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Top 11 Games Like Survivor.io You Should Play in 2024

Games Like Survivor.io

Have you just completed the main story in Survivor.io and don’t know what to do with life anymore? Well, for starters, you’ve come to the right place – now I’m going to help you find your next survival adventure! Featuring roleplay, combat, and of course, lots of survival elements, these games are going to keep you feeling right at home after playing Survivor.io.

1. Hades

Hades is a contender for the best roguelike game ever made, but it’s admittedly a bit different from most of the entries on this list. Instead of levels that you have to pass, in Hades, you spawn as the son of Hades and need to make your way through a whole adventure to complete its story.

This can be a bit overwhelming at first – how are you supposed to complete the whole thing without ever dying once? Well, once you get the hang of the mechanics, the boons (special abilities as blessings from Greek Gods), and the enemies you fight, you’ll be absolutely speeding through the first few sections. As you go along, you get to enjoy the extraordinary art style of Hades, character design, and voice acting, all of which is top notch.

If you love a good story game but also absolutely need it to be a roguelike where survival is everything, Hades is a game you’ll just fall in love with. The gameplay, story, mechanics, and everything else are perfectly tuned and make for a game that honestly deserves to win a Game of the Year award at this point. As a fan of roguelikes, Hades has to be number one on your list of games to play.

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, macOS, iOS, Xbox Series X and S, Microsoft Windows.

2. Magic Survival

Magic Survival is one of the best mobile RPG games out there. Crafted by LEME, the game is set in a mystical universe teeming with enchantment, where you, as a resilient Homunculus, must navigate the perils of a wizard war against relentless mutant spirits. The game unfolds with a simple yet progressively challenging gameplay loop – dash across the war-torn landscape, fight a whole myriad of wizards, and unlock new skills as you beat the quests.

What I loved most about Magic Survival had to be its graphics, which put a unique spin on common art styles featuring an unseen protagonist represented by a mysterious black silhouette. This unique visual design also has a way of adding a lot more intrigue to your whole journey. As you venture deeper into the magical realm, managing your Mana becomes pivotal – a source of strength for your mystical character that evolves with each level.

Every level you win not only propels you forward but also gives you a ton of useful stuff for combat! This includes explodey stuff like explosive fireballs and arcane effusions, both of which make you a lot stronger in battle. And if that’s not enough, you’ve also got the potential for tons of long-run fun because, after level 25, you get to make unknown potions too, leaving you to experiment infinitely! Sort of, but it’s close enough.

Platforms: Android.

3. Soul Knight

With a player base going way over 50 million, Soul Knight has earned its stripes for delivering an unforgettable experience that unfolds in a magical realm dominated by guns and swords. Here, you’re adventuring on a quest to reclaim a stolen mystical stone from a high-tech alien group that’s plunging the world into chaos. As the main character, you’ll be navigating through dungeons armed with a whole freaking arsenal of over 400 weapons, from swords and guns to shovels, as you confront waves upon waves of aliens, zombies, and goblins.

Soul Knight has some of the most seamlessly balanced gameplay, offering a mix of straightforward controls alongside complex challenges that’ll really take a while to get through. Armed with a gun and sword, you go into randomly generated dungeons, encountering not only aliens but also a bunch of creatures in dark forests and mysterious dungeons. Spooky and dangerous.

With such a huge player base, the game is constantly updated with ever-evolving skills and weapons, ensuring that each encounter feels fresh and unpredictable. Additionally, the inclusion of more than 20 unique heroes, ranging from elf archers to rogue heroes, caters to pretty much every playstyle out there, letting you have your virtual survival experience exactly how you want.

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS.

