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Top 10 Games Like “People Playground” to Play Right Now

Games Like People Playground

Sometimes, a game doesn’t need to have an objective – you just have to have fun using whatever and whichever means necessary! That’s exactly what People Playground was about, and you guessed it, so are the ten games on our list today. With everything from multiplayer fun to single-player tomfoolery, there’s a game on this list for all kinds of People Playground fans; let’s get into it with:

1. Viscera Cleanup Detail

It’s a classic situation – there’s been some sort of industrial accident or mass murder or something, and now, a whole site is covered in blood, flesh, and everything in between. For most people, that’s not a habitable place at all, but at Viscera Cleanup Detail, that’s exactly the kind of stuff you and your team are chasing!

Playable in single-player or multiplayer modes, Viscera Cleanup Detail is a neat little game where your goal is to clean up the site assigned to you of any contamination, dirt, and, well, blood. Using a mop is one of your best tactics, but you also get a bunch of other tools to make the work easier. On the topic of making things easier, it sure does help to have a couple of friends alongside you to get the job done that much quicker.

There are some objectives in this game that you can chase, such as reaching a certain level of cleanliness, but for the most part, you can just shut your mind off and play this game in any way you want – just like People Playground! The genre is definitely different – it’s not much of a sandbox game, but it’s one that you can sink tons of hours into and never feel like you’re being pressured into doing it.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows and macOS

2. Garry’s Mod

This game is an absolute blast for gamers who thrive on creativity and just want to kick back without the pressure of specific objectives. GMod is kind of the ultimate playground for your imagination – you’ve got a ton of tools and resources at your fingertips to craft your own game! From building cool structures to messing around with physics, the possibilities are endless.

What’s even cooler is that GMod doesn’t tie you down to a set goal. It’s all about letting your creativity run wild. Plus, the game has a huge community that’s always churning out mods, maps, and game modes, giving you a constant stream of fresh content to try out. What’s more, you don’t have to play it in single-player mode if you don’t want to, because it’s also got multiplayer! 

You might have seen people playing hide and seek in GMod where they hide as specific objects while the hunters have to find out which object is actually a player. If you manage to play this mode without giggling your teeth off, you might just be the ultimate no-fun-allowed gamer. If you like the freedom to create, share, and just enjoy the limitless possibilities of sandbox gaming, Garry’s Mod is definitely worth checking out.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS

3. BeamNG.drive

For anyone who loves People Playground and its sandbox-style gameplay, there’s a good chance you’ll also enjoy BeamNG.drive. This game is all about the incredible world of vehicular mayhem and experimentation, where you get to tinker with cars in a super realistic physics-driven environment. And you already know what super realistic physics means – it’s not just about racing; it’s about pushing the limits of what vehicles can do. Yup, you’re going to crash, smash, and deform cars in ways that you can never do in real life, and you can do it over and over in different ways! 

The level of detail in the damage modeling will really send you for a spin; literally, it’s that good. Similar to People Playground, BeamNG.drive doesn’t force you into a specific objective. Instead, it hands you the keys to a virtual automotive playground and lets you decide how to have fun. Whether you want to create epic crashes, test the limits of different vehicles, or just mess around with the physics engine, BeamNG.drive gives you the freedom to do it all. As a sandbox gaming enjoyer who has a soft spot for automotive antics, BeamNG.drive is a game that I just can’t recommend enough!

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

4. Forts

Forts weaves the exhilarating tapestry of strategic construction and epic battles into its gameplay which, as we’ve developed a bit of a trend in this list, has no particular objective for you to chase – just vibes! It’s actually a lot like the chaos of BeamNG.drive with vehicles, and Forts lets you get fully immersed in the art of strategic fortress building. 

With all the hours spent doing all kinds of creatively whacky stuff in People Playground, you’re going to be putting that creative mind straight to work in the freedom you get for designing and fortifying your bases here. They start off as functional defensive structures, sure, but with your magic touch, you can make them your own personalized masterpieces. The game’s charm lies in its unique fusion of real-time strategy and physics-based gameplay. This dynamic blend introduces an element of unpredictability to every engagement, keeping you constantly engaged. It’s not just about planning; it’s about seeing how that plan actually pans out, too.

And that’s not all; there’s multiplayer too! This is actually the main appeal of this game for most of its players, as when you’re facing off against others, it amplifies the intensity and makes things that much more interesting. If you’re looking for a game that combines your creativity from People Playground into strategic thinking, inventive building, and high-octane action, this is the game for you.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

5. Blade and Sorcery

So, if you’re all about the carefree, do-whatever-you-feel-like spirit of People Playground, Blade and Sorcery is a game that’s definitely flying under your radar because it doesn’t seem that way on the surface. But I’ve got news for you – it absolutely is like that! Now, it’s a bit different because it goes more into intense melee combat and fantasy realms, but hey, as long as people are still being brutally killed, right?

In Blade and Sorcery, picture yourself in this medieval fantasy setting where you can unleash your inner warrior using various weapons and magic and even play around with the environment. It’s got the same physics-driven charm as People Playground, letting you have the freedom to create your own battles, experiment with different combat scenarios, and then play them out like some kind of evil scientist!

Sure, Blade and Sorcery has a more serious tone with its focus on combat, but the beauty lies in the freedom it hands you to get a bit silly and creative with the gameplay. If exploration and unexpected twists rank highly on your list of things an alternative to People Playground should have, this might just be your next gaming adventure.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

6. Kerbal Space Program

KSP is the out-of-this-world experience you’ve been waiting for all your life, literally! Okay, maybe not all your life, but definitely since you started playing People Playground – Kerbal Space Program takes the sandbox core from that and takes it on an interstellar scale.

