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Top Games Like Monster Hunter Everyone Needs to Play

Games Like Monster Hunter

When you’ve hunted every monster there is to hunt with your pack of friends, who’re also super burnt out from the game, one can only wonder if there’s any other game out there to make you feel like Monster Hunter always has all these years. Well, I’m here to report that there are (at least) eleven such games out there, and you absolutely have to try them out! Starting off, we have probably the most fun entry on this list:

1. Elden Ring

As a Monster Hunter fan, you get everything you want from a similar game in Elden Ring and then some! I’m talking character customization, gear upgrades, resource gathering, and of course, leveling yourself up to fight bigger and stronger enemies every time.

That’s not all, either, because you also get the super fun experience of getting your butt handed to you ten times straight before you actually learn how to beat a boss in Elden Ring! Does that sound familiar? Elden Ring was loved by pretty much anyone that games, even those that don’t really like Soulsborne games, and that’s because the devs shot it out of the park with every element of this game! You also get to create your own character just the way you want (even if you want to make it look like Kanye, which someone actually managed somehow), so it’s your own personalized adventure like it was in Monster Hunter.

The only thing you’ll be kind of missing here is the strong focus on multiplayer, which is only a subtle element of Elden Ring, and for the most part, you’ll be a lone soldier on the mission to kick as many monster butts as possible! To play Elden Ring, you’ll need a PC, Xbox, or PlayStation.

2. Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition might just be the breath of fresh air you’ve been craving in your gaming journey. This unique RPG takes you on an epic quest through a vibrant and immersive world unlike anything you’ve experienced in Monster Hunter. But at the same time, a lot like Monster Hunter, too!

Inquisition is loved for its amazing storyline filled with rich lore, lovable characters, and decisions (which you make) that shape the game’s outcome. You know how everything you do in real life has a consequence? Congratulations, now you can have that in a game, too, specifically this game!

In terms of gameplay, you’ll lead a diverse party of companions, each with their own unique abilities and personalities. This is a substitute to Monster Hunter’s multiplayer gameplay for me. Apart from that, you’ll love the character customization to make your character your own and the overall magical, mythical setting of the whole world. I mean, there’s dragons! You won’t see them often, so you’d best hunt them when you get the chance. Just uh, try not to get burnt to a crisp in the process, and you’re golden! Dragon Age: Inquisition is playable on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

3. Devil May Cry 5

I know you’re tired of all the monster slaying, so now it’s time to slay demons instead! Forget everything else, the combat alone in this game is to die for, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg! The feeling of chaining a combo and killing an enemy without taking a single point of damage is just too satisfying to not love. And that’s what this game is all about – being the ultimate stylish demon-bashing superstar!

There’s no multiplayer, so you’re in for a single-player campaign experience that you’re gonna be recommending to your friends every time they’re whining about having no games to play! You’ll face a whole motley crew of enemies, each with their own unique quirks and surprises, so it’ll take a while for you to learn the best way to beat them, just like in MH.

And, of course, it can’t be a Monster Hunter alternative without some sick upgrades, and you get plenty of that in DMC 5. With your upgrades, not only are you going to look powerful, but you’re also going to be getting a ton of new abilities and skills that’ll absolutely melt through demons! If a single-player game sounds like your kind of thing right now, DMC 5 is a must-try – available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

4. Horizon Zero Dawn

Forget organic monsters; how about some robo-dinos this time? Imagine Skynet from the Terminator, but it took over animals instead, and now you’ve got supercharged, mechanical tigers out on the hunt for you!

In Horizon Zero Dawn, you’ll embark on an awe-inspiring adventure as Aloy, a determined hunter in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by robotic creatures. Somehow, this game has the most perfect blend of high-tech machinery and stunning nature, where you’ll find yourself lost in forests, deserts, and ancient ruins, all at once!

But the real thrill of the game, of course, lies in the exhilarating battles with the colossal robotic beasts! Just like Monster Hunter, you’ll need tactics and precision to take down these mechanized monstrosities. Find their weaknesses (after you die to them about ten times, the usual), craft new, more powerful weapons, and let the machines know what those hands can do! To play Horizon Zero Dawn, you need a PC or a PlayStation.

5. God of War

Alright, time for another solo-dolo adventure, this time as the literal God of War. Most people are no strangers to the God of War franchise, but for the uninitiated, this game is about playing as a God who, well, kinda hates every other God.

Okay, that’s not exactly an adventurous purpose, so what do you do in this game? Well, your second wife died just as the game began, and her wish was to have her ashes spread at the top of the highest peak in the Nine Realms, so off you go! On the way, you’ll fight all kinds of enemies, including your average henchmen and literal, actual other Gods.

That’s the ‘Monster Hunter thrill’ of this game – the combat. You get to unlock lots of new abilities, combos, moves, and of course, upgrade your weapons to hit even harder each time! And trust me, you’re gonna need every bit of that damage. Add to that some fun puzzle solving, and you have a game that really shows you in every way why it deserves its Game of the Year award. To play it, you’ll need a PC or PlayStation.

6. Remnant: From the Ashes

Back to multiplayer entries! This action-packed third-person shooter is the ideal blend of thrilling combat, cooperative gameplay, and monstrous challenges that will keep you and your friends hooked for hours on end.

In Remnant: From the Ashes, you’ll explore dynamically generated worlds, facing hordes of nightmarish creatures lurking around every corner. The first few jump scares will get you all the brown pants you need, so that’s a bonus too!  Like Monster Hunter, teamwork is key here because you’re going to be teaming up and working together (good luck!) to beat the bosses together, and you can definitely use the help!

