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Best Games Like Overcooked You Should Play Next

Games Like Overcooked

Overcooked is a game that makes you forget about the complexity and advanced graphics of modern-age games in favor of its simple, kitchen-based experience. And it works wonders! If this game has worked its charm on you as well, but now you’re looking for something new but similar, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re gonna take a look at some of the best co-op and multi-tasking games out there with just the kind of magic that Overcooked has. Without further ado, let’s get into it:

1. It Takes Two

It Takes Two

We’re embarking on a journey into the realm of It Takes Two, where it takes you and a friend to get things done! If you found joy in the delightful pandemonium of Overcooked, you’re about to be smitten all over again.

This game is just wholesome all around, featuring a tale that’s as heartwarming as a Pixar movie, except you actually get to play through it! In It Takes Two, the story revolves around two characters, Cody and May, who are magically transformed into dolls navigating their fractured relationship. It’s an emotionally rich narrative that’ll have you invested from the start.

The fun of playing with friends in the frenzy of Overcooked was what made it great, and this game takes that thrill to new heights! You and your partner need to work in perfect harmony, coordinating your skills to beat the various challenges you find as you progress through its immersive narrative together. Hey, if you’re ready to take your relationship with your gamer bros or sisters to the next level, this game is perfect for you – playable on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC.

2. Witchtastic


Have you ever thought that co-op multitasking is a bit too easy? Have you ever wanted to be completely overwhelmed by the number of tasks you’re doing at once? Well, you’re in the right place!

Witchtastic is a whimsical adventure that revolves around a young witch-in-training who’s tasked with mastering her magical abilities. Witchtastic leans more towards a single-player experience, so you’ll be exploring a magical realm, solving puzzles, brewing potions, and uncovering secrets. Sure, you can play it co-op too, but where’s the sweat-inducing grind in playing the game the way the developers intended?

When you first play this game, it’ll feel a lot like Overcooked but with a witchcraft mode added to it, which is why I think it’s perfect for you to try after your pizza dough and burger cooking adventures are over. To try this fantastic (Witchtastic?) game out, you’ll need to get it on PC.

3. A Way Out

A Way Out

Overcooked is sweet, cute, and generally wholesome, but now it’s time for a detour into the dark and gritty set of A Way Out. You’re probably looking at this and going, “How is this a similar game to Overcooked?” Well, I’m here to tell you exactly that:

In A Way Out, you’ll be playing co-op with a friend in a thrilling game that needs a ton of synergy and coordination between the two of you. Sound familiar? It’s pretty much the ideal game for fans of the co-op gameplay in Overcooked, but this time your skills are being put to use for, uh, prison break. Hey, you were wrongly convicted (I think), okay?

What makes this game so good, though, isn’t just the co-op gameplay, but the fact that it takes you through its really engaging narrative along with that, making for a complete experience unlike anything else. To play A Way Out, you’ll need an Xbox, PC, or PlayStation.

4. Among Us

Among Us

Ah, Among Us. A game as famous as it is infamous. Never have I had as much fun as I have had fights all in the same game at the same time! Among Us is all about social gameplay, you’re either a crewmate or an impostor, and your goals will differ accordingly.

Coming from Overcooked, this game will bring the sweet, sweet coordination with teammates that we all love and hate so much, but in a way that few games out there have tried. You’ll be doing your tasks as fast as you can while trying not to die and also keeping track of who you can trust, or you’re going to be faking all of your tasks while trying to kill everybody!

If you’re looking for some casual fun with some really hilarious moments all around, Among Us is always there for you on pretty much any platform – Mobile, PS, PC, Xbox, and Switch.

5. Unrailed!


I know the game is called Unrailed, but your objective is very much to stay on the rails because otherwise, you kinda lose. Here, you and three other friends are going to be working together to keep your train moving along the tracks. Sounds simple enough until you see all the obstacles you have to work through!

There are rocks, rivers, trees, and everything in between that keeps your train from moving as expected, and it’s up to you to clear out the path in a way that lets it stay on the tracks. And the cherry on top? You only get a few tools to work with, so your creativity is going to be hard carrying in this game. Once you get the hang of it, though, you’re going to be doing construction work like nobody’s business!

Unrailed is a super relaxing puzzle game that you and your friends can spend a chill evening playing without much urgency but still challenging enough to tickle your brains. To play it, you can buy Unrailed on PS, Xbox, Switch, and PC.

6. Human Fall Flat

Human Fall Flat

If you thrive on chaos and suffering with friends, look no further than Human Fall Flat! This game is as challenging as it is funny – a lot. Your goal in this game depends on the level you’re playing, but basically, you and your friends are a bunch of clay figures that walk, run, and hop in the weirdest ways imaginable. And your goal, of course, is to solve puzzles that involve lots of walking, running, and hopping!

