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Top 13 Games Like League of Legends to Play Right Now

Games Like League of Legends

League of Legends is one of, if not the best, MOBA games out there, and with a publisher like Riot Games, you know to expect the very best. But lately, you’ve been feeling a bit burnt out from League of Legends. Sure, it’s one of the most unique games out there, with no singular match being similar to any other match you’ve played before, but sometimes we just want something a little bit different. Well, if that’s what you’re looking for, you’re at the right place! In this guide, we’re going to show the best games we were able to find that gave us the same sense of magic that we felt when we first started League of Legends. So, let’s get into it, starting off with the following:

1. DOTA 2


You probably saw this one coming. I mean, how can you create a comparison list for League of Legends and not mention DOTA? It’s pretty much impossible, and that’s because the two games have more similarities than they do differences!

DOTA 2 is made by Valve and is regarded as highly (if not more in some cases) by MOBA players as League of Legends itself. As someone who has an extensive amount of play time in both League and DOTA, I can tell you that DOTA will definitely require a bit more effort and time to learn initially. The complex interactions are quite similar to how League does them, but DOTA adds certain aspects, such as longer matches and a different shop system which makes the transition a bit difficult in the beginning.

Nevertheless! If you’re on the hunt for a game similar to League of Legends, DOTA has to be number one on your list of games to try. To get started, you can download DOTA from the Steam launcher and begin playing right away.

2. League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends: Wild Rift

I don’t know about you, but for me, when I need a break from my favorite game, it’s usually to hop off my desk and hop into my bed and do something on my phone. How does that relate to this game? Because it’s on mobile! This version takes what it can from the PC version and scales it down to work on a phone, which means not all heroes are playable, and some of the complexity is removed to make it easier on a mobile device.

Most PC gamers don’t game much on their phone, and they’re honestly missing out. Mobile games have gotten so much better over the past five years or so. So, if you’re a diehard League player like me, trust me when I tell you that you’re not going to be disappointed by Wild Rift.



This is another excellent MOBA game that kind of flew under the radar for a lot of people, maybe because it isn’t backed by a big developer like Riot Games or Valve. However, don’t let that fool you because SMITE has given me some of the most fun I’ve had in a MOBA game in recent years. You play in a third-person perspective (Fortnite players rejoice!) and have the choice of characters featuring gods and mythical creatures.

The most distinct feature of SMITE, apart from the third-person POV, is the focus on skill shots, which tend to be quite rare in League of Legends but are a key focus here. If you’re a Lux main in League, this game will make you feel right at home.

4. Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor

If you’re looking to venture outside of League but were enticed by my proposition of mobile gaming, this is the game for you! Starting out as an Asia-only game, Arena of Valor has since gone international and offers unique, strategic, team-based MOBA gameplay that is on par with League, which we all fell in love with.

The gameplay focuses on leveling up in a 5v5 match, unlocking abilities and talents as you go, becoming stronger, and pushing towers to get the objective. As I said, it’s the classic MOBA experience, but now it’s on your phone (and Switch)!

5. Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra

Remember Pokémon cards? Now picture League, but it’s a card game like Pokémon on your phone! Legends of Runeterra is a 1v1 turn-based game that deals you cards from its mythical world of Runeterra. These cards are then used by you, the player, to either attack your opponent or defend their attacks, depending on your chosen strategy.

When gaming on the phone, I’ve found card games to be a nice balance between competitive play without requiring me to sit up straight and have both hands focused on the best mechanical gameplay I can muster. Plus, it’s a breath of fresh air not having to deal with any toxic teammates!

6. Vainglory


Okay, mobile games aside, what really are your options for something like League? Well, besides DOTA and Smite, you have Vainglory, another very similarly structured MOBA that drops you on the battlefield to destroy towers, kill enemies, and take the throne. Since the original formula for a MOBA kind of has to stay the same, the developers have lots to play with when it comes to abilities and general gameplay mechanics, and that’s where Vainglory differs.

Here, jungling is a lot more beneficial for teams, and if you’re missing it, you’re kind of throwing the game. Also, I can’t be the only one that hates getting ganked by five enemies, never knowing they were coming for me. Vainglory does away with that! Fighting is much more confrontational and based more on your mechanical ability here.



Now hold on a second, isn’t VALORANT a first-person-shooter game? How does it compare to League? I’m so glad you asked! VALORANT is made by Riot Games (so you already know it’s going to be top-tier) and follows the same philosophy that the developers employed with League.

