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Top 8 Games Like Killer Frequency You Must Play Next

Games Like Killer Frequency

Killer Frequency’s mix of humor and horror is something that just never misses, but where does an indie gamer go when they’ve played out every single ending in this game? Simple – they come to this article and find their next horror-comedy adventure! Featuring eight games that are each a lot like Killer Frequency in their own way, your next favorite lies somewhere ahead, so let’s get into it:


SOMA takes you into one of the most claustrophobic and scary settings possible; underwater. You’re placed in a research facility where you’ve got your usual fare of challenges and threats coming at you, so you better think fast.

What makes this game stand out as a good alternative to Killer Frequency is that it’s super narrative driven and immersive, a lot like your experience in the makeshift police reception headquarters. Being immersed in this game is what adds to its experience overall and makes it feel like you’re actually in that situation, which means solving the puzzles isn’t as simple as it would be without existential dread looming over you.

Unlike a lot of horror games that rely on jump scares, SOMA thrives on being a psychological horror which is honestly the best kind. In its meticulously crafted environment with tons of attention to detail, you’re always looking over your shoulder to make sure there’s nothing behind you. Or is it in front of you? This whole experience is just to be loved about SOMA, and if you’re looking for a bit of a sober take on a horror game, make sure to try it out…with your brown pants in close reach.

Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.

2. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia is a game that’ll terrify you without ever having to give you a jump scare. The game takes place in an eerie castle where you play the role of Daniel – the protagonist. Daniel has woken up in this castle and, as the name suggests, doesn’t have any memory of his past due to amnesia. Then comes the dark descent, your journey into figuring out who he is and why he’s here.

The game focuses on letting you know that monsters are always nearby and they will kill you if you make a mistake. They might seem like your only problem, but they’re really just the consequence of being careless while you solve the actual puzzles in this game. Solving the puzzles and overcoming obstacles is how you progress in this game, slowly figuring out what everything means.

Amnesia is an old game at this point, but boy does it still hold up. As far as horror games go, this is one of the more scary, hardcore horror games out there and doesn’t really add much humor, if any. If you felt like you were always waiting for Killer Frequency to get scary, well, maybe this is what you need to be humbled.

Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.

3. The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable is all about narrative freedom, and I mean loads of it. As Stanley, you’re the puppeteer pulling the strings, making choices that send the storyline in directions you’d never imagine but are still in control of. A lot like the decisions in Killer Frequency, these decisions also have a ton of impact and definitely matter in the storyline.

Also, like Killer Frequency is the fact The Stanley Parable is a masterclass in satire, poking fun at everything from gaming conventions to your every expectations! There’s nothing like grinning from ear to ear and then quickly transitioning to a deep pondering about the intricacies of the universe.

With multiple endings also comes a ton of replayability. With multiple branching paths and countless endings, you’ll keep coming back for more until you’ve finished all of them, like in Killer Frequency. And now, to put the cherry on top: The Stanley Parable isn’t just a game; it’s a philosophical journey. As you play, it challenges you to ponder the nature of choices, both in-game and in life. And all of this is delivered with the charming British narrator, whose voice adds that extra layer of charisma to really drive the whole package home.

Platforms: PC.

4. Firewatch

Firewatch is the kind of game that always keeps you in suspense, and the ominous vibes just never seem to go away. While there are no monsters or killers to get away from here, it’s a different kind of horror that haunts you as you adventure through its short but amazing story about keeping watch for fires in a forest.

Firewatch crafts its suspense through an incredibly immersive narrative. Picture yourself as Henry, a fire lookout stationed in the Wyoming wilderness. The game focuses on succeeds at making you feel isolated and uncertain about what’s lurking in the forest – there’s no way for you to ever really know. The tension builds gradually, and you can never tell when someone or something might lurch from the dark to kill you…or worse?

Like some of the entries on this list, Firewatch isn’t your typical thriller or horror game. It’s more of a psychological journey, an emotional rollercoaster if you will. The suspense is woven into the very fabric of the story as you peel back the layers of Henry’s life and uncover the secrets of your surroundings, and it doesn’t stop there. The real suspense in Firewatch emerges from the complex relationship you develop with your supervisor, Delilah. You’ll find yourself second-guessing her, even questioning her motives, and the suspense keeps building as you navigate the dynamic world of Firewatch.

Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch.