4. Lonely Survivor

Lonely Survivor might sound like a desolate and, well, lonely game from the name, but it’s actually not that at all! You play as a female protagonist here and go on a journey to obliterate entire armies in your quest for survival. As a fan of Survivor.io, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to things you’ll love in this game:

Created with a roguelike platform in mind, Lonely Survivor is all about killing enemies and picking up all the loot they drop. Eventually, you defeat an entire army, collect all the gold and XP, and use it to upgrade your skills and level up. You’re gonna need all the XP you can get, too, since scaling is pretty challenging in this game, and enemies will start to overwhelm you if you’re too weak.

Along with its exhilarating and fun gameplay, Lonely Survivor is certainly a looker too. Things are bright and colorful, the world is vibrant, and the graphics are as pretty as they need to be for a game like this. Combining your upgraded skills with your combat and magic to beat all of the hardest hordes in the game is the highlight of Lonely Survivor, and it’s a perfect alternative for fans of Survivor.io.

Platforms: Android, iOS.

5. Vampire Survivors

Vampires are almost always bad news, and in this case, it’s particularly bad news for you since you can’t run or hide – you’ll have to fight through them. Now, wait just a minute; how many of them are there, and are they all coming for you? Yes. That is all.

The premise of the game is that the gates of hell opened, and every single vampire in there has come back to the world to haunt it. On this world is your character, the protagonist, and now you have to fight and kill all of them and survive until dawn graces your skin and saves you. While the sun burns the vampires, you get a moment of peace until it’s time to go to the next stage and do it all over again!

The game is a ton of fun to play for fans of Survivor.io with all of its different weapons, upgrades for your character that let you obliterate more and more vampires, and the various stages that are each different from the rest. As a single-player roguelike game, you can take as long or as short of a time period as you need to finish this game, though it’ll be pretty challenging whichever way you go.

Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox series X and S, Xbox cloud gaming, Microsoft Windows, Mac operating systems, Android, and iOS.

6. 20 Minutes Till Dawn

20 Minutes Till Dawn is a lot like Vampire Survivors, except you’re not fighting vampires here – you’re thrown into the face of a horde of monsters that also fear the sun but thrive in the night. To fight them, you’re going to have just a little bit of time before night arrives and, with it, the horde.

The game is a roguelike, just like most of the entries on this list, which means you drop into battle, choose a build, upgrade it as much as you can and in the best possible way, and hope that you can survive the night. As you progress, you keep getting stronger, but so does the army of monsters coming to have you for supper.

As far as survival roguelikes go, 20 Minutes Till Dawn follows one of the most classic formulas and lets you have a quick, casual session of shooting down beasts that won’t require much time investment. Plus, with the sheer number of perks available in this game, there are a lot of different strategies you can use, which all work to beat the monsters. Of course, some of these are more effective than others, so it’s up to you to figure out which one is best!

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Android.

7. Super Wizard

Super Wizard is another challenging but super exciting roguelike action game that melds together magic skills and combat mechanics, all of which are used to beat your enemies in the most fantastical way possible! As the unique MC, characterized by a petite figure, red eyes, and the iconic wizard hat, you’ll be fighting these battles against an onslaught of enemies.

Armed with both magic and weapons, all the skills you’ve learned in Survivor.io will be put to the test as you rely on distant combat techniques to navigate through waves of attackers. The game also looks pretty good; it’s got vibrant colors and effects, along with a charming protagonist. Super Wizard’s selection of magic skills and abilities, totaling more than 20 and 10, respectively, is what it uses to give you the freedom to combine these skills. This means personalized and powerful battle tones!

The monstrous bosses you fight in this game have a ton of unique features, including destructive special abilities, each of which will require strategizing on your part to win. There are also a lot of collectibles, such as weapons, rings, and armor, along with hunting and upgrade mechanisms, keeping things fresh and letting you engage in a lot of different things all at once.

Platforms: Android, iOS.

8. Brotato

If you’re telling me with a straight face that you’ve never wanted to play as a potato that goes around shooting people, I’m just going to assume you’re a good liar. In this game, not only are you a roguelike potato shooter, but you’re also able to shoot things with six weapons at a time. With all the hordes coming at you, even that might feel a bit meager, but let’s amuse ourselves with the image of a potato wielding six weapons for a bit first.

