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Top 11 Games Like The Room Worth Playing in 2024

Games Like The Room

Looking for a game that has puzzles with the same depth, challenge, and realism as The Room? It might seem like there’s nothing out there quite like it, which is true to an extent, but you’d be surprised at what you’ll find in this list of eleven games just like it! Everything from minimalism to the full-on realism of The Room is replicated in one way or another here, so let’s get into it starting with:

1. The Room VR: A Dark Matter

If you’re a fan of The Room games, I’m guessing you’ve already played all the other sequels that are available on mobile and even PC, but I think this one definitely flew under the radar for a lot of players! With how immersive The Room games are, can you imagine playing one in VR? With this, you no longer have to imagine:

The Room VR: A Dark Matter is exactly what it sounds like – the classic puzzle-solving experience created in a virtual world where you really get immersed in the game. Almost to the point where it gets creepy, almost. The experience of finding an object on a table, finding a castle within it, venturing into that castle, and then various rooms within that castle that contain even more objects with details – it’s almost never-ending.

Experiencing all of this in VR is a feeling unlike anything else, especially with the depth perception that a VR headset gives you. If you’re looking for a game like The Room but have yet to try this one out, I think this is a no-brainer and has to be on the top of your list.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Meta Quest, PlayStation 5.

2. Monument Valley

Monument Valley is another puzzle game targeted towards mobile gamers that just has some of the most beautiful and intricate puzzles of any game out there. The unique way of aligning things and recognizing patterns we’ve come to love so much in The Room takes center stage in Monument Valley, but that’s not all you’ll love.

Monument Valley has a really minimalist art style where every frame, and I mean every single frame of the game could be a wallpaper for your phone. You play as the protagonist who goes on an epic spiritual journey within Monument Valley, and you make progress by, you guessed it, solving its various puzzles.

From rotating the level to a certain level of degrees to standing on platforms, interacting with objects, and so much more, there are a lot of variances in every single stage in this game. While it doesn’t have the depth that The Room does (let’s face it, which game really does?), it’s probably among the ones that come closest while still maintaining their own unique identity.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone.

3. Hocus

Not to be confused with Hocus Pocus, this game is another puzzle-solving game that doesn’t aspire to be much like The Room but rather cements itself as a great game on its own within the genre. It’s got a similar minimalist aesthetic to Monument Valley, which puts it apart from The Room, but there’s a lot of appeal here if you like puzzles.

In Hocus, you get a game that takes simple puzzles and makes them as confusing and elusive as possible. This makes for an experience where blatantly obvious things can often take you a while to figure out, especially when you’re just getting the hang of things, which is part of what I loved about it so much.

Hocus is a great game if you want something that’s packed with content, doesn’t break the bank to buy, and puts you through a plethora of illusions before letting you figure out the relatively simple puzzle at its core. As a puzzle game, it’s a ton of fun and definitely a good time-passer, but admittedly not as spectacular as The Room was. In particular, a lot of people were unhappy with the control system in this game, which is painfully imprecise at times.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Mac, PC.

4. Zen Bound 2

Zen Bound 2 is strikingly similar to The Room, especially in the way it looks – the graphics are realistic, the objects and textures are high resolution and detailed, and there’s a lot of brain-teasing happening at every corner. If you need something that doesn’t stray far from what The Room offers, this is a great option:

Zen Bound 2, as the name suggests, is a game where you can really be Zen. This is actually unlike The Room, which at times could even be considered a psychological horror game with its excellent sound design and enthralling atmosphere. Here, you can relax and take your time with every puzzle, not worrying about time limits or, you know, some random ghost popping up behind you.

That’s also not to say that this game is easy – it’s definitely relaxing, but it’s not going to let you progress if you’re not willing to put effort and thought into each puzzle. The puzzles are challenging, even if they’re simple and relaxing on the surface, which gives this game the depth that it desperately needs. If you’re considering playing this game, I’d highly recommend you play it on the Switch – the PC version doesn’t feel as nice as the other ones.

Platforms: Linux, Mac, PC, Switch.

5. The Silent Age

Sometimes, it’s not a mainstream hero who saves the world; it’s not the likely candidate who does it – it’s someone you’d never expect. Kind of like Ratatouille, not anyone can be a hero, but a great hero can come from anywhere. In this case, it’s a janitor named Joe, and he’s going to save the world!

Joe may not look like much, and that’s because he isn’t, but with your help, he really is going to save the world by solving a plethora of puzzles and problems that are plaguing it. The core of this game lies in time travel, which really makes it a lot deeper and unique and really gives a lot of substance to the plot. Plus, you know, time travel is just cool.

Unlike The Room and other games in this genre, this isn’t really a first-person POV game where you go stage by stage. Instead, there are multiple locations, characters, and a whole world where the game takes place – almost like an open-world adventure game. It’s simple, but unlike Zen Bound, it’s also not really challenging as a result. This will be particularly appealing if you found The Room to be a bit too exhausting at times and just want an easier-to-play, relaxing game instead. 

Platforms: Android, iOS, Mac, PC.

6. Shadowmatic

If you’ve ever played Shadow Fight or Limbo or similar games, you know just how fun games based on shadows as the art style can be, and Shadowmatic is another great example of just that. Here, you’ve got puzzle gameplay instead of combat or anything, but it’s based on shadows. In a lot of ways, not only is it similar to The Room, but it’s also a lot like Limbo (another highly recommended game).