5. Rusty Lake Hotel

Continuing on the theme of psychological thrillers, Rusty Lake Hotel is a psychological puzzle game with an eerie and mysterious twist – you’re transported to a peculiar hotel where the name of the game is solving some pretty challenging puzzles and interacting with guests more eccentric than Mr Bean on holiday. 

The atmosphere is dark and surreal, which is what really drives you to find out what’s going on, and as you do, that hint of unease never goes away. It’s not your typical heart-pounding thriller, but it does have an element of mystery that makes sure you’re never bored or, more importantly, feeling safe.

The real essence of Rusty Lake Hotel lies in its puzzles and the strange, interconnected stories of the hotel’s residents. While there’s an undercurrent of suspense and mystery, it doesn’t take center stage – instead, you’re wrapped up in deciphering the enigmatic world the game presents. If you’re a challenging, psychologically thrilling puzzle game that explores some pretty bizarre themes, then Rusty Lake Hotel is the next travel destination for you.

Platforms: PC, iOS, Android.

6. Those Who Remain

Those Who Remain is a psychological horror game that’s all about confronting your inner demons and supernatural forces. You know, the 3 AM usual on a sleepless night. You play this game as Edward, the protagonist, stuck in the ominous town of Dormont, facing a struggle not only for your life but for your sanity.

Now, let’s talk about the horror in this game and how you’ll like it after Killer Frequency. As you can probably tell, this game isn’t a jump-scare fest, which I’m personally a huge fan of. When it comes to scaring you, this game thrives by creating an atmosphere of suspense and psychological thrill. You know, the kind that not only keeps you on the edge of your seat but also your mind! 

With your brain constantly wondering what’s lurking in the shadows, filled with a blend of tension and fear – exploration, puzzle-solving, and moral choices are going to be your best friends in getting you out of here. If that’s even possible, that is. As Edward, you’ll have to grapple with your inner demons, make choices that actually impact the story as they did in Killer Frequency, and slowly peel back the layers of its haunting narrative. If you like horror games with multiple endings and the possibility of a wrong turn ending your life right then and there, then Those Who Remain has to be top 3 on your list.

Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch.

7. Visage

Indie horror games just can’t stop being an instant hit! Visage is another popular game that’s loved for many reasons, but mostly for the fact that it absolutely haunts you with its atmospheric horror experience. It’s all about immersion, drawing you deep into its eerie and unsettling world. 

That’s not all a game needs to be immersive, though, and the creators of Visage know that. That’s why in this game, it’s the attention to detail in the environment and the meticulously crafted sound design that combine to create a sense of dread that’s hard to shake off. Then there’s the narrative. Visage has a complex and deeply engaging story where you explore a haunted house and unravel the dark and disturbing tales of its previous occupants. When your morbid curiosity kicks in, you’ll be driven to learn more about what mysteries the game really holds in its chambers.

Puzzles are another highlight. They’re not just there for the sake of it; they’re an integral part of the experience, often tying into the psychological aspects of the game. You’ll need to solve them to progress, and they add a layer of unease to the whole affair. And let’s not forget the multiple endings – choices matter, and they can lead to different outcomes, making it just as replayable, if not more, than Killer Frequency.

Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.

8. Dark Night With Floppa

Okay, ending on a bit of a lighter note, we’ve got Dark Night With Floppa! For those unfamiliar with big Floppa, it’s a meme about a Caracal named Gregory whose pictures went viral – enough for a whole game to be made about him! Sort of.

Dark Night With Floppa sounds funny at first, but boy, does that end quickly. You see, the premise is simple and innocent enough; you have to search for eight pictures of cats that someone’s hid somewhere. In a forest. In the dark. Yeah, not so funny anymore. There’s something very comical about being scared to death while searching for pictures of the cutest cats you’ve ever seen! But also, yes, it’s definitely terrifying at times.

If you loved the comedic parts of Killer Frequency that put your nerves at ease when things got a bit too anxiety-inducing at times, this game doubles down on that feeling in the best way. Plus, with the reward of finding pictures of cute cats, how could you not want to venture into the dark at any cost? After all the grim and gritty games you’ve played, Dark Night With Floppa might be just what you need.

Platforms: PC.

And with that cherry on top of this haunting list, we’re all done. It’s a short one, but these eight games are sure to give you endless hours of fun and scary moments after having finished Killer Frequency. From the darkest of horror games to some lighthearted scary-movie-like fun, what’s the game you’ve got your radar locked onto next? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll see you there!

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