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Games Like Phasmophobia for Co-op Horror Fans

Games Like Phasmophobia

If you were around when Phasmophobia blew up, you saw this game gain popularity out of literally nowhere and become a game that everyone loved, for a good reason. I mean, it’s pretty hard not to love a game where you and your friends go into a haunted house to hunt a ghost together, but like all things, it didn’t last forever.

Much like many others around me, Phasmophobia made for a lot of fun, but we can’t help the craving for something new and similar. I’ve seen almost every ghost face and reached for my brown pants pretty often, and now it’s time to experience that in a new game! If you’re in the same boat, you’re going to love this list of ten games just like Phasmophobia (or maybe even better?).

1. White Noise 2

White Noise 2

Now, let me tell you about White Noise 2! It’s a spooky cooperative horror game where you and your friends play as ghostbusters (no, not the ones with the catchy theme song) trying to solve supernatural mysteries. You know, the usual stuff: gathering clues, exploring creepy locations, and trying not to pee your pants.

As a Phasmophobia enjoyer, you’ll find a bunch of similarities between the two games. But here’s the twist: in White Noise 2, you can actually play as the ghost! It’s time that you get to scare the crap out of your friends instead of just being scared yourself for a change.

In terms of gameplay, White Noise 2 also focuses heavily on teamwork and communication. So, if you’re the kind of person who can’t stand it when your friends don’t listen to your brilliant ideas, this might just be the perfect game for you. No, seriously, this game is especially fun when your friends don’t listen and create messy but absolutely hilarious (and scary) situations.

In many ways, White Noise 2 is like Phasmophobia on steroids, with more cooperative gameplay and the ability to be the ultimate prankster by playing as the ghost. It’s the perfect game for scaring your friends and maybe even making some new ones, and you can do just that by getting the game on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.



Oh boy, are you ready for some demonic fun? Because that’s exactly what Devour is all about! It’s a cooperative horror game that puts you and your friends in the shoes of a group of cultists trying to summon a goat demon named Azazel. I mean, what could go wrong, right? Lots. Lots can go wrong. And that’s the fun!

The gameplay in Devour is similar to Phasmophobia in that you have to investigate different locations and collect items to complete objectives. But here’s the catch: you’re being hunted by a goat demon who wants to eat you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And trust me, he’s not a picky eater, he’ll slurp you up just as happily as he will your friends.

As you wander around the creepy, cultist-infested locations, you have to make sure you have enough goats to sacrifice to Azazel, or else he’ll come after you. It’s like trying to play fetch with a demon dog, but instead of a ball, you throw him a goat, and he’s into it for some reason.

Another similarity with Phasmophobia is that Devour is a cooperative game, so you can’t just run around like a headless chicken (although that might be tempting) and hope for the best. The strategizing from Phasmo will help lots here, as you’ll find out when you try the game on PC.

3. Deceit


Alright, my fellow gamers, it’s time for you to learn about a game that’s sure to test your trust and deception skills: Deceit! Developed by Automaton, Deceit is a multiplayer game that will have you questioning your every move and your every teammate, and it’s not what you think.

The gameplay of Deceit is simple yet challenging. You and five other players wake up in a dark, creepy environment, unsure of how you got there (kinda like after a night of getting wasted and waking up in a field somewhere). But soon enough, you realize that some of you are innocent humans while others are bloodthirsty mutants! That’s no good for you, the humans, as you have to now work together to complete objectives and escape, while the mutants’ want to upon you up like a brisket on Hannukah.

So, where’s the deception, you ask? Well, at the beginning of each game, two of the six players are randomly selected to be the mutants, but they look just like the humans. So, you never know who to trust or who to accuse. You might be working alongside a mutant, and you wouldn’t even know it! In many ways, this game is the original Among Us. As a Phasmophobia fan, you’ll love Deceit too, and you can try it out on PC or Phone.

4. Folklore Hunter

Folklore Hunter

Picture this: You and your friends are lost in a spooky forest, armed with only a flashlight and a sense of adventure. You’re like a bunch of Scooby-Doo wannabes, but instead of unmasking a janitor, you’re hunting down supernatural creatures and collecting evidence. Zoinks!

As you explore the forest and other creepy locations, you’ll come across different creatures, like werewolves and banshees. If you’ve ever played “what’s that noise?” as a kid, this is that but with actual scary monsters, so don’t forget to bring your brown pants!

Coming from Phasmophobia, this game will need you to do the same teamwork and communication that you did to succeed earlier. Gathering clues and tracking down creatures is the goal, and your friends will have to help you out if you guys want to, you know, survive. I find that teamwork is a lot easier when you tell your buddies to think of it as being in a ghostbuster’s movie!

That’s mostly it for the similarities, but where Folklore Hunter stands out is its unique crafting system that allows you to create your own tools and weapons to aid in your hunt. Want to craft a crossbow that shoots silver-tipped arrows? Or a garlic spray that repels vampires? You can do it! The freedom is amazing, and you can try all of it out for yourself on a Windows PC.

5. Ghost Exile

Ghost Exile

As a fan of Phasmophobia who’s looking for another spine-tingling adventure, you should definitely give Ghost Exile a try! This game will have you investigating some seriously creepy locations, all in the name of capturing evidence of ghosts and other supernatural beings. Sounds familiar, right? That’s actually just the tip of the iceberg!

In Ghost Exile, you and your team will be equipped with all sorts of ghost-busting gear, from EMF detectors to spirit boxes to cameras. But that’s not all – this game also features a crafting system that lets you create your own gadgets and weapons to help you in your investigations. Talk about next-level ghost hunting!

