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Top 19 Games Like Valorant to Play Right Now

Games Like Valorant

If you downloaded Valorant thinking you’d give it a try for an evening, and now you can’t get enough of it, welcome to the club! Ever since it was in beta, gamers have been living and breathing this game because of how fun it is. Now, if you’re wondering about what else out there has the same magic that Valorant has, I’ve got a list of nineteen games that’ll keep you engaged for hundreds of hours, just like it! With that said, let’s get into the first and probably most controversial one on this list:

1. Counter-Strike 2

If you’ve never played Counter-Strike and just watched a gameplay video, you’re probably as shocked as I was when I first played Valorant’s beta! The precision gunplay, map design, bomb mechanics, shop, and credit system, it’s all pretty much identical to Valorant.

Now, instead of thinking about Valorant as a CS clone (or vice versa), it helps to think of these two taking a really good core gameplay idea and building it up with their own unique takes. With Counter-Strike, instead of agents with abilities and passives, you get a huge variety of guns and tactical gear to choose from in order to differentiate yourself from the opposition.

If you love realism and don’t really care too much about the ability system in Valorant (guns going brr is pretty fun on its own), CS is a much purer gunplay game where it’s a lot about just out-aiming and out-positioning your opponent. That’s not to say that there are no tactics here, though; with all the smoke and flash and stun and molly lineups (and more), the nerdy Viper mains among us will be right at home! To try the game that started it all, you can play CS2 on PC.

2. Overwatch 2

Almost like a polar opposite to CS, Overwatch is like taking Valorant’s ability system and giving it a huge overhaul to make it the standout feature of the game! Gunplay is important here, but it definitely takes a backseat in comparison to all the roles you have to play and the abilities that those roles require.

In Overwatch, you have a ton of heroes to select from, each playing a specific role, and you’re gonna want to make sure you know how their abilities work if you want to play the objective. Unlike Valorant or CS, trying to just kill everyone in Overwatch isn’t going to work too well since people simply respawn, and in the end, it’s the objective-play that makes all the difference.

If you’re a player that just loves stunning, flashing, and just straight up obliterating people as Breach, Overwatch might just be the perfect new FPS for you because it’s chock-full of heroes that do exactly that and so much more! Combine that with its fluid and fast-paced movement mechanics, and you can be sure there’s something here for any Valorant player – playable for free on Switch, PC, PS, and Xbox.

3. Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six is an FPS unlike anything else out there, and that’s what makes it as challenging as it is fun! Coming from Valorant, you might be thrown off by the gunplay here, which definitely leans toward realism but not in the way Counter-Strike does it. Instead, you’re completely accurate in Siege as long as you’re aiming down sights, even if you’re moving, vaulting, or falling from the roof!

That’s not what makes Siege uniquely fun, though; that honor goes to the destructibility of its environment and all of the operators, each with their own unique abilities. In Rainbow Six, you can destroy any soft wall that you see with a proper ability or a healthy dose of bullets. To make things interesting, the defending team can reinforce these walls so that attackers have to bring hard breachers and get through them.

This is only the most basic of interactions between operators in Rainbow Six, and if you love a good learning curve, you’re going to be learning new things in this game even after you’ve poured a thousand hours into it! Plus, with the recent trend of the game going more towards TDM, Jett mains are going to have an absolute blast picking Ash and just speedrunning this entire game. To play Rainbow Six, you’ll need a PC, PlayStation, or Xbox, with a Mobile version coming soon.

4. Apex Legends

Apex is the first battle royale FPS entry on this list, but it’s here for a good reason. While Valorant is anything but a BR, the ability system is one thing that makes it so unique, and Apex incorporates that formula into its battle royale gameplay in the best of ways.

In Apex Legends, you get to choose from a range of Legends, each of which has a unique ability, a passive, and an ultimate that can change the entire course of a fight. This is where most of the similarities end, though, because the gunplay here is more like siege – shooting with max accuracy whether you’re running or jumping, as long as you’re aiming down sights.

For Valorant gamers whose favorite part of the game is dashing into the site with Jett and clicking heads, you’re going to absolutely love the way Apex lets you fly around the entire map shooting people! Plus, with the variety of weapons and abilities, you can also choose to play this game as slowly and strategically as you’d like. Apex Legends is completely free to play on Switch, PC, PS, Mobile, and Xbox.

5. Splitgate

Does Valorant ever make you feel like there isn’t enough chaos? Well, welcome to Splitgate! This game is an FPS where you create portals to teleport all around the map and kill people in the most unexpected and flashy ways.