The gameplay in Shadowmatic is pretty abstract, as it should be given its setting. What makes this game pretty unique isn’t just the shadow-based gameplay though – while every level has a “normal” solution to it, there are also secret solutions for each one. This is especially fun when you sometimes accidentally stumble onto a secret solution, but even apart from that, if you’re someone who loves completing games to the fullest, you’ll have an absolute blast with this.

If you’re looking for something new in the puzzle genre that doesn’t have the exact same formula as The Room, this game is an absolute must-try. The only caveat here would have to be the fact that shadows restrict the way this game can show things to you – a proper 3D version in the future could be a product of our wildest puzzle games! Until then, this will do just fine.

Platforms: Android, iOS.

7. Mekorama

Right off the bat, this game looks like a combination of Monument Valley and Hocus, two really good puzzle games, but there’s also a lot that it draws from The Room. Opting for a 3D design, the puzzles are super immersive, and coming from The Room, you’ll love how it approaches its level design.

I’ll admit right away the gameplay here is pretty simple and not as nuanced as it is in The Room, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The simple gameplay it offers goes hand in hand with its art style and design, which opts for clean, minimalist aesthetics represented in a 3D setting. The level can be rotated a number of ways, there are levels to everything, and there’s always a challenge in getting to the solution.

One thing that Mekorama does, which I haven’t seen in most other games, is the ability to create your own levels. Seriously, remember how much fun it was to play games that let you do that? It used to be so common! You get that here, which also includes sharing your unique level with others, adding a layer of fun and socialization that’s pretty rare in puzzle games of this genre.

Platforms: Android, iOS, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S.

8. Fez

Some of the best puzzle games, in my opinion, are the ones that have a really good story to accompany them, which is exactly what Fez does! Adding everything else it does great, and you have a game that doesn’t look much like The Room at all but has a lot of core similarities that’ll make it a ton of fun to play.

Fez, as I said earlier, is a game based around a unique story that you progress through by solving puzzles. Once again, I’m going to draw a parallel with Limbo – another game that does puzzles and stories so incredibly well (seriously, you need to play it). What’s unique here is it lets you rotate the entire in-game world! This is one of the mechanics you use to solve its puzzles and also makes it pretty similar to The Room.

As fans of The Room, we’re no strangers to difficult puzzles, but Fez is definitely on a different level when it comes to that. Here, the puzzles are made particularly hard because of the anti-cube mechanic, which means you’re going to be spending a lot of time solving some of the most challenging ones. All of that combined makes a game that truly is one of the most fun puzzle stories ever.

Platforms: iOS, Linux, Mac, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360.

9. Quern – Undying Thoughts

If you looked at some of the screenshots of this game, you’d be convinced this was a sequel to The Room! Some of them really do look that similar, with detailed environments (usually in a room) where you have to solve a multitude of complex mechanisms to get further.

Quern – Undying Thoughts is a game that pays homage to the classics with its gameplay. What you’ll love particularly as a fan of The Room is the way it often has detailed objects, also in a room, that you have to interact with and get into the nitty gritty of in order to solve its mysteries. Some objects that you find can be collected, inspected, and permutated to become a key of sorts that you use to open a secret compartment.

Things like this are only the tip of the iceberg in this game, just like they were in The Room. It’s a game that adds a lot of unique puzzle elements of its own while also retaining the classics that make this genre so fun to begin with. If alternatives to The Room have to be as similar as possible to the original game, in your opinion, this is one of the games you have to try.

Platforms: Linux, Mac, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S.

10. Limbo

I’ve raved enough about this game in the article to finally give it a shout, and boy does it deserve one. With 9/10 reviews on Steam, this is a short and sweet puzzle adventure that’s loved by pretty much anyone who tries it. Actually, sweet is probably not the right word for it, but it’s definitely fun.

Limbo is a shadow-based game where you play as a small boy in a dystopian world that’s been taken over by machines and monstrous creatures. Having woken up in this desolate environment, you do your best to go forward and escape the nightmare, solving deadly puzzles at every step. Each puzzle is unique and often requires avoiding either waking up a monster (like a huge spider or mosquito) or just sneaking by one that’s already hunting.

Limbo can be best described as a game that’s creepy and freaky but pure genius in what it does. The things a little boy has to do in this terrible world can truly shake you to the core in this game, which is why I love its story elements along with the puzzles. If you loved the elements of lore in The Room, you’ll love Limbo from start to finish.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Mac, Microsoft Windows, Switch, PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox 360 and One, PlayStation Vita.

11. Interlocked

Interlocked is another short and actually sweet game that doesn’t aim too high but does what it aims to do pretty well. As a browser game, it’s also free to play, but that doesn’t take away from any of the quality, which even puts some paid titles to shame.

As the name tells you, the game is about interlocked panels and blocks that are made of wood. This is where the similarity to The Room comes in – each object may seem like it’s pretty simply connected, but as you unravel its various locking mechanisms, things get deeper and deeper. This is part of what makes the game unique as a whole; although it’s similar to The Room, not a lot of other games try something like this.

The only thing I didn’t like about this game, and this is a grievance shared by most people who try this game, is that it ends a bit too soon. This is understandable because it’s a browser game, but it really ends a bit too soon – for me, it happened right as I was getting good at the controls and mechanics! Still, if you’re looking for a good puzzle game to blitz through, this game is one of the easiest to try right this second.

Platforms: Android, iOS.

And with that twisty, mind-bending list of entries, we’re all done with our round-up of games like The Room. There’s a lot of variety on this list, with every game appealing to one thing or another for The Room fans. That said, which game do you think you’ll be playing next? Even if it isn’t on this list, feel free to let me know in the comments, and I’ll see you there!

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