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11 Games Like Until Dawn That Are Actually Worth Playing

Games Like Until Dawn

Until Dawn was one of the most thrilling horror games ever, but alas, Dawn did eventually arrive. Now what? Well, now you look at the rest of the day, which can be spent playing any of the eleven following games that have the same magic as Until Dawn, with their own twists, of course. So, without further ado, let’s begin our list with one of the best games ever:

1. Detroit: Become Human

Having had a blast playing Until Dawn, you’re now in for a treat with Detroit: Become Human, too! These games have different vibes, but they’re both awesome for folks who like stories where their choices steer the ship. Detroit: Become Human definitely takes this to the next level, though, to the point where you’re gonna be replaying it over and over just to see what the other options would’ve led to!

Detroit is like a sci-fi flick set in the future, starring Androids. No, not the phone Androids; we’re talking actual, talking robots, some with a conscience of their own! You get to hop into different characters’ shoes and make choices just like in Until Dawn, so you never know if you’re steering yourself into imminent death within the next few seconds. Hey, that’s what the thrill is all about!

Since both games are a lot like having a movie night where you’re the director, I absolutely loved playing this after Until Dawn. You’ll really feel for the characters and get caught up in their world as you see the consequences of the choices you make for them. Did you play nice or stir up a little chaos? Let me know when you try it out – on PC or PS4.

2. The Inpatient

A lot of the games we’re looking at are like spooky cousins all related to each other, and with this particular cousin, we have another VR game! Imagine yourself as the star patient at the Blackwood Sanatorium, a mental hospital in the same chilling mountain area. And don’t worry if your imagination is failing you because the VR immersion is going to take care of all that!

In The Inpatient, you make decisions and have conversations that shape the story, just like you did in Until Dawn, so what you choose can totally change how things play out. Will you make it out alive or get absolutely clobbered by the entity? It’s on you to decide! With a healthy dose of tension and an atmosphere that’ll always keep you on your toes, this game is a lot like stepping into a horror movie.

If you’re all about making choices and loved that eerie vibe from Until Dawn, The Inpatient might be right up your alley. Sound thrilling? You can play The Inpatient today on PSVR!

3. Man of Medan

When looking for something similar to Until Dawn, you should definitely check out Man of Medan. On our list of spooky cousins, this is definitely the closest one since it’s also made by the same folks at Supermassive Games!

In Man of Medan, you’ll dive into a scary adventure with a group of characters trapped on a ghost ship. As is the requirement for this genre, your choices steer the story, and trust me, for each decision you make, there’s a creepy surprise in store! Sure, you’re in control of the horror here, but at the end of the day, it’s still horror.

You’ll get to decide who lives, who bites the dust, and the paths the characters take. Plus, if you’re into playing with friends, there’s a multiplayer mode that lets your buddies join in for some interactive frights, kinda like Phasmophobia but kinda not. If you’re ready to play with the strings of fear once again, you can play Man of Medan on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

4. Dead Space 2

It’s time to talk about my favorite Dead Space game of all time! With the infamous needle-in-the-eye scene, among many others, you’re going to be squirming while playing this game a lot more than you’d think. But in a fun way, of course!

Dead Space 2 is a TPS game with a horror setting as you’re trapped onboard a ship that’s overrun by a deadly virus. No, not the cancer kind of deadly; think of it as more like rabies. And it’s out to get you, using every single other living creature it can find on the ship. So, naturally, you’re just fighting to survive as you struggle to get out of this God-forsaken ship!

At every point, you’ll be making decisions that decide whether you want to cooperate with a survivor (if you find any) or listen to the external help you’re receiving on your earpiece. Who do you trust, if anyone? That’s for you to decide, and then make peace with the consequences! If you’ve never played this game as a fan of horror games, you absolutely need to try it out – on PC, PS3, or Xbox 360.

5. The Walking Dead

Ever wondered what it’d be like if your favorite comic book came to life? Well, it might not be your favorite, but this series is as close as you get to that visual! In this game, you’re in for an emotional rollercoaster in the same world as The Walking Dead comics. The twist, if you’re wondering, is that it’s not all about action-hero stuff; it’s actually just surviving in a world that’s as grim and gritty as it gets.

How do you survive? Well, primarily by making the right decisions. How do you make the right decisions? Good question, next question. You’ll be talking with a bunch of people and trying your best to find the right thing to do, which is pretty much never obvious here. With your survival resting on it, the thrill is never out of sight in this game!

Combined with its horror theme and the focus on survival, you’ve got a perfect alternative to Until Dawn, one that isn’t the exact same thing but has enough core similarities to keep you feeling right at home. To play this game, you’ll need a PlayStation, Switch, Xbox, PC, or Phone.

6. Outlast

Outlast is pretty much a household name in the horror category for the amount of scares it’s given to gamers over the years, but that’s not the only thing that makes this game such a classic. For that, you’ll have to thank the insanely well-thought-out and fun gameplay mechanics that you’re going to use to navigate the horror house and unfold its elusive story.

In this brown-pants simulator, you play as an investigative journalist who finds himself in a heart-pounding nightmare. This time, you’re exploring the corridors of an abandoned psychiatric hospital, trying to uncover its chilling secrets. Oh, and you’re armed with nothing but a camcorder with night vision—all you’ll ever need to fight supernatural ghosts! Just kidding, you can’t fight them, unfortunately.