If you’re a long-time fan of the Portal games or just really love teleporting through the gates on Bind, you’ll be right at home in this game! Sort of. Splitgate is as fun as it is hectic and complex because there are all of these other players playing with and against, and they’re all making gates, too. Before you know it, the guy you were planning to flank with your gate has already done the same to you!

Coming from Valorant, if you’re not used to macroing your abilities a lot, you’re gonna have a bit of a hard time at first. Once you get used to it, though, you’re gonna look and feel like an actual magician when you play this game – available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

6. Destiny 2

Alright, how about some PvPvE action? There’s no game that does it better than Destiny 2, and there’s a reason it’s always been on Steam’s top charts ever since it was released. Destiny 2 is the spiritual successor to Halo, and it offers a blend of co-op multiplayer campaign gameplay that’s just unheard of anywhere else.

In Destiny 2, you’re going to choose a class of character to play the entire game with. You can’t change your class once you’ve made your character, but you can make a new character and level it up from scratch, so you’re never locked to just one playstyle! With your character, you’re going to be joining other players in raids and dungeons where you will each have a role to play. Sounds easy, but the mechanics each of these dungeons requires are always new and different and have a learning curve to them that only experienced players will be able to easily master. For new players, there’s the starting campaign and tutorial that puts you through its paces and gets you a hang of things.

If you’re looking for a co-op FPS after your Valorant duo switched to a different game, Destiny 2 is a sci-fi (mostly) PvE game that’ll keep you engaged for hundreds of hours and is constantly being updated with new content every season. To play it, you’ll need either an Xbox, PC, or PlayStation.

7. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

It’s hard not to put Call of Duty on a list of FPS games; it’s just a household name at this point, and for good reason! With Modern Warfare 2, you’ve got a modern remake of the original game from over a decade ago that adds a brand-new campaign, game modes and refreshes the beloved Warzone mode with much-needed changes.

In CoD MW 2, you get a pure fast-paced experience where running and gunning is the name of the game. As a Valorant player, you’ll love the Search and Destroy game mode for its similarity to Valorant’s mechanics, but that’s not all you’ll like. Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer has some of the most diverse gameplay options out there – you can run around in TDM all day, play strategic SnD, jump into Warzone to be the last one standing, and so much more!

Compared to Valorant, CoD has little in common besides the FPS genre and the Search and Destroy mode, but that’s what makes it so much more of a fun alternative when you try it out – there’s a lot of new stuff to try. To play this game, you’ll need a PC, Xbox, or PlayStation.

8. Borderlands 3

Here’s another co-op entry for you, one that’s as chaotic and absurd as that one Raze player who’s somehow always landing behind you on the site and killing you with a Judge! Primarily focused on story, Borderlands 3 is the latest in the series and also one of the greatest, as it puts you in an apocalyptic world where society is in shambles. Not that far away from reality, now that I think about it.

The gameplay here is similar to Valorant in that it’s an FPS, but that’s where the similarities pretty much end. You get Borderlands’ unique take on the genre (especially the art style) that has made people love it so much over the years. Combine that with a ton of dark humor, an engrossing story, and some difficult decisions, and you’re going to find yourself more invested in this game than your actual life!

Okay, probably not that much, but it’s close. If you’re looking for a story-focused FPS that you can play with your duo, Borderlands 3 is one of the best games out there – playable on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

9. The Division 2

The Division 2 is the sequel to Ubisoft’s first foray into another niche within the FPS game genre, one that’s a lot more gritty, realistic, and focuses on co-op gameplay rather than straight on PvP. With The Division 2, you’re going to be fighting for survival alongside your buddies in a world that’s been destroyed by a pandemic. These games are getting so close to reality that they’re even predicting real-life apocalypses now!

The gameplay in The Division 2 offers you a ton of freedom – you can play the campaign, go into co-op missions, or just battle it out in the PvP mode. This means that, as a Valorant player, you get the PvP you’re so used to, but you also get encouraged to try all the other modes that are just as fun, if not more, and put you through new challenging experiences unlike anything else.

If tactics and an amazing storyline are your forte, The Division 2 is unmatched, with a hard-hitting and depressing premise filled with action to the very brim. To play it, you can get the game on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

10. Escape from Tarkov

Ah, yes, Escape from Tarkov. Probably the only game where your friends are as big an enemy to you as your actual enemies! If you’re confused, you’ll realize soon after you play the game, get accidentally shot by your friend, and then watch them loot your corpse.

Okay, rant over. Escape from Tarkov is another PvPvE game where you’re deployed into a post-apocalyptic city and have to scavenge for loot, all while surviving against AI enemies and actual other players. As a Valorant player, this game lets you have the FPS gameplay as your comfort, but everything else is new and challenging to learn!