Being at the helm of your very own space program, you’re going to be guiding adorable little creatures called Kerbals on their interstellar adventures. That might make it sounds like a cartoonish, arcade-y game, but that couldn’t be further from what it is! KSP is the perfect blend of science, creativity, and a dash of unpredictability added by all the different things that can, well, go terribly wrong.

At its core, KSP is a sandbox game that lets you build and manage your own space program. From designing spacecraft to launching them into orbit and beyond, the possibilities are as vast as the cosmos. The beauty lies in the trial-and-error process—expect a fair share of hilarious mishaps and, of course, the inevitable moments of eureka that lead to your spacefaring successes. Without the pressure of any objectives or deadlines to meet, you can take it at your own pace, just like in People Playground, just with a lot more complexity.

Platforms: Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Mac

7. Boneworks

Now hold on a second, isn’t this a VR game? What’s this got to do with People Playground? Well, while they may seem worlds apart, they share a common thread: the pursuit of immersive, interactive experiences that let you unleash your creativity. Boneworks is a VR playground offering an incredibly realistic physics system that lets you interact with the environment in ways that go beyond traditional gaming. I think you know where this is going – crazy, chaotic, ultra-realistic mayhem! 

The game’s attention to detail, coupled with its dynamic and realistic interactions with objects, adds a layer of depth to the shooting gameplay that might seem bland on its own. For People Playground fans, the appeal of this game boils down to the shared love for freedom and experimentation. Just like in People Playground, where you can get creative with the environment, in Boneworks, you have the freedom to manipulate objects, experiment with weapons, and go through any challenges standing in your unique way.

Despite the difference in genres, you’ll absolutely love the sandbox-style freedom that Boneworks thrives on. Plus, you have to admit that the idea of a virtual playground where your actions shape the experience is the VR adventure you didn’t know you needed but most certainly deserved. If you’re still skeptical, there’s only one way to find out for sure if you’ll like it – try it out!

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

8. Scrap Mechanic

Coming from People Playground’s playful and creative sandbox vibes, chances are you’ll find a lot to love in Scrap Mechanic, too. Both games share that fantastic open-ended, play-the-way-you-want spirit, but of course, they do it in the way they know best – their own!

In Scrap Mechanic, you leave your mundane real world for one that puts you in charge of being the mechanic that builds and creates using an array of parts and tools. There’s nothing to do except just that – designing and constructing your own machines, vehicles, and contraptions! The freedom to experiment and let your imagination run wild is a big part of what made me love Scrap Mechanic so much. In some ways, it lets me have the satisfaction of doing something I’d wanna do in my own garage at some point but would never invest the resources into.

As a fan of People Playground, you’ll also like that Scrap Mechanic doesn’t force you into a specific narrative or objective. Instead, it invites you to tinker, build, and see what crazy creations you can come up with. If you’re one for socializing, the game’s cooperative multiplayer mode also adds a social dimension, allowing you to collaborate with friends on engineering masterpieces that, for some reason, never seem to work as they should. Perhaps a bug to be fixed later. So, if you enjoy the joy of building, experimenting, and having a blast in a virtual sandbox, Scrap Mechanic might just be your next go-to game!

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

9. Dude Simulator

Hey, before you make a judgment about this game from its name, I need to tell you that Dude Simulator isn’t just about simulating a dude; it’s actually a full-blown journey into a virtual world! Echoing the carefree spirit you love in People Playground, in this game, you really do become the dude, free to roam an open world filled with absurdity and laughter at every corner.

For me, this game’s charm lies in its lack of seriousness. It not only lets you but actively encourages you to engage in all sorts of hilarious and dumb activities, creating a digital playground that’s truly yours. Like People Playground, it’s not about conforming to a rigid narrative; instead, Dude Simulator invites you to experiment, have a blast, and in the end, revel in the chaos you’ve created.

Bringing with it a shared love for unstructured, open-world silliness, Dude Simulator celebrates the joy of doing whatever you fancy, turning the virtual landscape into your canvas for mayhem. Having done all you want in People Playground, if your idea of fun now is literally just being a dude in a virtual world where fun reigns supreme, Dude Simulator is absolutely the game you need to try next.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

10. Planet Zoo

Imagine taking your inclination to create physics-fueled mayhem and unleashing it on a grand scale as you become the mastermind behind a thriving zoo empire. Congratulations, you’ve completed the first step to playing Planet Zoo! Except this isn’t just a game; it’s a journal, and you’ve got the pen in your hand, to make true whatever you wish to.

What’s the draw for People Playground players to get into the Planet Zoo universe? Think unparalleled attention to detail. If you’re used to the wacky and realistic interactions in People Playground, you’ll find a kindred spirit in the immersive world of Planet Zoo. At times, I’d literally just watch in awe as animals come to life with lifelike animations, environments evolve with dynamic weather, and the entire experience mimics the unpredictability that makes People Playground so addictive.

But it’s not just about the solo experience. Much like the People Playground community that loves sharing their wildest experiments, Planet Zoo enthusiasts are all about showcasing their crazily, cleanly, and uniquely designed zoos. If you feel like you want to show some of these guys how it’s done while swapping tips, tricks, and a shared passion for virtual world-building, Planet Zoo has to be flying high on your radar.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

And with that furry entry (not that kind of furry), we’ve reached the end of our list! When it comes to sandbox games with no particular objectives, the options are aplenty, but it’s hard to sift through the ones that are actually good and would be fun specifically for you. So, did I get it right? Let me know what you think about this list, and if there’s any game you think deserves to be on here, I’d be happy to hear it! Until then, I’ll see you in the next one.

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