Outlast is all about survival and making quick decisions. You’ll need to navigate through the darkness, hide from terrifying threats, and rely on your instincts to make it out in one piece. The tension is cranked up to the max, and you’ll find yourself on the edge of your couch pretty often, just like you did in Until Dawn! To try Outlast, you can play it on PC, PS, Xbox One, and Switch.

7. The Evil Within 2

This game is about that time you did something truly evil, and it made a home permanently within you. Just kidding. Or am I? The Evil Within 2 is another super good alternative to Until Dawn because it’s got one of the best narratives and atmospheres in any horror game, period. You, my good sir/madam, are going to play as detective Sebastian Castellanos, searching for your daughter within an alternate reality that’s more ‘nightmare’ than ‘real life.’ And just like any good detective story, it’s filled to the brim with mysteries, twists, and surprises.

Coming from Until Dawn, there’s definitely a lot more action here, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be using your brain to get out of tricky situations. Picture tiptoeing past creepy creatures and exploring the spooky world of this game—all while untangling the riddles that are thrown at you at every turn.

If you’re a sucker for a game that tosses psychological horror and intense storytelling into a blender of mysteries, The Evil Within 2 might be your spooky cup of tea! To go on this rollercoaster ride of a game, you can play it on PS4, Xbox One, or PC.

8. Life is Strange 2

Sean is a young dude who ends up on an unexpected road trip with his bro after some crazy mishaps. In this little choose-your-own-adventure book, you’re going to be finding out just how strange life really can be while playing in his shoes. Just like Until Dawn, every decision you make isn’t just a choice; it’s like dropping a rock into a pond and watching the ripples spread; the ripples being the consequences you’re gonna have to face.

Now, fair warning, Life is Strange 2 is a bit more like a heartfelt drama and less like a horror flick. But hey, who needs ghosts when you’ve got emotional rollercoasters, right? Imagine a buddy-cop movie, but instead of chasing bad guys, you’re chasing life lessons and character growth.

If you’re someone who likes playing puppet masters with characters’ destinies, Life is Strange 2 is the game you’ve been waiting for. Among lots of others, actually, but this is one of the good ones! You’ll get lots of opportunities to take the path you want to take and unfold the story in a unique way – yours. To play Life is Strange, you’ll need an Xbox One, PS4, or PC.

9. Oxenfree

Enough of getting stuck on a mountain or a house; that’s too cliched. With Oxenfree, you get the contemporary haunting site of a whole island! We need to get with the times, old men. In this game, you’re playing as Alex, a curious little girl who’s vacationing on the said island with her stepbrother and a few friends.

Featuring hand-painted visuals and a captivating soundtrack, Oxenfree has a super unique aesthetic and atmosphere. It’s not just a horror game but an exploration of friendship, guilt, and choices! The choices you make, just like Until Dawn, shape interactions and multiple possible endings, so you’re definitely going to be running it back often.

With an innovative dialogue system, blending supernatural elements with emotional storytelling in an immersive adventure, this is a comic-style adventure you’re not going to forget any time soon! To play it, you’ve got a bunch of options: Switch, Phone, PC, Xbox, or PlayStation.

10. Batman Arkham VR

If you’ve played Arkham Knight, you’re either nauseating at the thought of doing it in VR or as excited as a squirrel that’s just found nuts! Well, for those of us who get motion sickness easily, this Batman game is about everything that Bruce Wayne does, apart from zooming around.

Batman is definitely an action game, but it’s not without its fair share of jump scares at times, which this game has plenty of. Oh, and experiencing them in VR makes them hit that much harder, too. The gameplay here is mostly about you playing the detective role as Nightwing has gone missing. To find him, there’s no stone of Arkham you’re going to leave unturned as you investigate things and decide what to do at each step.

If you’ve always loved the darker side of Batman games and stories, this game hits the nail on the head and is a ton of fun to play after the eerie adventure of Until Dawn. To play Batman Arkham VR, you’ll need to have PSVR.

11. Heavy Rain

This game takes you on a journey to discover the mind of one of the most messed up serial killers of all time: The Origami Killer. Just like its distant cousin, Until Dawn, Heavy Rain lets your decisions go partying and shake up the whole storyline! It’s a bit like juggling multiple characters in a gritty and mysterious crime novel – each one tied to a serial killer case. All four of these characters, one of which you’re playing with, are on a mission to catch the Origami Killer and save some potential victims, casual stuff.

The game, having come out in 2010, has a cinematic presentation that’s so sharp you might just get cut! There are intense scenes where pressing buttons at the right time is your new dance routine, but it’s all in the name of gripping storytelling, emotional roller coasters, and as many ethical dilemmas as you can possibly imagine.

If you’re into the dark and grit of the world and a close look into the world of a unique serial killer sounds like just how you want to spend your evenings this summer, Heavy Rain is perfect for you! The game is playable on PlayStation and PC.

And with that, we’ve reached the end of the extended family that’s all related to Until Dawn! From Man of Medan to Batman Arkham VR, there’s some pretty unique stuff on here that you absolutely need to try. So, which ones made it onto your list? Let me know what you think! Until next time, happy gaming.

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