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21 Games Like The Witcher 3 to Jump Into While We Wait for The Witcher 4

Games Like The Witcher 3

If you’ve spent more time roaming the vast landscapes of The Witcher 3 than your own backyard, fear not! I’ve brewed up a potion of twenty-one games that’ll keep you from going into your backyard in favor of a new digital adventure instead, all while keeping the magic of The Wild Hunt alive. Featuring everything from a mobile game to an MMO, your next favorite has to be on this list. With that said, let’s begin with the first game:

1. Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

We all remember the first time this mini-game showed up in The Witcher 3, and I don’t know about you, but I spent an unhealthy amount of time trying to win at it! Those exclusive cards won’t win themselves, okay?

Seeing how much players loved the mini-game, CD Projekt Red decided to make it a full-fledged mobile game. Now, before you come at me with a pitchfork for recommending a mobile game, this game is actually a pretty good alternative to The Wild Hunt. Gameplay-wise, well, it’s not exactly an RPG since it’s a card game, but it’s based entirely in the Witcher universe, so there’s a ton of lore and story-driven gameplay to be had here!

After finishing The Witcher 3, if you’re looking for a casual game to relax in but also just wanna know more about the whole universe of the game, Gwent is one of the best card games you’ll ever play! You can get it on both Android and iOS, and it’s free to play, which is always a plus.

2. Baldur’s Gate 3

This game has really taken the world by storm. I mean, when’s the last time you saw a single-player game get 700,000 daily players on launch day? If you’ve been wondering what the hype is about, you’re in luck because not only is this game one of the best RPGs ever, but it’s also a great alternative to the Witcher series!

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a dungeons and dragons-based game where you’ll be exploring, fighting in turn-based combat, and making decisions in conversations that will define how your story progresses. Sound familiar? The universe of Baldur’s Gate 3 is also really similar to The Witcher, with character customization letting you be anything from a human to a drow to an elf. This is one of those games where spending an hour just creating your character is the least I expect you to do because there’s just so much to choose from!

As far as RPGs go, Baldur’s Gate 3 looks pretty unbeatable right now, and it’s an absolute must-try for fans of The Witcher 3. To play this masterpiece from GOG, you’ll need a PC or a PlayStation 5.

3. Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn was probably one of the first truly next-gen games I played. Maybe that was because I was a bit behind the curve at the time, but still! This game is all about the combat, the open-world exploration, and the storyline, which has captured the hearts of so many.

As Aloy, you’re going to be the protagonist in a world that’s been taken over by machines, but not in the way you’d expect – they’re half-machine-half-natural. I know what you’re thinking, and yes, there absolutely are robotic dinosaurs roaming around in this game that you can hunt! You’ll most likely be the hunted one, but can you imagine the satisfaction of taking one of those down?

Coming from the Witcher 3, you’ll love the combat here, which is mostly melee and requires a ton of strategizing in order to take down the massive beasts that’ll be in front of you. There’s not much character customization, but you do get to choose your weapons as you find new ones, and there’s also a skill tree where you can take the path you think is best. If you haven’t yet tried this game out, you need to do just that and find out why everyone loves this game as much as they do – playable on PC and PlayStation.

4. Red Dead Redemption 2

There are few games out there that give you an experience that you’ll never forget and turn you into a broken record telling every single one of your friends to play it, and this is one of them! Red Dead Redemption 2 won more game of the year awards than I can count and is hands down one of the best games of all time.

The gameplay here is the classic RPG experience with you taking on the role of Arthur Morgan as part of a gang that’s on the run from the law and trying to survive in a new state. Set in the early 1900’s, you’ll be roaming around on your trusty horse and shooting people with your rifles and shotguns like a proper cowboy!

The story and the attention to detail are what make this game stand out, there’s pretty much nothing like it out there. You could spend a whole afternoon just hunting and fishing in this game and not feel bored for a moment! And yes, the story lets you choose the outcomes you want, so you’ll be replaying this game a ton just for that perfect one, kinda like we all did in the Witcher as well. To play RDR 2, you’ll need a PC, Xbox, or PlayStation.

5. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Having watched 300, I absolutely needed a game where I could play as a Spartan and kick people off cliffs for the heck of it. Lo and behold, Assassin’s Creed came down to fulfill my wish in the best possible way! Odyssey was a controversial installment in the Assassin’s Creed series because of its somewhat absurd leveling system and the map that took ages to traverse at times, but once you look past that, you see it for the gem that it is.

In the game, you play as either Alexios or Kassandra, both siblings that were separated in childhood and meet in adulthood when things are kinda awkward. The story progresses with you choosing the dialog options and getting the ending that you want (or don’t want; it all depends, really), just like The Witcher 3. The combat in this game was one of the most fun parts for me because, as I’d always wanted, I could kick unsuspecting enemies off the ledges of fortresses and castles with a magnificent Spartan kick!

Assassin’s Creed games have always been a classic in the RPG genre, and after finishing The Witcher 3, you absolutely won’t be disappointed by this Spartan adventure through the 400 BC era – available on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Switch.

6. GreedFall

Romancing characters, exploring an open island, choosing from tons of melee weapons and guns, and using all of them to kill monsters. I couldn’t think of a better alternative to The Witcher 3 if I tried! GreedFall is a lesser-known but still just as fun of an ARPG that takes you through the journey of a noble emissary as you explore the world of an undeveloped island.

As you play through the game, your decisions decide a lot of what happens on the island. There are politicians, factions, and a ton of other characters you’ll be interacting with. These guys aren’t all on the best terms with each other, so you can be the peacemaker between them. Or, you know, make things worse because that’ll be super entertaining, too!

Coming from The Witcher 3, the setting of this game, combined with the RPG elements and monster slaying, will keep you right at home and comfy with your skills from The Wild Hunt. To play GreedFall, you’ll need a PC, Xbox, or PlayStation.

7. Shadow of the Tomb Raider

SOTTR is the latest we’ve had in the Tomb Raider series and, dare I say it, the greatest so far! Shadow of the Tomb Raider has a classic, always-good storyline combined with unique gameplay mechanics that revolve around puzzles and platforming.

As Lara Croft, you’re going to be chasing after the relic that could end humankind as we know it, and you have a companion to assist you on your journey at some points. Unlike The Witcher 3, though, you won’t be making many decisions here, and cutscenes don’t have dialog options like The Wild Hunt, but this game more than makes up for that with its excellent narrative.

The only thing that can make a good narrative better is good graphics, and when I tell you this game looks like playing through a live-action movie, I mean it! That aside, for fans of combat, Shadow of the Tomb Raider lets you do a bit of everything; stealth, action, and mixture of both in every encounter with the enemy. It’s probably best to stay in stealth as long as possible, though, because enemies hit hard, and there are few Stormtrooper aim moments to be had. To try out SOTTR, you’ll need an Xbox, PS, or PC.

8. Xenoblade Chronicles 3

This Switch exclusive takes you from the mythical world of the Content to its fantasy setting, where you’ll find anime visuals and even a bit of sci-fi. Now, you’re probably asking, “Why is this game on a list of alternatives to The Witcher 3?” Well, I’ll be honest, this is going to be a pretty new experience for Witcher gamers, but one that still feels similar in essence.

What makes Witcher 3 so great, apart from its gameplay, is the story that captivates everyone who plays it and also lets you replay the game time and time again. With Xenoblade, you’re going to get the same thing but in a different package! The story here is about a world where there’s a lot of divide and not a lot of peace, and you’re going to be navigating the intricacies of its character and political dynamics.

With the attention to detail this game combined with its combat which has more layers to it than a wedding cake, you’ve got a game that you can easily sink a hundred hours into. For anyone who loves a good story, you can play Xenoblade Chronicles on the Nintendo Switch (only).

9. Elden Ring

At first, I was wondering how a game that makes people want to break their controller could do so well on a global stage; it even won the game of the year! Well, for those of us who are new to the genre, this game has a lot of the best elements from Soulsborne games and packages them in the most inclusive and fun way.