The gunplay is made to be as realistic as possible, with guns even jamming sometimes, and there are no indicators on enemies or friends, so if you’re not coordinated, you’re definitely going to have cases of friendly fire. Once you’ve got the loot you were looking for, the thrill is still far from over, as now you have to extract before the time runs out, and you have to survive against other players that might be hunting you! There’s a lot to learn in this game, but man, is it rewarding when it all comes together. To play EFT, you can get it on PC only (for now).

11. Team Fortress 2

This is an old game, but as they say, old is gold, and never has a game represented a quote, as well as TF2! This game has a ton of different game modes and, despite being old, has a huge active player base that engages with all of these modes.

The game is primarily multiplayer, and it’s an FPS, too, so coming from Valorant, you’re not venturing too far out of your territory. One odd similarity here is also the cartoonish design of the whole game, which is somewhat similar to the overall aesthetic of Valorant.

The gameplay in TF2 is fast, frantic, and has a lot of variety in terms of the classes you’re playing and how they all complement the ones your teammates are playing, a lot like Valorant. It’ll take a bit for the whole game to stick since there’s a bit of a learning curve, as there is with any game, but once you’ve got your playstyle down, you’re going to have the time of your life!

One tip that’ll help you when getting started is maxing out the FOV and activating the following settings: Fast Weapon Switch, Damage Numbers, and Automatic Reload. With that, you’re off! This game is playable on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

12. Paladins

Putting heroes in a game that fight each other in a fantasy setting with superpowers and unbelievably overpowered weapons is a combo that just never gets old, which is why Paladins is as loved as it is! Sometimes, a game just needs to be satisfying to play, and this game gets it just right.

The gameplay in Paladins is a lot like a mixture of Valorant and Overwatch – you get the fast-paced superpower-based gameplay from Overwatch, but it’s combined with the tactics and strategies that Valorant does so well. The best part of Paladins, though, is the characters. If you loved Valorant because you like to main a specific agent, then you’re absolutely going to love the characters in Paladins for the personalities they have!

Combined with the rapid action of this game and the flashy aesthetics, Paladins takes you on a trip down adrenaline lane that is downright addictive – playable on PlayStation, PC, Xbox, and Switch.

13. Fortnite

I thought this might be a battle royale too many for this list, so I’m talking about Fortnite’s Save The World mode! Unlike the BR, this mode is all about coordinating and planning your entire approach in order to survive.

Strategizing is everything in Valorant, and nothing beats the feeling of executing one to perfection, which is what you’ll absolutely love doing in this game mode of Fortnite! Playing in a team of four players, you’ll be working together to survive the remnants of the post-apocalyptic world – husks. Think of these guys as zombies, they’re out to hunt you, and you have to survive against them.

And not just that, at the same time, you’re also going to be defending your base, saving survivors, and finding resources to fuel your survival. While most of us know that Fortnite is a third-person POV game, this game mode is a unique part of it that I think can make for a great alternative to Valorant, even if it isn’t an FPS. To play this mode, you can simply get Fortnite on PC, PlayStation, or Xbox.

14. Quake Champions

Quake is the FPS game that started it all alongside Counter-Strike. Its unique movement and game mechanics, FPS gameplay, abilities, and competitive gameplay are just so addictive and hard to beat! With Quake Champions, you’re getting the tried-and-true formula from the earlier Quake games polished to perfection.

The gameplay in Quake has a lot of options for you to find just the right one after experimenting. The magic of this game is in the mechanics and the special powers of each character, though, which has to be the most memorable similarity to Valorant. Love maining an agent to the point where they’re a part of your personality? Well, this game will let you create a whole new one from scratch!

In the match itself, there are power-ups scattered around, kind of like Ultimate Orbs, that you can collect to change the pace of the battle. Oh, and I almost forgot the best part, you get to customize your weapons and your characters’ outfits. Forget the skins from Valorant that only apply to guns and knives; it’s time to get your character fully pimped out in this game! If that floats your boat, to play Quake Champions, you’re going to need a PC.

15. Insurgency: Sandstorm

This innocent-looking little game is one of the most difficult FPS games I’ve ever played! You can’t tell on the surface; I mean, it’s just a realistic FPS where you try to shoot the other guy in the head before he can do the same to you, but you realize very quickly that that’s just not going to work.

Insurgency: Sandstorm thrives on the realism and accuracy of its gunplay but also the way you have to use all kinds of tactics in order to beat your opponents. Picture this: There’s a large field, and the enemy is on the other side of it with snipers and machine guns just hailing bullets all over you. What do you do? That’s where the strategic gameplay comes in – if you try to just run through, you’ll be shot dead, so instead, you try throwing smoke grenades for cover and looking for side routes to flank.

