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Top 11 Games Like Spiritfarer Everyone Needs to Play

Games Like Spiritfarer

Did Spiritfarer leave you feeling like a hollowed-out version of yourself from before you played this game? It starts off slowly, but it really gets real as you progress further and have to say your first goodbye to a spirit. Well, if you’ve sent all the spirits off, it’s time to pick a new adventure about bonding and connection from this list of eleven games like Spiritfarer! Without further ado, let’s get into it:

1. Hades

Hades is one of the most fun roguelike games I’ve ever played, and as a fan of Spiritfarer, there’s lots to love here! One notable difference, though, straight off the bat, is that Hades revolves a lot around combat, which is a core mechanic and defines your progress through the game.

What makes Spiritfarer so loved by everyone is the story, the characters, and how it appeals to your emotions with the spirits. In that respect, Hades does a really good job in its characters which are all based around Greek mythology – mostly Gods. In every run, you get a boon from any one of several Greek Gods, and as you progress through the game, you get to uncover the story bit by bit and meet new characters.

Coming from Spiritfarer, you’ll love the voice acting, art style, and Greek mythology theme in Hades, which is also present in Spiritfarer, though to a lesser extent. If you’re looking for an alternative to Spiritfarer that has some of the best roguelike combat ever – you can’t go wrong with Hades.

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, MacOS, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X and S, Mac OS.

2. Passage

Passage is one of the cutest side-scrolling games out there, and it’s actually been out for quite a while! Having been released in 2007, this is one of those games that are just timeless because their art style still holds up all these years later. The art isn’t the only thing that’s worth loving as a Spiritfarer fan, though.

The gameplay in Passage couldn’t be farther from that of Spiritfarer, but at the same time, you’re kind of doing the same thing – taking the ephemeral journey of life until it comes to an end. Here, instead of guiding spirits to their forever home, you’re the one who’s going to meet your end when you complete your journey.

They say it’s all about the journey, and that really is true for this game – you navigate through a maze in the game, and on your way to the end, you can also meet your significant other. Aging by the second, you both go around exploring the area for treasures and finding out what life’s meaning really is in this short but striking little game.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, iOS, Unix, Mac operating systems, Classic Mac OS, Nintendo DSi.

3. Bear and Breakfast

The two words that might as well define the meaning of life, Bear and Breakfast, is an indie game that’s lovable from start to finish. While Spiritfarer definitely lets you take things at whatever pace you want, it’s a bit hard to be at ease when you have the undertone of spirits constantly saying goodbye to you forever.

In contrast, Bear and Breakfast is a wholesome game that’s all about exploration, resource management, base-building, socializing, and more! Playing as Hank, who might be the most adorable bear you’ve ever seen in your life, you basically go around finding buildings to restore and turn into – you guessed it – bed and breakfasts.

Since you’re as cute as you are, you’re also really good at your job and make sure each of these locations are successful. By gathering materials from all the exploration you’ll do, you craft items for your guests while also using them to complete side quests. With plenty of these quests spread out everywhere, you learn more and more about the characters, a lot like you learned about the spirits in Spiritfarer, bringing you ever closer to each other. Except this time, there’s no need for an eternal goodbye; you can just happily fare through life together forever!

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows.

4. A Short Hike

A Short Hike definitely understates the undertaking our protagonist has to go through, which they’re really anxious for but know they have to do it. What helps on a hike, though, is being a bird! As you prepare to fly to the highest local peak so you can get cell reception for a really important phone call, you also prepare yourself for a journey that forever changes you.

Just like Spiritfarer, the gameplay is in the journey here, not the destination – the peak. On your way to the peak, you’ll meet tons of new characters, interact and bond with them like the spirits from Spiritfarer, and go on your journey to the peak together. What you might like a bit better than Spiritfarer is that there’s no overarching theme of death here, but that can also be a bit of a caveat because it arguably takes away from the emotional impact of the game.