While the basic gameplay of Ghost Exile is similar to Phasmophobia, there are some key differences that made it a unique experience for me. For one thing, there’s a combat system that allows you to fight off ghosts when they get too aggressive. It’s actually pretty nice not being completely defenseless against these spooky specters, which makes it a horror game and an action game all rolled into one! Ghost Exile is available on Windows only, too.

6. Pacify


Well, hello there, aspiring paranormal investigator! Sidenote, is that an actual career path? Okay, so, if you’re a fan of Phasmophobia, you’re going to absolutely love Pacify! This game is packed with all the same heart-pumping, ghost-hunting action that you know and love, but with some twists that made me feel like I was playing a completely different game.

In Pacify, you and your team are hired to investigate an old, abandoned house that’s rumored to be haunted. But this isn’t just any haunted house – the devs took the creepiness slider all the way to 110% here. You’ll have to navigate dark corridors, solve puzzles, and avoid being caught by a demonic little girl named Emilia. Kids these days, am I right?

Like we all did a lot in Phasmophobia, you’ll need to collect evidence of paranormal activity to complete your investigation in Pacify. But there’s a catch in Pacify – the house is cursed, and the more evidence you collect, the more powerful Emilia becomes. Imagine being right on the edge of peeing yourself as you try to balance the amount of evidence you collect and the degree to which you make Emilia stronger, it’s no joke! Pacify is a seriously fun game, and it’s playable on both Windows and Mac PCs.

7. Obsideo


Alright horror game enthusiasts, let’s see if you know this interesting little factoid about Obsideo – this entire spine-tingling game was actually developed by a single person! Yup, the creator behind Obsideo managed to craft this eerie adventure all on their own, which is quite a feat. I wonder where people even get the creativity to do such amazing things on their own, I struggle to even draw stick figures.

Now, if you’re a fan of Phasmophobia, then you’re probably wondering how Obsideo stacks up in comparison. Well, there are definitely some similarities between the two games. Both are first-person horror games that require you to investigate creepy locations and hunt down ghosts. Oh, and you’ll be using all the familiar gadgetry as in Phasmophobia, like EMF detectors and cameras to gather evidence and unravel the mystery.

Similarities aside, there are also some key differences that set Obsideo apart from Phasmophobia, the first of which are the procedurally generated environments to keep things fresh and unpredictable. Each playthrough will offer a unique experience, making it even more challenging to track down the ghosts.

Another interesting feature of Obsideo is its use of darkness as a gameplay mechanic, letting you do your best Batman impression! To try Obsideo, you’ll need a Windows PC.

8. Sign of Silence

Sign of Silence

People really seem to dig Sign of Silence, and I can see why – this game is spook-tacular! The abandoned town setting is full of creepy visuals and chilling sound effects that will have you jumping out of your skin (not literally…hopefully). And with gameplay elements like puzzle-solving, combat, and stealth, you’ll be on the edge of your seat the whole time, just the way a horror game player likes.

The reason I think Phasmophobia players will like this game is that both games are all about investigating paranormal activity and gathering clues. Apart from that though, you’ll find that Sign of Silence has more of an action-packed focus, with enemies to fight and danger around every corner. So, if you’re looking for a more combat-heavy experience, this game might be right up your alley!

Also, if that sounds like there isn’t much horror to it, trust me – there are still plenty of scares to be had in Sign of Silence, and if you’re a horror fan, you’ll definitely want to give it a try. Who knows, you might even find yourself switching allegiances from ghosts to monsters! The game is entirely on PC, but they made sure to include Mac users too.

9. Emily Wants to Play

Emily Wants To Play

Ah, Emily Wants to Play – a game that’s both spooky and perplexing, like trying to do calculus while riding a roller coaster. But is it a good alternative to Phasmophobia? Well, let’s find out!

On the one hand, Emily Wants to Play is going to get your heart thumping as you’re being chased around by creepy entities and wondering if you should have packed an extra pair of pants. It also has a knack for jump scares that make you spill your popcorn all over the floor, so you’re right at home coming from Phasmophobia.

But, here’s the thing – Emily Wants to Play is a bit more of a brain-teaser than Phasmophobia. You’ll need to think pretty hard at times to figure out the patterns and behaviors of the dolls and clowns that are out for your blood.

Think of it as playing chess, but you’re moving your terrified avatar around a darkened house and not the horsey piece. Sounds like fun, right? I think you know where this is going; try it out on PS4, Xbox, PC, VR, or Phone, and find out if it’s your next obsession!

10. GTFO


First off, the biggest similarity this game has to Phasmophobia is that co-op is king in both games! In Phasmophobia, you and your ghost-hunting posse work together to capture paranormal activity. And in GTFO, you and your team of scavengers fight to survive against a horde of monsters. It’s all about working together to make it out alive.

Both games also require you to manage your resources like a boss (do people still say that?). In Phasmophobia, you had ghost-hunting gadgets at your disposal, and in GTFO, you’ve got to stay stocked up on ammo and equipment if you want to make it through the monster onslaught. So, be smart, use your head, and once again, stay alive!

Basically, the gameplay revolves around going from objective to objective on the map, where each objective is in a new area. You get to the new area, and bam! There’s a bunch of super deadly monsters hiding and waiting to be alerted by your presence so they can, you know, obliterate you and your friends after also calling their own horde-buddies. So, you either avoid them, kill them sneakily, or go guns blazing (not advised)!

If you’re looking for an action game that’s based on the same teamwork formula from Phasmo, you’ll love GTFO as my friends, and I did. To try it out, you can get it only on a Windows PC for now.

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That finishes it up for now! There are a lot of places you can go to get your horror game fix, but it takes a special few to get the magic just right like Phasmophobia. With these ten games on your list, I’m sure you’ll have hours of fun and lots of brown-pants events, so dim the lights and jump straight in! Until next time, good luck and have fun.

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