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9 Games Like Undertale Everyone Should Play

Games Like Undertale

Undertale is quite the ride, and if you’re still recovering from the emotional rollercoaster, fear not, for I’ve compiled a list of games that will challenge your heart in the most unexpected ways! We’ve got realms where monsters break into dance battles, and sentient sandwiches become your closest allies, and lots and lots more. So, buckle up your virtual seatbelt, and let’s begin!


Deltarune Chapter 1

Deltarune Chapter 1

Deltarune is the popular sibling of Undertale that had (and still does have) fans going bonkers when it came out! Why, you ask? Because it’s the brainchild of the same genius creators – Toby Fox strikes again!

Seriously, imagine all the quirkiness and heart of Undertale, but with a fresh coat of paint and a sprinkling of new shenanigans, all by the same people that made our favorite game as good as it is. It’s like a remix of your favorite song that actually sounds good (maybe even better than the original?)!

The gameplay and story of this game take you on another wild adventure, introducing you to a whole bunch of lovable new characters and torturous choices. Oh, and I didn’t even get to the best part for Undertale fans: It expands on the lore of Undertale! There’s a treasure trove of new secrets, and you get to uncover even deeper layers of the universe. To play Chapter 1, you’ll need a PlayStation, PC, Xbox, or Switch.


The Binding of Isaac

The Binding of Isaac

First of all, why is the poor protagonist being bound in this bizarre-sounding game? Is he being disciplined for not eating his vegetables or staying up past his bedtime? Or perhaps the developers just had a surplus of ropes and thought, “Hey, let’s tie up a kid!” (Please don’t quote this out of context).

Now, as someone that’s seeking an alternative to the emotionally charged Undertale, being introduced to the world of The Binding of Isaac was one of the best things that could’ve happened to me on my journey. The plot, in essence, is that Isaac is a little boy running away from his overzealous, delusional mother who believes God told her to sacrifice him. Talk about crazy helicopter parents, this one wants to kill you!

This game has a hefty dose of dark humor, roguelike challenges, and an abundance of synergistic items, everything an Undertale player loves, and more. Really, coming from Undertale, this is pretty much like going from one rollercoaster to another! If you’re tall enough for this carnival ride, you can try The Binding of Isaac on PC.


Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is one of the most unanimously loved games ever, and it might not be apparent why at the surface. So, I’m here to give you my somewhat biased but honest review! I love this game for a bunch of reasons, and one of those is that it’s got this beautifully drawn world that looks like it came straight out of an artist’s dream. Plus, the music sets the mood perfectly for every situation that you’re in, and then it’s all about exploring the underground kingdom called Hallownest – a maze of secrets and challenges!

Then there’s the combat, which is like fighting a bunch of bugs on steroids (seriously, some of them are huge). The moves are super creative, they’re super satisfying to land, and you’ll never feel like you’re just repeating the same combo over and over! Oh, and did I mention that the bosses are actually pretty difficult to beat, especially on the first try? Prepare to learn some of this game’s features the hard way!

And let’s not forget the story, which is like this big puzzle that you have to put together by finding hidden clues and talking to weird characters, which is personally why I think it’s a good alternative to Undertale. The kingdom is huge, and the secrets it contains are spread out everywhere, so you’re gonna be buckled in for a looong ride. If you’re ready to carry the same sense of wonder and discovery from Undertale to this, you can find Hollow Knight on PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch.


The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian

Alright, so in The Last Guardian, it seems like you’re the only one left to save the day. I mean, the name of the game really is The Last Guardian, but can’t I just have some support for once? It’s like all the other guardians decided to take a long vacation or something. Lucky me, huh?

Okay, I’m kidding, I’d never pass up an opportunity to be the hero (especially without having to share the credit)! Now, as an Undertale fan considering The Last Guardian, this game will definitely tickle your fancy if you enjoyed the heartwarming connections from your favorite game. The Last Guardian explores the bond between a lost guardian and a massive creature named Trico – like a buddy movie, except one of the buddies is a hulking beast that could probably crush you if it sneezes!

Apart from that, The Last Guardian is its own thing, filled with gameplay that revolves around teamwork and solving puzzles with your giant feathered buddy (who’s actually helpful, too!). To try it out, you can get this game on PlayStation (only so far).


Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2

Who are the astronauts in question, and why have they gone psycho? Some things we’ll never really know, but what I do know is that Psychonauts combines psychic spies and platforming goodness in a way that blew my mind, unlike anything else! A quick rundown of what happens in Psychonauts 1 – you play as Raz, this kid with psychic powers, who goes to summer camp to become a certified Psychonaut. It’s like summer camp but with mind-bending adventures and lots of mental gymnastics! Why? Good question, next question.

Psychonauts 2 continues this story where it leaves off, with Raz embarking on new mind-blowing adventures as a full-fledged Psychonaut! As an Undertale fan, you’ll appreciate the humor and quirky characters that Psychonauts serves up – it mixes comedy with some deeper stuff in a tasteful way that’s very reminiscent of what we experienced in Undertale.

Other than that, Psychonauts is all about jumping and running around, solving puzzles, and exploring the twisted minds of its eccentric cast! To play it, you’ll need a PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.




You know that feeling when you nail a jump, dodge a hazard, and it’s like, “Yeah, I’m the king of the world!”? That’s what Celeste is all about! It’s like a platforming dance party, and you, my good sir/madam, are the star performer.

Now, for you Undertale fans out there, you’ll love that Celeste has a knack for telling heartfelt stories with a side of quirkiness, just like your favorite game. In many ways, both these games share a love for emotional depth and captivating narratives, and I’m a sucker for both of them! Plus, there’s the sweet, sweet soundtrack in both of these games – like a sweet symphony for your ears and always with the right tone for the right scene.

Also, as far as the gameplay goes, Celeste is not your typical walk-in-the-park game. The first time I played it, I was straight up put through a challenging marathon that tests both your reflexes and platforming skills. So, while there are some thematic similarities between this and Undertale, you’re in for a whole new world of gameplay, one that’s unique but just as fun. To play Celeste, you can try it on your PlayStation, Xbox, PC, or Switch.


A Hat in Time

A Hat in Time

First off, I want to make it clear that this game isn’t about just any old hat at any old time, no sir! It’s about Hat Kid, a spunky space traveler who’s lost her precious Time Pieces – a quest for the ultimate accessory gone haywire!

Now, why do I think this game is a good alternative to Undertale? A Hat in Time is like a crazy carnival of platforming gameplay where everything is all about bouncing, flipping, and twirling through colorful worlds like some sort of demented acrobat. Who doesn’t like a bit of demented gameplay every once in a while, especially when it’s this fun? Plus, you get to wear different hats that give you special powers, which makes the game that much more fun and less repetitive.

This game also has its own flavor of humor! A Hat in Time delivers its laughs with a playful and quirky style, filled with clever dialogue, silly moments, and characters that’ll make you giggle like a toddler playing hide and seek. This is just the tip of the iceberg that is A Hat in Time, playable on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Switch.


Pony Island

Pony Island

Trust me when I tell you, Pony Island is not your average island getaway with ponies sipping coconut water – it’s more like a psychedelic trip through a computer’s worst nightmare. Seriously, the name couldn’t be more misleading if the devs tried!

So, why am I going nuts for this game, especially as someone who also digs Undertale? Well, in my view, both games are like the rebellious troublemakers of the gaming world. They love playing mind games and smashing the boundaries of traditional gameplay like it’s a piñata filled with secrets, and there’s nothing I love more than games that go out of the box!

Pony Island is the kind of game that will twist your brain into a pretzel. You’ll be faced with (intentionally) glitchy graphics, demonic challenges, and more twists and turns than the national railway tracks. Seriously, you’ll question your own existence by the time you’re done with this game! Just like Undertale, Pony Island messes with your expectations and slaps you with surprises when you least expect them. If you’re interested in having your mind blown like me, you can play this game on PC (only).


Grimm’s Hollow

Grimm’s Hollow

Alright, ladies and gentlemen, we’re about to meet Grimm, the resident superstar of Grimm’s Hollow! Don’t worry (or do worry), he’s not just any regular dude: He’s a mischievous, slightly spooky, and oh-so-charming character who calls his own hollow a home. Talk about having a cool street address!

Coming to the gameplay, this game takes you on a wild ride through a dark and whimsical world filled to the brim with secrets and challenges (just like Undertale!). Grimm’s Hollow, much like Undertale, is a master of storytelling, making you feel all the feels while also questioning the very essence of existence (seriously, why do all of the games on this list do that?).

There are a lot of similarities in the theme that’ll keep you feeling right at home in this game, but the overall game is definitely its own unique experience that I personally love and hope you will, too! To play this game, you can get it on any Windows PC.

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