The game scales things similar to Survivor.io but not exactly like it – you get to buy things and trade them in order to get stronger and stronger as you go on. These definitely help, but it’s your survival combat skills from Survivor that’ll get you through the armies. One thing I love about Brotato is that it doesn’t bombard you with the same couple of monsters each time – it’s got a good amount of variety in each horde, and you’ll need to be on your A-game to beat them all.

And that’s not all, either! It’s also got its own unique features, such as fast-run, which lets you go through the armies as fast as you possibly can – there are no breaks. Add to that the plethora of weapons it lets you choose from, character customization that actually does something to your character, and the core gameplay, which is extremely solid, and you have a game that’s just a blast to play.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows.

9. Undead City: Zombie Survivor

These damn zombies just keep showing up in every game we play! This time, it’s the whole city that you’re in, and as the hero, it’s up to you to save everyone from them. As a roguelike where things come at you in hordes, you’re going to be right at home in this game coming from Survivor.io.

Undead City has a really nice premise where it doesn’t pit you against the armies of zombies all by yourself – you’ve got partners that’ll help you out where you need them. Not only does that make things just a tad easier sometimes, but it also makes it feel less isolated while you’re out there fighting for your life. Once again, distant combat, complementary weapons and strategies, and your overall survival skills are going to be the name of the game here.

On the journey to save your city from zombies and bring it back to its former glory, the game takes you through its skill tree, which is full of choices, a large collection of battles that end with a boss fight, and its mana-mechanic that’s unlike anything out there. If you’re looking for a fresh alternative to Survivor.io, this is the lively survival roguelike you’ve been waiting for.

Platforms: Android, iOS.

10. Project Clean Earth

Project Clean Earth is a pretty unique entry on our list of roguelikes – this one opts for slashing and dashing your way through the hordes instead of just shooting them from afar! That means things happen pretty up close here, but as long as you’re well equipped (and you are, as a seasoned Survivor.io player), things don’t get out of hand. Well, mostly.

Playing as Bernard – an extraterrestrial hero who’s come to save humanity from their radioactive pollution, you’re going to be fighting all kinds of weird creatures that radiation creates. I’m talking large eyeballs with spider legs, some sort of slithering snails that have the jaws of a shark, and even some creatures that resemble bigfoot! These are just a few of the plethora of enemies you’re going to be fighting.

All of it having the pixelated art style of Project Clean Earth really sets the picture here – it’s a game that takes you back to the good old days of retro gaming and does so without any of the pains that old games had. With things like random events, combat mechanics, and tons of weapon combos, there’s a lot to love here for Survivor.io fans.

Platforms: Android, iOS.

11. Archero

Some of you might be confused about why this game is so far down the list – I just wanted to give the others a shot too! Archero is a roguelike that’s among the most similar ones to Survivor.io because, well, it’s made by the same guys that made Survivor. Not just that, it’s also one of the best roguelikes ever made, with diehard fans that’ll probably even prefer it over Survivor.io.

In Archero, you get all of the good stuff you love from Survivor but with a fresh take layered on top of everything. This means that you’re all comfy in your mechanics and skills, but it’s never to the point where you feel like you’re literally just playing the same game. As we expect, there are lots of different skills that you need to use in order to get anywhere in this game, which leads you to develop new strategies and tactics to beat the hordes fast.

Archero is absolutely packed with content, and one of the best things about it has to be the Contract Quests you can do – objectives that, if you complete, you get an extra kickback! The further you go, the more there is to do in this game, which means you can sink hundreds upon hundreds of hours in this game and never even notice – especially with how good the minimalist graphics look, too!

Platforms: Android, iOS.

That wraps up this list of games like Survivor.io – a list full of variety and a ton of games that capture the essence of what makes our beloved game so great. With so many games to choose from, which one have you finally decided on? Let me know down in the comments, and I’ll see you right there!

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