This game is short, sweet, and relaxing, all of which is what makes Spiritfarer fun in the times you’re not saying goodbye to anyone. If you loved the periods between those goodbyes and found that that’s the place you’d like to stay in for just a bit longer, A Short Hike is the momentary bliss you’ve been searching for.

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Linux, Microsoft Windows, MacOS.

5. Wandersong

Spiritfarer is a lot of things, and one of those includes being a musical masterpiece. The soundtrack is great, but that’s not all that it does good – it also incorporates it into the gameplay and makes for an interactive experience that games nowadays just don’t do. That is games apart from Wandersong.

If you thought Spiritfarer had a bleak outlook on life, Wandersong takes that and ups it to another level by setting you up in an end-of-the-world situation. Naturally, just because the world is ending doesn’t mean things have to be all bad and depressing; they can actually be quite the opposite! Wandersong really exemplifies this in the way it incorporates music and melody into the entire gameplay and puzzle-solving mechanics.

Like the garden growing mini-game from Spiritfarer, you’ll be hitting the right notes at the right time in Wandersong in order to move around, platform, and solve the puzzles, which create a sense of progress here. Not only that, but even the combat here revolves around music and hitting the right song on the music wheel! If you loved the soundtrack from Spiritfarer and just can’t get it out of your head, this game might have a thing or two to add to that – in a good way.

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Amazon Luna, Classic Mac OS.

6. Oxenfree

Oxenfree is another cute indie video game that reveals its deep and dark themes as you get further into it. Gotta always be on your toes on this list! It shares a bunch of thematic and emotional elements with Spiritfarer, making it the perfect alternative for you, but of course, with its own twists to it.

Oxenfree takes a narrative-driven approach to the game with a focus on character development and emotional storytelling – you play as a teenager named Alex, who, along with her friends, unwittingly opens a ghostly rift on an abandoned island, leading to a series of supernatural events. Like Spiritfarer, you’ll be venturing through friendship, loss, and the power of choices, which are a core mechanic here.

As a fan of Spiritfarer, if you’re looking for a game with a similar art style and some common themes, Oxenfree has an eerie, atmospheric soundtrack that creates an enchanting atmosphere much like it. Along with being captivating and thought-provoking, this game has a darker take on things as you explore Alex’s journey through the mystical world of Edwards Island.

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Android, Xbox One, iOS, Linux, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Mac operating systems.

7. Afterparty

On the topic of Oxenfree, this game is another hidden gem made by the same guys over at Nightschool Studio! Afterparty is a game that really takes creativity to the max in the way it plays on its name. The premise is that two best friends – Lola and Milo – are at a graduation party where they’re supposed to be having fun, but things take a turn for the worse.

And by that, I mean that they die. And they go to hell. And that’s their afterparty! Probably not what they had in mind, but the game doesn’t take as grim and eerie of a turn as Oxenfree would have you expect. Instead, Nightschool thrives on some lighthearted humor, tons of alcohol (which is highly appropriate for an afterparty), and of course, demons that have voice acting so convincing you might actually believe you’re in Hell.

If you’re looking for an indie game that’s all about a fun story, characters that you’ll fall in love with, and a gameplay experience that resembles Spiritfarer, then Afterparty is the lighthearted alternative to Spiritfarer that Oxenfree couldn’t be. After the emotional turmoil we went through in Spiritfarer, it’s only fair that you get something a bit more comedic but still has a grim setting, and this game balances the act in the best possible way.

Platforms: macOS, Nintendo Switch, PS4 & PS5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

8. Cozy Grove

Similar to how you helped so many spirits complete their journey to the afterlife in Spiritfarer, Cozy Grove is a game that takes that concept and implements it in one of the most wholesome ways. The game stars you as the Spirit Scout, the caretaker of an island where ghosts and spirits roam around, not knowing who they are or why they’re here.

As the Spirit Scout, you take care of these ghosts by completing their quests, which also help them remember details about themselves bit by bit. Since you’re helping them, even though they’re technically ‘haunting’ the island, they grow to like you and be affectionate since you’re helping them rediscover themselves – literally.

