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Top 10 Games Like Sudoku You Should Play in 2024

Games Like Sudoku

Sudoku was that one game on your dad’s phone that you could never figure out how to play as a kid. That is, until you did! Whether it took you a couple minutes or a couple years to figure it out, it’s an addictive game for sure, and if you’re looking for similar games that’ll get you addicted in the same way, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’re going to go over ten of the best games like Sudoku and why you’ll absolutely love them:

1. Wordoku

Wordoku isn’t complicated. In fact, it’s super simple – you can figure it out just from the name! It’s sudoku but you replace the numbers with words and alphabets instead. This definitely means that the game gets a lot more complicated since instead of 9 numbers, you’ve got 26 alphabets, but we all know that’s where the fun really is.

If you’re looking for a unique way to play sudoku, Wordoku might be just the right kind of whacky that gets you going. Plus, if you’re a sudoku player who also happens to love crosswords or scrabble, then this game might be the best ever game that you’ve played! More than just being another sudoku clone, this game really tests just how well you know your patterns and how that skill transfers over to the alphabet.

Platforms: Web Browser and Mobile.

2. Numbrix

With Numbrix, we’re taking a departure from the sudoku formula for a game that also utilizes a number grid and puzzles, but in a rather unique way. In this game, your objective is to write numbers that make a link and keep it going for as long as possible – until the grid runs out.

Numbrix is a fairly simple game to understand, but the game can make things difficult for you by not telling you what the last number will be or by giving you a larger grid, which adds a bit of mental gymnastics to it. If you’re looking for a game that still keeps the numbers, grid, and pattern recognition from sudoku, Numbrix is a worthwhile addition to your gaming repertoire!

Platforms: Web Browser and Mobile.

3. Hidato

Hidato sees what Numbrix did and says, “Hmm, not complicated enough,” and responds by adding another dimension to the game. The result is a continuous chain of numbers that can go vertically, horizontally, and even diagonally!

This addition can definitely be twofold, too – more directions also mean more options to keep the puzzle going, but it all has to end somewhere. This means that the mental calculations you have to do are also a lot larger here. As a pro tip, it helps to visualize the square blocks as hexagons instead of squares since this game adds diagonal linking as well. If you looked at Numbrix and it seemed a bit too simplistic for you, Hidato might be just the right level of complexity you need coming from Sudoku!

Platforms: Web Browser.

4. Kakuro

Kakuro is the perfect alternative to the classic sudoku vibes because it’s like sudoku met a crossword and created a fusion of numerical logic and wordy puzzles! Offering a fresh and engaging challenge, Kakuro tasks players with filling a grid using the clues provided as the sum of consecutive digits in rows or columns. 

The unique combination of deductive reasoning and number placement makes the whole puzzle-solving experience super dynamic – no two puzzles can ever be the same. If you’re a sudoku aficionado looking for a fresh mental challenge, Kakuro is your ticket to a whole new world of numeric excitement. Plus, since it’s actually a lot harder in comparison to sudoku, you might also get addicted to learning it and getting better and better until you’re a pro!

Platforms: Web Browser and Mobile.

5. Latin Squares

Latin Squares is a pretty refreshing change from the familiar world of sudoku. Instead of navigating a 9×9 grid with numbers, you work with symbols, such as numbers or letters, making sure each of them appears just once in every row and column. 

It’s a bit like sudoku but with its own set of rules and challenges. The key in this game is to think strategically and solve the puzzle while making the best of any hints that are given to you. Alternatively, if you’re a hardcore player, you might switch the hints off entirely! If you’re in the mood for a puzzle that shakes things up a bit and couples it with an added layer of complexity, give Latin squares a shot. They’re different, unique, and just similar enough to sudoku where you won’t feel like you’ve landed in a whole foreign world.

Platforms: Web Browser and Mobile.