Sound familiar? A lot of the strategies that make Valorant so great are amplified to the max with Insurgency in the best possible way. And, of course, nothing beats the satisfaction of just being on the other side of the field with a sniper, popping heads on any players that are stupid enough to try running through. If you’re in for a realistic, tactical FPS, Insurgency Sandstorm is playable on PC, PS, and Xbox.

16. League of Legends

Okay, okay, disclaimer right away because this isn’t an FPS, but it’s still made by Riot Games and is by far their most popular game, so it deserves a mention. Talking about similarities between this and Valorant, you’ll find them pretty much in the art style and the fact that they’re both developed by Riot Games.

That means you not only get the excellent balancing and competitive experience that Riot Games is known for but also just an absolutely amazing game! League of Legends is a MOBA game where you’re going to be picking a Legend and controlling them for the duration of the game – a 5v5 skirmish where you have to destroy the enemy team’s base (the nexus).

Each Legend that you pick has their own unique abilities, usually three basic ones and then one ultimate, a lot like Valorant! In terms of shooting, Legends have what is often referred to as a ‘right-click’ attack, where you right-click on an enemy for a basic attack. For ranged heroes, you can do this from a distance, while others will need to be up close for a melee attack.

Combined with the unique abilities, this game makes for an experience that’s like Valorant from a parallel dimension and a whole lot more depth! If you’re looking to broaden your horizons with a new genre and also happen to love Riot Games, League of Legends is absolutely perfect for you – playable on PC.

17. PUBG

Okay, I lied; I still have more battle royales to talk about because they’re just that good, okay? PUBG is the BR that pretty much single-handedly started its genre (I know Arma was first, but it was never this popular). As a Valorant player, you’ll love the FPS gameplay that PUBG created and refined throughout the years.

As a battle royale, PUBG focuses on realism and BR tactics in its gameplay. Guns feel powerful and tend to have a ton of kick, especially if you’ve got no attachments on them. Ever tried spraying the Vandal down C long on Haven? Think that, but you can always counteract that by learning the spray patterns, so there’s an added level of skill ceiling here, too!

Plus, with the option to play with 3 other friends, you also get the teamwork gameplay of Valorant, where you’re going to be smoking, flashing, and stunning for each other as you push to take higher ground or flush the enemy out. As far as battle royales, or FPS games in general, go, PUBG is one of the greats, and for a reason. To play it, you’ve got a ton of options – PC, Xbox, PS, and Mobile.

18. Rogue Company

This game kinda flew under the radar, but in my time playing it, it was actually a lot of fun! It has the classic formula of 5v5 search and destroy, with each player picking a specific character. Just like Valorant, each of these characters has their own unique abilities, but they’re not as fantastical as Valorant; they lean more towards realism.

The gameplay here is round-based, where there’s one team defending and one team attacking, with the objective of planting the bomb in one of the bomb sites and holding out till detonation. What makes this game so unique is that unlike most in its genre, it opts for a TPS approach. I know, I know, Valorant is anything but a TPS, and that’ll definitely take a bit of getting used to in this game, but it actually really works!

If you love the 5v5 gameplay of Valorant coupled with the Agent system, you’ll fall right into place with Rogue Company’s tactical SnD gameplay and character abilities. To play it, you can get it on a multitude of platforms – PC, PS, Xbox, Switch, and Mobile.

19. Spellbreak

Have you ever wanted to play a first-person shooter where you don’t shoot? It sounds contradictory, but it’s just plain fun! Spellbreak is the first of its kind that I’ve seen where you’re going to be swapping out guns in favor of spells, kind of League or Dota.

With different classes and each mage having a different assortment of spells to choose from, you get a ton of depth in the game that also brings with it a rewarding learning curve. Set in a battle royale mode, you’re going to start with a basic spell and slowly work your way up to upgrading your gauntlet. When you finally do encounter another player, the fights are going to be literally magical as you’re both casting your own spells, and a ton of different interactions take place when two squads of three players each get in a skirmish.

With a similar art style to Valorant and a fantasy setting that’s not too far from Valorant, Spellbreak is a unique alternative that doesn’t hesitate to try something new. As far as I’m concerned, they succeeded in doing what they aimed for, and this game is an absolute blast to play. To try it out, you can get it for free on Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Well, there you have it fellow Immortals and Radiants, nineteen games that are as similar to Valorant as they can be while still putting their own twists on the important things. Did one of these click with you, or have you been considering a different game that didn’t quite make the cut here? Let me know what you think and if there’s an honorable mention that deserves to be on this list. Until next time, good luck, and have fun with all your games!

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