Spiritfarer shows us just how much of an impact the bonds we create with characters can have on our emotions, and Cozy Grove aims for the same thing but in the most heartwarming of ways. As you help more and more ghosts, you fill the entire island with color, and you’ll certainly be doing it for a while, as the game features more than 40 odd hours of gameplay and activities to do.

Platforms: PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Xbox Series X and S, Mac OS.

9. Before Your Eyes

This is one of the few games where eye tracking is actually the best way to play it – it’s literally based around your eyes! Before Your Eyes is a narrative-driven game where you find yourself in a boat that’s being piloted by a ferryman. This is no ordinary ferryman, though, as you’re soon about to find out.

Upon coming to your senses, you’re told that you’re one of many souls who’ve been chosen for judgment. If you pass, you get to enter paradise – Gatekeeper’s paradise, to be specific. Fail though, and you’ll find yourself either stuck in limbo or on your way to hell. To avoid these grim outcomes, you have to tell the ferryman the story of your life, and it has to be good enough to get you in paradise, or, you know, eternal damnation awaits you.

Before Your Eyes, like Spiritfarer, has the same theme of a peaceful transition to the afterlife, but in this case, you’re the protagonist who is traveling instead of the ferryman who takes passengers there. With the goal of making your life story convincing enough to get you into paradise, the game definitely makes you work for it, but it’s really all worth it in the end – not because you end up in paradise, but because you get to go on a journey through your (in-game) life all over again.

Platforms: PlayStation VR2, Android, iOS, Linux, Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Mac operating systems.

10. Night in the Woods

Night in the Woods is another game that really showcases the ability of a strong, emotionally impactful game to draw its players in. It doesn’t need AAA backing, nor does it need any fancy bells and whistles – it’s a game that’s carried solely by its narrative, characters, and storytelling, a lot like Spiritfarer!

In Night in the Woods, you play as Mae Borowski, a young cat who returns to her hometown of Possum Springs after dropping out of college. The game follows her as she reconnects with her friends and explores the town, uncovering a mysterious story that blends elements of drama, humor, and supernatural intrigue. The game’s narrative and character interactions are the standout features which, you guessed it, is exactly why it’s such a good alternative to Spiritfarer.

This game has a rich, narrative-driven experience with well-developed characters and a unique, hand-drawn art style that we’ve almost become used to after all the games on this list. Along with that, where Spiritfarer focuses on bonding with characters that you slowly learn more and more about, this game deals with themes of mental health, identity, and the struggles of young adulthood. If finishing Spiritfarer really made you stop and think about things and life in general for a bit, this game will double down on that feeling for you and make for a strongly memorable experience.

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS.

11. Mutazione

Mutazione is a lot like Spiritfarer if you replaced the spirits with mutant islanders instead, and you also don’t have to ferry them to the afterlife. From beginning to end, this game is about meeting the characters on the island, discovering how special they are, and forming bonds with them that you’ll remember long after you’ve finished the game.

As Kay, the granddaughter of this island’s previous caretaker, it’s your life’s purpose to explore the island and take care of the plants and trees that are planted there from seeds you discovered. As you progress, you get newer seeds, plant those, nurture them, and so on. Along the way, you run into the island’s inhabitants, who are really the heart and soul of the game.

When you meet a mutant, you’re assigned a task or a quest by them. As you know very well from Spiritfarer, these tasks are pretty much opportunities to know them better, disguised in the form of a mundane activity. The more tasks you do for them, the more you learn about them and the closer you get with each character. That’s really all this game is about – exploring the value of friendship and the stories that everyone has to tell, which is what made Spiritfarer such a beloved game and does the same for Mutazione.

Platforms: macOS, iOS, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Atari VCS, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

On that note, we’ve reached the end of our list of games like Spiritfarer! There aren’t many games out there that hit emotionally deep enough to make a grown man cry, but Spiritfarer and all of its various alternatives on this list can certainly make a strong case for it. As a fan of games about friendship and bonding, which of these eleven alternatives do you have your eye on next? Let me know in the comments, and until the next one, good luck, and have fun with all your gaming adventures!

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