6. Futoshiki

If you’ve been a longtime sudoku enthusiast, only the best of the best would appeal to you, so let me introduce you to Futoshiki—an engrossing puzzle that’s like a breath of fresh air in the same familiar season! In Futoshiki, your mission is to fill a grid with numbers, but the catch (of course, there has to be one) is that you need to follow specific inequality rules between adjacent squares. 

Like a lot of the other alternatives in this list, this game also takes the core of sudoku but adds a little bit more complexity to it. The challenge, then, is for you to figure out the correct order while adhering to these inequality constraints. It’s a perfect transition for someone with your sudoku skills, along with a fresh twist that’ll keep your strategic thinking sharp!

Platforms: Web Browser and Mobile.

7. Jigsaw Sudoku

Logically speaking, the first place to look for games like sudoku is sudoku’s variations! This has to be one of the best ones since it offers a whole visual adventure for you to spice things up. In this variation, the traditional 9×9 grid is divided into irregular-shaped regions, a lot like you’d see on a jigsaw, which makes things interesting, to say the least, since you no longer have the familiar number placement. 

The puzzle shapes you have here will make the whole static sudoku experience extremely dynamic and engaging, and you’ll need to adapt your strategies and approach if you’re going to be solving these. If plain old sudoku just isn’t cutting it anymore for you, which I’m guessing it isn’t, then Jigsaw Sudoku is probably going to be the spark to your flame.

Platforms: Web Browser and Mobile.

8. Math Crossword Puzzles

If you’ve spent countless hours mastering Sudoku and find joy in just discovering the secrets of number puzzles, you might actually love falling into the rabbit hole of math crossword puzzles! Each of them will be unique, yes, but that’s just more opportunities to diversify your skills and get even better at various puzzles. Also, since they’re all math puzzles, they share a bunch of similarities in terms of logical reasoning and numerical challenges that you’re probably already insanely good at. 

In the world of math crosswords, your mission is basically to crack equations and complete the grid, which eventually leads to the creation of a weave of numbers into a crossword-style landscape. It’s a pretty unique concept, honestly, which makes it just the kind of freshness you’re looking to add to your puzzle-solving repertoire! If the best part of sudoku for you was the calculations and pattern recognition, then math crossword puzzles will absolutely be your next favorite.

Platforms: Web Browser and Mobile.

9. Logic Dots 2

Have you ever played Battleship? You know, the game where you try to guess where your opponent’s ships are on a hidden grid, and they do the same until one of you loses all of your ships, that one. Well, now you can play it with the magic of sudoku and logic added to it!

Logic Dots 2 is just that – a combination of Battleship and sudoku and probably some other games too, and it creates a fun experience that’s just unlike anything else. You target your opponent’s ships by putting a number of points in a row and column, and these will define where your battleships fire on the opponent’s armada. Miss, and you’ve got some nasty surprises coming your way. This game adds an element of suspense to sudoku that just isn’t there in the original.

Platforms: Web Browser and Mobile.

10. Chess

Chess is an alternative for those of you who want something really different. Few people are strangers to chess, but getting into the details, you’ll love that it has the same grid-based platform to play on, and numbers actually have a lot more to do with it than might seem on the surface.

In chess, your objective is to checkmate your opponent’s king – attack it in a way that leaves it no place to go, and there are no pieces left to protect it by sacrificing themselves. Getting there isn’t so simple, though. Your pieces range in value from 1 (pawn), 3 (minor piece), 5 (rook), and 9 (queen). As the game progresses, you’ll have to make a ton of calculations and see if the ending position benefits you over your opponent. This means a lot of pieces will be traded, and you’re going to look for the trades that leave you up some point(s) of material. Chess is a rabbit hole on its own, so if you’re looking to get into it, expect to come out the other side months or years later!

Platforms: Web Browser and Mobile.

With that last, rather radical suggestion, we’re all done with this list of games like Sudoku. There are a lot of games out there that play their own spin on the sudoku formula, and I’m sure you’ve seen your fair share of them, but I think these ten have to be the best alternatives currently playable. So, which one have you decided on? Is it one that isn’t on this list? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll see you there!

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