With Elden Ring, you get to make a ton of choices about the way you want the game to go, just like the Witcher 3, but that’s not all! Just like the Witcher, you can blitz through the main story here as fast as you want, or you can take a leisurely pace while doing all of the side quests, of which there are lots. There are so many side bosses in this game I actually didn’t even know when I was progressing through the main story at times!

If you love some difficult combat and a game that doesn’t hold your hand through the story, you’re going to love Elden Ring. Just be prepared to die a lot! Once you’ve got the combat down, Malena will be nothing but a pawn to you. To play Elden Ring, you can get it on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

10. Deus Ex

With Deus Ex, you’re getting an FPS game, so you’re venturing pretty far out of your comfort zone. Why, you ask? Because it’s an RPG, too! Deus Ex was the first of its kind in many ways, especially the way it structured its levels and immersive gameplay, but it’s still an RPG at its core.

With Deus Ex, you’re going to get one of the best RPG experiences but in FPS format, kind of like Doom! You get to customize your character, go on side-quests that feel as detailed and rewarding as the main event, and of course, freedom to do anything you want!

Make no mistake, you’re going to be in a completely new realm when you try this game out after The Witcher 3, but if you’re a sucker for RPGs like I am, experiencing the genre in an FPS format is a must-try for you. To play Deus Ex, you can get the original game on PC and the PlayStation 2. Newer sequels are on Xbox, too, if you prefer better graphics.

11. Cyberpunk 2077

Part of what I loved the most about The Witcher 3 was the NPC interactions. Nothing like being cursed out by a random villager, am I right? Jokes aside, it was through these little interactions that the game immersed us so well into its world, and that’s exactly what Cyberpunk does so well too!

Also made by CDPR, Cyberpunk started off rough but has become the game everyone envisioned it to be at launch. Night City, the star of the show, is chock-full of interesting characters, quests, gangs, and so much more. Just looking at the city from a distance felt like you were transported to its dystopian world, full of neon and corporate signs everywhere you look.

With choice-based cutscenes, romancing characters, completing all the side quests you could ever dream of, and so much more, Cyberpunk is a perfect sci-fi alternative to The Witcher 3. To play it, you’ll need a PC, Xbox, or PlayStation (the experience is much better on next-gen consoles).

12. Bloodborne

You know a game is going to be all about combat when it has borne in the name, and you’d be right! Bloodborne came out of seemingly nowhere to be one of the best ARPGs ever. FromSoftware, a name Elden Ring fans know all too well, is the mastermind behind this exquisite masterpiece that offers a ton of fun for Witcher fans.

The gameplay in Bloodborne is all about fast-paced combat against some of the strongest enemies ever, each with their own unique moves and weaknesses. Combat is certainly a focus, but FromSoftware certainly didn’t forget about the story here, which is as dark and gritty as the entire world of Bloodborne.

If you ever felt like the enemies in The Witcher 3 were going a bit too easy on you, this game is here to either humble you or give you the challenge you were truly looking for – playable on PlayStation 4 and 5 only.

13. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Have you ever seen a fantasy game that looks so incredibly fun on the cover and the trailers, but when you actually play it, it’s just not the same? A lot of games don’t get this setting quite right, but when you have J.R.R. Tolkien himself to guide the lore and world-setting of your game, you know it’s going to be amazing!

Middle Earth is based on the famous series that birthed the Lord of the Rings, and as far as RPGs go, it’s about as good as it gets. Flanked by some of the most satisfying combat ever, this game takes you on a proper adventure through Middle Earth, where you’ll be slaying monsters and unwinding the mystery of the campaign bit by bit.

Coming from The Witcher 3, you’ll love the open-world exploration you get to do here, combined with the amazing storytelling that always accompanies Middle Earth. If you’re looking for a mythical fantasy experience, Shadow of Mordor is about as good as it gets – available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

14. Diablo 4

Diablo 4 really had a rollercoaster of a launch, being as hyped as Cyberpunk and then, with the announcement of the roadmap, falling off pretty much like CDPR’s latest title (though somehow, not as brutally). On the surface, this game doesn’t look like it resembles The Witcher 3 much, but at their core, these games are long-lost cousins, indeed!