Featuring 5v5 objective-based gameplay, VALORANT has Agents (Legends in the league) that all have three basic abilities and an ultimate ability. Sound familiar? These abilities bridge the gap between hardcore FPS players and new entrants from the MOBA genre that like to focus more on ability-based gameplay. If you’re looking for a break from League and haven’t given VALORANT a try, you’re honestly missing out!

8. Ruined King: A League of Legends Story

Ruined King: A League of Legends Story

If you ask me, there’s no better way to take a break from competitive games than to go to something story-based, and Ruined King will absolutely spoil you with the League-based story it has in store for you. The game is an RPG and focuses on turn-based gameplay, except its single-player, so there’s nothing to compete with, just play along and enjoy the story.

However, don’t think of this as one of those games you can play on autopilot. There is plenty of action to be had, which requires a fair bit of strategizing if you want to win. Oh, and did I mention you get to play as Ahri and Yasuo (and more)? Riot gives League players an excellent insight into the deep lore of League of Legends in this game, and I’m so glad to have tried it out when feeling burnt out from MOBAs.

9. Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm

Who was waiting to see something from Blizzard on this list? Here’s your treat! Heroes of the Storm came out in 2015 as a MOBA that combines the entirety of Blizzard’s pantheon in the most exciting of ways. Looking at the game, it’s clear that it has MOBA blood in its veins, with the gameplay allowing talent and ability customization (much like League) and featuring six-different roles for you to play.

If you’ve spent hours and hours of your childhood playing World of Warcraft or are a fan of Starcraft and Diablo, you’ll be greeted by many familiar faces on the hero-select screen, which is what makes this game unique for me.

10. Strife


Now, this is an old one, like a 90’s gamer old. It’s been redesigned since then to keep up with the times, but this is one of the all-time classic MOBAs and uses a formula that has yet to fail it. In Strife, you play in a first-person POV and have the unique aspect of player roles and the ability to talk to other players. Revolutionary, I know.

On a serious note, Strife takes much of what makes League and DOTA great and removes some of the complexity to make it not just easy to play but fun as well! Especially for new players just starting the game, the mechanics are not as punishing as in League (your health regenerates fast when not in combat here), which encourages you to get in the action and not leave. This game is a must-try if you’re coming from League, in my opinion.

11. Pokémon UNITE

Pokemon UNITE

This is a new entrant in the MOBA category, and it’s bound to be a fan favorite, especially for long-time Pokémon players! The Pokémon Company took you, me, and everybody else by surprise when they made this game as a competitor to League of Legends. As you’d expect, the game focuses on a MOBA setting but takes as many elements as possible from its long line of Pokémon games and the Pokémon world as a whole.

In terms of gameplay, Pokémon UNITE features 44 total Pokémon, with more to be added very soon as the game is only about two years old as of yet. The Pokémon that it does currently have are well-balanced and extremely fun to play with, so you should definitely give it a try as a League player!

12. Heroes Evolved

Heroes Evolved

Another mobile game entry! Heroes Evolved has it all; more than 120 heroes to choose from, a vast variety of cosmetics (a must-have, like RGB), and different modes to play in depending on your preference. These modes include your standard 5v5 MOBA combat, flanked (ganked?) by 3v3 and 1v1 modes.

What sets Heroes Evolved apart from just any other League knockoff out there is the quality of its graphics and the on-screen controls, which can be so hard to get right on a mobile phone. Combine this with solid backing for Esports in the future, and you have an ideal alternative to League of Legends all on your phone.

13. Marvel Super War

Marvel Super War

It’s about time the Marvel fans got a MOBA of their own! NetEase Games has you covered with Marvel Super War, a game that lets you take control of Iron Man, Captain America, and all your other favorite Marvel heroes in a 5v5 MOBA game. As you can already tell, that’s a recipe for a really fun, action-packed game with familiar faces from all the movies we’ve watched from Marvel.

The extensive character selection is also matched by good gameplay, with balanced heroes and unique mechanics to set the game apart. However, for people in the US, you’ll need a VPN to play this game as it is currently very limited in the regions where it is playable. People in South-East Asia, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand, though, are free to roam the multiverse as they please!

That just about covers the list of games that can be considered serious alternatives to League of Legends. As unique a game as League is, I, along with many other League fans, are often surprised to find that there are actually a lot more spin-offs out there still left for us to try. And what’s better, each of them is unique in its own way and just as fun, too (if not more in some cases).

So, whether you’re a diehard League player that’s never letting it go and just wants something similar to play on the side or if you’re finally done with the game, I think we’ve got something on this list for you! Did we miss anything? Feel free to let us know what you think and what you’ve been having fun with during break time from League of Legends.

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