As you solve puzzles, you’ll be dragging yourself and your friends up on platforms, moving boxes around, interacting with the environment, and so much more. Though every level is based on these core mechanics, not one level feels the same as the last!

Human Fall Flat is one of the best mixes of co-op puzzle solving and hilarious game design. Coming from Overcooked, you’ll find enough fun with friends here that you’ll forget all about burgers and pizzas in favor of… clay and pastel design? I didn’t think that through, but you can play this game on Mobile, PC, PS, Xbox, and Switch.

7. Tools Up!

Tools Up!

No, not that kind of tool; this game is about using the mechanical tools you have to renovate a home! There’s no cooking or baking here; instead, you’re going to be painstakingly tearing down the old wallpaper and asking a friend for help with dragging furniture, just like in real life. But that’s the charm of this game!

There’s no stress or pressure; it’s just you, your friend, and your combined creative vision for what the new, renovated house should look like after you’ve worked your magic. This game is perfect for you if you love the simple but well-executed art style of Overcooked and also love coordinating with friends to play the game because it does both things super well.

With the plethora of games available today in this genre, Tools Up is a fun alternative to the usual cooking game you’re used to, but with just enough similarities to keep you engaged. To try it out, you’ll need a Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, or PC.

8. Conduct Together

Conduct Together

Trains, trains, and more trains. Sheldon Cooper would have the time of his life with this game because I sure did, and I’m not even a train collector! Here, the task at hand for you and your buddy is to conduct a railroad that’ll have multiple trains moving on them.

Now, that sounds like a task enough on its own, but this game also adds some wildcards in there, like a ticking clock, and some fun twists to make things a teeny bit more intense. The result? A chill game that slowly progresses to a multitasking nightmare (daydream if you’re into it?) as you and your friends make sure there aren’t any crashes or delays.

With a similar art style to Overcooked and the same co-op fun, this game is a perfect foray into a new game within the same genre – playable on PC and Switch.

9. Storage Inc 2

Storage Inc 2

Have you ever seen a forklift at a warehouse and thought, “Man, that thing sounds fun to operate?” Congratulations, it’s your lucky day! You’re going to be operating forklifts to move stuff around in this fun, organizing game. Still a game, unfortunately; your real-life forklift driving days are near, but not quite here yet.

As mentioned earlier, you (and your friends) are going to be given the job of organizing the boxes and packages in a particular way using a forklift. It sounds simple, kinda like Tetris, but with more complex jobs, it starts to get super complicated, also like Tetris!

If you think you’ve got a knack for storage and organization and want to give it a shot in a game that’s all about these two things, you can play Storage Inc. 2 on PC. Alternatively, if you somehow still have an Xbox 360, you can also play the original 2009 game through XBLA!

10. Catastronauts


Yup. You guessed it. It’s cats, they’re astronauts, and they’re running a space kitchen! If you were ever wanting a space-based expansion for Overcooked, you’ve got a whole new game that does exactly that, but with the bonus of cats as the protagonists.

In this game, you’re going to be running the kitchen on a spaceship. That’s a lot on its own, as we know from Overcooked, but that’s not the only thing you’re going to be worrying about; there are also solar flares, invaders, and fires within the kitchen that could burn everything down!

With action constantly taking place around you, you and your fellow cats are always at work trying to save yourselves from becoming space-made icicles or burnt steaks due to a kitchen fire. If you’re convinced, this lovingly chaotic game is playable on PC, Xbox, Switch, and PlayStation.

11. Moving Out

Moving Out

Forget renovating a house; it’s doomed; we should move out instead with this game! Here, your goal is, well, to move. There’s a truck, there’s a house with stuff in it, and there’s you with your friends. Moving in real life couldn’t be more annoying, but this game turns it into the most fun activity you could partake in with your friends!

You’ll be dragging and moving things as fast as you can, and while a strategy might help, you’re gonna want to focus more on the speed here because you’re working on the clock the whole time. Looking at this game’s art style, the overall gameplay mechanics, and of course, the super fun co-op gameplay, it all just looks like Overcooked distant cousin!

If you loved the speed and chaos of Overcooked, this game will take you out of the kitchen and into a moving company job with the same premise – get things done fast. To play Moving Out, you’ll need a PC, Switch, PlayStation, or Xbox.

That wraps up this list of games like Overcooked! I’m hoping I didn’t over or undercook the recommendations here because there’s a lot out there to filter from. Did you find your next co-op multitasking simulator? Or is there some other game you’ve got your eye on that I missed? Let me know your thoughts below. Until then, good luck and have fun!

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