it on a PC.

Platforms: Nintendo Switch and Wii U.

7. Minecraft

When it comes to character customization, exploration, and of course, leveling up, Minecraft kind of just takes the cake. This is a game as classic as a ‘90s trend, and it’s just as cool, too. Most of us are no strangers to Minecraft by now, but let’s look at why I think you’ll love it as a Kaiju Paradise fanatic.

Now, Minecraft isn’t from the Roblox universe, but it might as well be given how similar the art styles and overall vibes of both games are! In Minecraft, you start in a biome with nothing but your hands and a go-getter attitude to survival. What’s that? Survival? Yup, come nightfall, you’re going to be defending yourself from zombies, spiders, and skeletons, so you better get prepared fast!

Your journey from a helpless survivor in a random biome to almost an omnipotent, self-sufficient entity in Minecraft has to be one of the most amazing experiences in any video game out there. The whole world here is procedurally generated, and there’s a ton of unique stuff to find out there plainly through exploration. There’s also multiplayer with tons of mods for Minecraft, adding a whole other world of fun once you’re done with the base game. After Kaiju Paradise, if you’re looking for an adventure full of freedom and questing, Minecraft might be the answer you were looking for.

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and more.

8. Terraria

In the same vein as Minecraft, we have Terraria! This game is a lot like Minecraft but in 2D, and that means it’s also a lot like a 2D version of Kaiju Paradise. Its side-scrolling action world full of diverse biomes, tons of things to do and explore, procedural generation, and multiplayer make it a hugely fun time for fans of Kaiju Paradise.

Terraria is all about building your own base, going adventuring and exploring, fighting off enemies, making friends online, and pretty much anything else you want it to be. As you progress through the game, you level your character up and become stronger and more self-sufficient against the perils that the game puts you under.

If you think you won’t miss the mechs from Kaiju Paradise too much, Terraria is an adventure you don’t want to miss. It’s simple, but the depth really goes deep, and when you combine that with its multiplayer gameplay, you get a game that might even become your next favorite after Kaiju Paradise! Plus, it’s always nice broadening our horizons from time to time, and Terraria is the perfect excuse for you to do just that.

Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iOS, Android, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, macOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch.

With that done, we’ve reached the end of this short but fun little roundup of games like Kaiju Paradise. There are not that many games like it out there, but I tried my best to pick the ones that have the same magic you love in your favorite Roblox game. So, did you find your next favorite here? Let me know what you think. Until next time, happy gaming!

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