In Diablo 4, you get a game that isn’t structured like most – you’re going to play through the entire single-player campaign before you get to the real Diablo, which takes the form of seasonal releases throughout its lifetime. Compared to The Witcher 3, that doesn’t bode well since it was all about the campaign and had one of the best there is, but Diablo more than makes up for that with the amount of content it has packed into it!

As it’s an RPG, you’ll get a long, immersive adventure through its main campaign, which is one of the best the series has ever seen, and you’ll follow that up with the season gameplay of Diablo. With an open world that’s fairly big and has its fair share of side quests, you’ll be playing this game for hours and hours without running out of things to do! To play Diablo 4, you’ll need a PlayStation, Xbox, or PC.

15. Final Fantasy XVI

2023 is the year for gaming because there’s an amazing game coming out every month, it seems! Final Fantasy XVI is the latest in the series, and it’s one of the best action RPGs I’ve ever seen; it’s really that good.

As a Witcher 3 fan, you might be looking for a ton of RPG elements like character customization and dialog choices, but FFXVI makes the whole experience pretty streamlined, which makes it a very barebones RPG. What do you get in return for that trade-off? An amazing story, some of the best and most satisfying combat ever, and visuals that’ll take you back to the mystical feeling of watching Dragon Ball Z movies on Popcorn Sunday!

Admittedly, there isn’t as much freedom as The Witcher 3 in this game, but if you’re looking for a pure combat and narrative experience complemented by next-gen visuals, this game looks unmatched right now – playable on PlayStation 5 only for now, with a PC version coming sometime later.

16. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

People who love RPGs love Skyrim, and there’s no other argument I’m willing to accept. Not many games can say they rival The Witcher 3 in terms of having the best RPG experience, but Skyrim is certainly up there, if not even higher!

The fun of Skyrim (and also the similarities to the Witcher series) lies in the lore, quests, open-world exploration, and overall depth of the game. Having been released in 2011, the game still has an active community that’s constantly making new mods and porting the game to new platforms, making it an almost evergreen title.

If you’re looking for a ton of combat similarities to The Witcher 3, you might be disappointed, but if you’re here for an RPG, Skyrim is about as good as it gets! You get character customization, meaningful decisions to change the outcome of the story, as many side quests as you can do, and so much more. Seriously, one of the first questions I had when I played this game was, “How do I decide what to do?” There are so many options! To try out this masterpiece from Bethesda, you can get Skyrim on Switch, PC, PS, and Xbox.

17. Monster Hunter: World

Just like the immersive world of The Witcher, Monster Hunter: World boasts a beautifully crafted open world teeming with life. Explore lush forests, arid deserts, and snowy tundra as you track down and hunt a wide array of majestic but also scary creatures. The world feels alive, a lot like the NPCs from the Continent that are always berating you for saving them from monsters.

The adrenaline rush you get from taking down a strong monster in Monster Hunter: World is also a lot like winning that very first boss battle in The Witcher 3. The thrill of strategizing, preparing, and executing your hunt is second to none, and that’s pretty much the name of the game here! There’s a ton of weapons to choose from, meaning there’s a lot of playstyles to adopt as well, each fit for a different monster.

In The Witcher 3, we all loved discovering new creatures (and proceeding to kill them), finding plants, and discovering new lore. Well, with Monster Hunter: World, you also get a diverse bestiary of creatures, each with its unique behaviors and weaknesses! Learning all of this is an adventure on its own, which kind of substitutes the side quests from The Witcher 3 for me. Monster Hunter: World is a co-op multiplayer game at heart, though, so that’s going to be a foray into new territory for you – an exciting one! To play this game, you’ll need a PC, Xbox One, or PS4.

18. Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition weaves a masterful tapestry of fantasy, intrigue, and adventure that’s bound to excite you as a Witcher fan! Right away, you’ll love that you get to craft your hero from a variety of unique classes, each with its own special abilities and playstyle. Once you’re done with that, it’s time to dive into a world where magic and might collide, and you’re in charge of leading a diverse party of companions.

As the Inquisitor, it’s up to you to mend the fractures in a realm that’s become a shadow of its former self. Your choices affect everything, too, because you’ll be making them in combat (and losing a lot), but also, beyond combat, you’re going to shape the political landscape and alliances of the entire realm! No pressure, though; it’s just a game, right?

With amazing landscapes, intricate lore, and a plethora of quests to uncover, Dragon Age: Inquisition promises an unforgettable journey filled with discovery and epic storytelling. As far as alternatives to The Witcher 3 go, this game is as ambitiously bold as it gets – playable on Xbox, PC, and PS.

19. The Last of Us

After all the monster hunting and questing, it’s time for you to take a vacation to The Last of Us! It’s the post-apocalyptic vacation you never knew you needed. Mainly because your life is on the line, but I digress.

The Last of Us is an RPG at heart, but it’s not the same as The Witcher; you explore an entirely open world and make decisions as you go. You play the game through multiple characters, but most of it is as a grizzled, emotionally damaged dude named Joel and Ellie, the teenage sass machine, navigating a world overrun by not-so-friendly neighborhood zombies!

The adrenaline in this game is like nothing else because zombies are constantly on the prowl, and while you can kill the normal ones pretty easily, the damn clickers will just refuse to die! Couple that with the fact that ammo is pretty hard to come by, and you’ll find yourself strategizing through areas just like the boss fight areas of The Witcher 3. If you’re up for emotional roller coasters, life lessons from fungal zombies, and a healthy amount of gymnastics, The Last of Us promises a narrative and gameplay experience you won’t soon forget – available on PlayStation and PC.

20. God of War

Ever feel like Geralt is too weak? Not enough destruction and dying a bit too easily? Well, fret no more because now you get to be a literal, unkillable God! As with great power comes great responsibility, God of War will have you switch your menial job as Witcher in favor of slaying trolls, ogres, and of course, other Gods.

God of War has one of the largest open worlds I’ve ever seen in a game, and all of it is explorable, so you can go on as many adventurous trips to side quests as you want. The story itself is the main selling point here, which easily rivals the experience of The Wild Hunt’s storyline and, in parts, is even better!

And don’t even get me started on the combat; it’s probably the best part of this whole game. It starts off pretty basic, just so you get the hang of things, but as you progress, you get new skills, new combos, even more power, and so much more! Enemies come at you sometimes as a horde, other times as a (mini) boss, and you’ll fight each of them accordingly. In a lot of ways, this is literally The Witcher 3’s combat taken to the next level. Kind of fitting since you’re also becoming the God of War. To play this game, you’ll need a PC or PlayStation.

21. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

With all the monsters that you’ve slain in The Witcher 3, it’s time to give combat with humans a try with Kingdom Come: Deliverance. This game has a lot in common with The Witcher series, and most of it comes from the setting of the game.

Have you ever looked at sword-fighting games and wanted to simulate the whole thing with full realism as if you were flying the Fenix A320 on Flight Simulator? Well, today’s your lucky day because that’s what this game’s combat is all about! As realistic as it is, it’s also quite difficult to fully master, and until you do, you’re gonna be struggling with beating the harder bosses.

This game is also entirely in a first-person perspective, so once you get used to that, you get to experience Deliverance’s world with all of its grit, beauty, and punishment. Storylines are nice and all, but sometimes what an RPG really needs is a hefty dose of difficult combat, which is exactly what you get here! To try out Kingdom Come: Deliverance; you can get the game on Xbox, PS, Switch, or PC.

And that wraps it up! Wow, was that a long read. There was a lot to cover here, but I think I got one for every type of game in this magical little genre we love so much. Did you find the destination of your next adventure here? Let me know if you did or if there’s a different game you’ve got your eye on that deserves an honorable mention. I’ll be waiting, and until then, happy gaming!

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