There’s a deeply customizable weapons and armor system too, so you’re going to be reminded of Monster Hunger’s gear progression every time you get that sweet new upgrade. As far as similar alternatives to Monster Hunter go, this game is pretty much like switching a lane on the highway! To play it, you can get the game on PC, Xbox, PS, and Switch.

7. Demon’s Souls

If you’re craving an action-packed adventure that shares the spirit of strategic battles, epic boss fights, and character progression, then Demon’s Souls is the game for you! This iconic action RPG will find out just what your skills and determination are made of in its dark and atmospheric world. You’re not alone, though, because this game also has co-op multiplayer!

Much like your battles with massive monsters in Monster Hunter, this game puts you straight in the line of fire as huge enemies and hordes come at you in different ways every time, forcing you to adapt to the challenge every time, too. Sure, it can be difficult, but what game was ever fun when it was easy? And the adrenaline rush is just unbeatable every time!

As you progress, you’ll also have the chance to customize and improve your character, just like tweaking your gear in Monster Hunter. It’s all about that sense of growth and personalization that we love! Add to that this game’s own twists and new takes, and you have a perfect new adventure after Monster Hunter. To play Demon’s Soul, you’ll need a PS5 for the 2019 remake or a PS3 for the original.

8. God Eater 3

Now, I’m no cannibal, but this game really had me reconsidering my worldviews for a bit. Imagine stepping into an anime-inspired world teeming with fantastical creatures that are as amazing as they are hostile! That took a turn, didn’t it? Just like in Monster Hunter, you’ll play the role of a powerful God Eater, armed to the teeth and ready to take down monsters and anything else that gets in your way.

The combat is thrilling and action-packed, and you’re constantly on the edge of your seat when playing this game. But that’s not all; in God Eater 3, you absolutely also get the chance to customize your character and weapons, molding them to fit your playstyle like a glove! Once you play games with customization, there’s just no going back, is there?

And I haven’t even gotten to the best part – you won’t be alone in your journey! Like Monster Hunter, you can gather your hunting party and dive into cooperative multiplayer missions, where teamwork and coordination will be the keys to success – a blessing and a curse. If you’re convinced, you can play God Eater 3; you can get it on PC, PlayStation, or Switch.

9. The Surge 2

Picture yourself being in a dystopian future city, armed with a high-tech exoskeleton and surrounded by creatures that look like they came straight out of a horror movie. It’s like Monster Hunter with a futuristic, caffeine-induced spin to it! Having hunted monsters all your life, this game invites you to pick up your favorite kind of weapon to slice, dice, and unleash mayhem on all of its monstrosities!

The most unique part of The Surge 2, and what I loved the most, is that you’ll be targeting specific body parts of your enemies, kind of like targeting the weakness of that one unbeatable boss. It’s difficult and tedious to get to, but you can’t deny the satisfaction you get from finally landing those critical hits on the most vulnerable part of the monster!

And to round it all off, this game lets you customize to your heart’s content and make the character that really makes it you! With that done, you can make the quirkiest combat styles, pick up bizarre weapons, and play this game just the way you want – on PlayStation, Xbox, or PC.

10. Dragon’s Dogma

In Dragon’s Dogma, you’re gonna be playing as the Arisen, a chosen one destined to battle badass dragons and other legendary creatures, hoping not to die in the process. Consider it the ultimate dragon-hunting fantasy, tailor-made for a seasoned Monster Hunter like you!

But here’s where the magic truly lies – the game introduces a unique pawn system, allowing you to recruit companions known as, well, pawns. Like pawns for a king, these loyal AI companions will accompany you on your quests, bringing different abilities and insights to the table. It’s like having your squad of trusty hunters all telling you how they can help you kill your enemies. Easy and fun!

Speaking of skills, Dragon’s Dogma has one of the most diverse and dynamic combat systems to make the battles really feel like your life is on the line, and it really is! Through these tactical battles, you’ll learn monster behaviors and devise strategies to finally beat them, just like in your Monster Hunter escapades. Picking this game up, learning it, and finally mastering it is the kind of magic we all fell in love with in Monster Hunter, and you can do it all over again with Dragon’s Dogma on PS, Xbox, Switch, or PC.

11. Code Vein

Picture yourself in a post-apocalyptic world where humans have transformed into vampire-like beings called Revenants, and their survival depends on consuming blood (duh). Funnily enough, that’s where the vein of the story comes into play!

Now, as a devoted Monster Hunter player, you might be wondering if Code Vein is worth a shot after all your adrenaline-pumping hunts, and for me, it absolutely is! Code Vein shares some striking similarities with Monster Hunter, such as the exhilarating combat, open-world exploration, and of course, customization. And the combat isn’t just intense; it’s also super diverse, like Monster Hunter, since you’ll be able to wield various weapons and skills that’ll each be more or less effective on a specific enemy!

I saved the best for last because Code Vein also has cooperative multiplayer where you can team up with friends or other players for thrilling adventures together! It’s really just like asking the guys over at Capcom to make another game like Monster Hunter, and they’re like here you go. To play Code Vein, you can purchase it on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

And that’s all the games I’ve got for you today, fellow hunter! Monster hunting can get old, but gaming never does, and I hope I was able to help you find your next adventure today. So, let me know what you think about the games on this list, did I hit, or did I miss? And as always, good luck and have fun with all your gaming adventures!

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